Thursday, January 11, 2018

Alger Alp 2018

Squires Lake in the rain
Who's afraid of a little rain? Not seven Senior Trailblazers who set out in the rain and never had even a little respite in the more than three hours we spent outside today. Here it is, hours later, and the rain is still drumming steadily on the roof as I sit here composing this post.
Chris' new rain hat
There was not a lot to photograph today, but I did notice Chris' brand-new rain hat sparkled with raindrops and demonstrated how the well-dressed hiker might approach today's onslaught. We all had rain pants, hats, and raincoats, but even so, by the time we were done, there were many spots where the rain had encroached into our warm and mostly dry setups.
The best view I could get today
We did make it to the viewpoint that overlooks the valley and I-5 traffic roaring down below us, traveling north-south. That rock on the right has been the place where I've taken pictures in previous years, but today it was slick with rain and nobody really wanted to stick around too long. Although there was no breeze at this time, it did begin to pick up towards the end of the hike.
Richard, Frank and Richard (back)
Melanie, Chris, Mike (and me taking the shot)
This picture was taken just before we decided to skip lunch and head for the Senior Center to finish up the day inside, where we could enjoy it. The cold wind was the deciding factor for me.
Well planned lunch spot
Yes, this was definitely the best place to have our lunch, rather than huddled under a dripping tree and shivering as we tried to eat soggy sandwiches and put on a brave smile. Here we meant our smiles when we sat down to good conversation and warmth as we dispelled our dampness. Not exactly a wonderful environment on our hike today, but I am still very glad I went, and very glad to be safely home, warm, and dry.


  1. All's well that ends well. (Puck in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream.

  2. You are a brave soul... and I'm glad you had a dry lunch.

  3. You can be joyous even in weather misery, Jan. Amazing!

  4. That final picture looks like my "cup of tea." I could handle just that much of going out in the rain! You all are real outdoorsmen!

  5. I thought of you as I hurried into the grocery store from the parking lot and then as i stood in the rain loading my cart of groceries into the trunk of the car. that was enough for me. I did my exercising in the garage on the stationary bike today. I just saw a news bulletin about a mud slide blocking the West Valley Highway in Kent now.
    Soggy everything.

  6. That is a beautiful misty view, but hiking in the rain would not be something I would aspire to do. I can just imagine how many steps you would be clocking on a Fitbit.

  7. I've always loved walking in the rain, I 'spect growing up in England you just get used to it :)
    Love the new rain hat, Chris looks dry and well-prepared.
    What a great pictures of everyone on the trail, nothing stops you guys, rain nor snow !

  8. You rarely get one of these rainy miserable hikes. I've done one that I can remember in this dry area.

  9. Never let a little rain stop you enjoying the outdoors! I think it must be the motto of everyone who lives out west.

  10. Love your smiles. And envy you the cool dampness.

  11. You and your friends might be wet, but you're still smiling! I don't mind hiking in the rain as long as I'm properly equipped.

  12. You troopers never cease to astound me! The foggy mist would get me out there...but, not for long!

  13. /smart idea to wait for lunch. That kind of hike makes you appreciate being in where it is warm and dry. ;)

  14. A big soggy ... but still sounds like a good adventure!

  15. Cold and wet is no fun, at least I just have the cold part! Good idea to have lunch where it was warm! :) -23 here right now.


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