Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Eve Eve Morning

Avellino's all dressed up for the holidays
This morning started long before the sun came up, with Lily and I joining John at the coffee shop for our "go" juice before our walk with the ladies. It was really cold out, with a stiff wind and sub-freezing temperatures. Brrr! But we were dressed for it and lo and behold, seventeen women showed up at Lake Padden for a couple brisk walks around the lake.
Walkers all dressed up, too
Cindy (our leader) had suggested that we might wear jingle bells on our shoes (many of us did) and perhaps an ugly hat or sweater, which is why some of us are looking so dressed up. Shirley won by wearing a Christmas tree on her head. That's her in the lower right. There's a picture with me in it, too, but I really love this one the best. Nancy had not yet arrived, and with me behind the camera, there's our group portrait of hardy walkers this Christmas Eve Eve Morning.
Two poets hard at work
We then went to visit the Farmers' Market for the last day of the 2017 season and saw this couple sitting in sunshine, trying to stay warm while they took requests for free poems. "Any subject, just suggest one," she said. I asked for one about friends. The young lady went right to work and wrote it for me right on the spot.
Almost completed work of art
Here it is:
I learned to type on a similar old manual typewriter, although it was a little bit more substantial, but still not that different. I was so impressed with her poem and ability to create in that chilly environment. We pressed a little money into the jar and hurried to our waiting warm car before heading home.


  1. Love the poem created for you.
    And I am very happily sending virtual hugs to you. And hope that there is no room in the inn because you are already hugged out.

  2. Such a great encounter! Love the poem and the walk sounds wonderful! Christmas treats!

  3. How nice! And she was a poet and you didn't know it. Merry Christmas DJan.

  4. What a wonderful poem. Good friends can come from many places and spaces, like blogs in the internet-land. Merry Christmas.

  5. I love the group picture! Writing poems on the spot on those old typewriters is so cool! That is original! I remember learning on a similar typewriter but the keys were all blank so we had to learn where the letters were located.

  6. Cold, clear weather can be great for walking, and for experiencing warm friendships "tumbled together".

  7. Your walkers are a fun group. More people should walk in groups as there's some peer pressure to get out and you also have fun.

  8. Happy Christmas eve! At least it is that here...being two hours ahead of you! Fun group your walking ladies! :)

  9. Oh, this poem really speaks to me DJan! Just beautiful. Where would we be without friendship in our lives.... Merry Christmas my friend!

  10. Had to smile at Christmas Eve Eve. I had friends in Florida that always threw a Christmas Adam party--since Adam came before Eve.
    Loved the poem and admire their ingenuity.
    Merry Christmas friend.

  11. That is so cool that you stopped for a poem. Most people with their busy lives and even busier phones don't even look up. Merry Christmas DJan! Happy hiking in 2018. P.S. The only comment I received on my other blog was the one you left on my floozies post about having trouble commenting.

  12. What a hardy group to be out when it's below freezing! I like the tree hat--LOL! Poets out in the cold writing poems for money--now that is something I have never seen before. Well, whether cold or warm weather, for that matter--LOL! Pretty neat! And she did a good job, too. Merry Christmas, you with your exciting new eyes!! :)

  13. Selling poems....that's a new one. Nice pic of your walking group and loved the Christmas tree hat!

  14. I too experirnce life aroud that old style typewritter. It was often used with two sheets of paper and carbon between to keep a duplicate, hard to believe we are from so long ago and now use digital in our minds like senior pros.
    Happy you enjoyed the walk and markey.
    Did the bells not get annoying after a while? Perhaps in a jolly situation one cannot feel unhappy no matter whay sounds one hears.
    I know I always have some weird thoughts. Wouldn’t be Heidi the Kleinstemotte. Hope you eyes will remain good for many years to come. And I consider myself one of those friends typed about . Love reading your many posts.

  15. You guys are just so amazing! I know I don't have the stamina to be out walking in such cold weather. I'm still jet lagged, but I had to come and wish you and SG a very happy and healthy Christmas!

  16. What a fun post! I lost my walking partner when she was gifted an exercise bike. It must be great living in a community with a walking club. I'm having a time finding one person. Either they work or if they are retired they don't t want to walk, they want to play cards,LOL
    I'm happy that I found your delightful blog . . . You're an inspiration.


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