Thursday, January 18, 2018

Today was a No Rainer

Halina, MaryLou, Frank, Victoria, Chris, Linda, Ward, Melanie
Today nine Senior Trailblazers drove to Gates Overlook to begin our hike, fully expecting the forecast rain, but we didn't have a drop! Not one. I believe it was partly because of Melanie's rain pants and pack cover; she was convinced it was just a matter of time before the rain moved in. I like to think perhaps it was also averaging things out after last week's torrential rain (we set a record for rainfall for the date, so it really wasn't my imagination).
Down the Rock trail
Chris acted as our leader, since Al didn't join us, but he had sent us all a map so we knew the route. Although it was muddy in spots, our out-and-back began at the Rock trail, where we made our way down the steep stairs until we met the South Lost Lake trail. We followed it until we got to the junction of the North and South Lost Lake trails, and we headed up the North trail.
This way, right?
From here, we had just one more intersection to pay attention to, and then we would be on the Raptor Ridge trail. It was really nice to have Chris set the pace and keep us on the correct trails. I didn't take any pictures once we reached Raptor Ridge, because the wind was fierce and I had no interest in sticking around up there. It was still early, so we headed back down to find a place for lunch.
Linda doing Peggy's pit warmer trick
We stopped on the side of the trail on our way back to the Rock trail and had lunch. It wasn't exactly warm, and after Linda finished her lunch she was trying to warm her hands by sticking them in her armpits, something I see Peggy doing quite often after stopping for awhile.
Melanie among the ferns
Before we got going again, I noticed how pretty Melanie looked against the green ferns, with her light hair and gentle smile. I asked her to hide her light-colored hat behind her back so it wouldn't detract from the picture.
Nature's decorated tree
On our way back to our cars, we passed by this tree without noticing it on the way in, and we joked that here in the Pacific Northwest, it doesn't take long for moss to form: maybe it had happened in just those few hours. It is pretty but a little spooky.
Rock trail stairs
The only real problem for me, today, was going back up the steep Rock trail stairs after having eaten lunch. I was lagging behind the others, and as a ploy to get them to slow down a little, I asked for a picture. We were almost back to our starting point here, having hiked a good eight miles or so with significant elevation gain and loss.

It was all in all a very good day, and I am now happy to be inside, safe and warm. And thanking the weather gods for our No Rainer!


  1. Smiling at the No Rainer.
    And in awe at your stair climbing prowess. These days I hang onto tight to the railings going up or down.

  2. No walking for me today, as you will see from my post, but we did enjoy a rain free morning here too, and I wished I could be out walking. Eight miles is a good hike, and I think hiking in the woods is always enjoyable. Well, at least when it is a no rainer.

  3. I'll never forget some of the winds in the high country. When you're on a narrow ridge and the wind comes up over the ridge you squat down in a hurry.

  4. You do seem quite lucky with rain over the long run.

  5. Sounds windy and chilly, but no rain, thank goodness. Yes, that draped tree looks a bit weird. Nice to see pictures of your adventurers and the landscape. :)

  6. The people looks tiny compared to the trees, Jan. I would never keep up with everyone as I would have to stop and stare so much. That was a long hike for sure. Glad it didn’t rain.

  7. A no rainer is always good! Around here, not so much today...drizzly & overcast. I sure wish for more sunshine!!

    Love the 'newly' moss decorated tree...and I too have done the armpit warm-up.

  8. Those stairs look like a workout themselves! Nice photo of your group. So glad you had a nice hike! :)

  9. Mrs. T. and I still hike Lily but we try to avoid "steep" a lot...:)

  10. Oh gosh! Eight miles? It would take me days to recover. You are a truly awesome group of hikers. I do love mossy trees. We loved seeing them when we were in Seattle. They look so other worldly.

  11. You continue to amaze and inspire me, my friend!

  12. Nice photo of you without glasses.


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