Saturday, December 9, 2017

Clear and cold

Fog rolling in
Today eighteen of us ladies met in the cold weather to go for our usual Saturday morning walk. Since it was slippery in spots, our leader, Cindy, decided that we would walk to Fairhaven along Boulevard Park instead of going up the Taylor Dock stairs and down, which would likely be treacherous. Although we had to watch our step, it was just beautiful, and nobody tried to walk fast today, just in case. The beautiful clear day changed, though, as we approached the water, as dense fog rolled in.
Lauren and Cindy walk into the fog
We walked all the way to the Interurban trail in Fairhaven and saw a couple of big salmon resting in the creek waters (no picture, unfortunately) after having spawned and getting ready to die. They were at least a foot or two in length! Then we walked back to our starting point, having covered around five miles. It is definitely cold today and where the low sun doesn't hit, the frost will stay until we warm up a bit.

I am still, every day, surprised by the clarity of vision I now have in my operated eye and am looking forward to the time when I've finished all this eye business and can get distance glasses and see even better. It's wonderful to live in a time when this commonplace surgery is available to people like me on Medicare. I am grateful.


  1. Medicare is a blessing. We appreciate it in Canada, that’s for sure.

  2. "It's wonderful to live in a time when this commonplace surgery is available to people like me on Medicare. I am grateful." You can say that again (and so I did)!

  3. It takes self discipline to get out and walk every Saturday morning. However, conditions don't sound that bad.

  4. It was a magical world of frost this morning on the beach at the Whidbey Island cabin.

  5. Looks like different walk! I am glad you are now optimistic! :)

  6. Lets just hope Medicare isn't one of the causalities of the tax cut. Something will have to off set the lack of funds.
    Love the almost spooky look of the fog about to devour your friends. Interesting how you always manage to work around the weather.

  7. That image of the pier represents the clarity of your vision.

  8. I LOVE fog!!!
    And such a beautiful walk for you and your ladies group.....first a clear view, and then the fog rolling in. PERFECT.

  9. Dear DJan, first, I didn't know salmon died after they spawned. Is it after the spawning that fishermen catch them--before they die????

    Second, like you, I am so grateful for Medicare. And I find myself somewhat scared that this Administration and the Republican Congress are going to try to change Medicare and Social Security and Medicade and Food Stamps. That would impact most of the citizens of our country. Medicare has made all the difference to my health. And Social Security is the only way I could have lived without being a bag lady! Peace.


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