Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Birthdays, travel, and football

"Happy Semisesquicentennial"
I learned a new word at Al's party on Saturday, as we celebrated his semisesquicentennial birthday. "Sesquicentennial" means 150 years, so the "semi" means he's only half of that. That "cake" is actually a mountain made of cheese, with pecans and walnuts around the sides. It was delicious. As people arrived with various things for his Diamond Jubilee (also 75 years), we had homemade baklava in the shape of diamonds, and even bowls of trail mix (for the hikers) and cough drops (for the singers). It was a lot of fun, and I managed to keep from making myself sick by carefully monitoring what I ate.

This weekend is the Superbowl, and we are in it for the second year in a row. I didn't go off and get my nails done in Seahawks colors this year, like I did last year, but the excitement is palpable in the entire state. You can't turn on the news without seeing Seahawks 12s everywhere. (A football team has 11 players on the field at a time, and the fans in Washington are called the "12th man." It seems everyone is one.)

And I am beginning to prepare for my trip to Turkey, less than two weeks away. I've got my carry-on suitcase and another to check in one corner of the living room, and I've started adding things to the pile that will go inside them. I ordered and received a new camera, very similar to my old one but better and really inexpensive, since the model has been discontinued. I managed to read hundred of reviews before making my choice. So that's done, and so far I'm quite pleased with it. It will go with me on Thursday, as our hike looks like it might be dry. Once it's not new any more I'll be less careful with it, but it's going with me on my travels in good shape.

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny warm day, but today the rain has returned. It was sure nice to see the sun for a couple of days. My mood is pretty darn sunny. Oh, I did go see American Sniper and now understand why it's been nominated for Best Picture: it's very well done, and Bradley Cooper is uncanny as Chris Kyle. When I think this is the same man who was in American Hustle in pink hair rollers I recognize that he definitely has quite a range. I'm glad I saw it; now I've seen all nine movies that have been nominated. I could never pick just one.


  1. the cheese mountain is too funny and quite appropriate, i think! as is the tail mix. :) cough drops... well, i'll pass. :)

    congrats on the new camera. and the trip preparations. good luck in the big game!!!

  2. ha. cool mountain 'cake'...and glad the birthday went well..
    i am excited for you...still not a fan of Sherman, but...ha....best of luck in the game...

    and you will have a blast on your trip i am sure...

  3. That is a great looking mountain of cheese I hope there was a mountain of crackers to go with it! So what kind of camera did you buy?
    We don't watch football but if I did I guess I would favor your Seahawks.
    You are doing the countdown to your big trip!! I am excited for you! :)

  4. I hope you'll have some time in Turkey to be a tourist.

  5. Love the cheese mountain.
    Adn I am really, really looking forward to hearing what you think of Turkey.

  6. That's cheese mountain looks perfectly fitting, and delicious too !
    Hope your trip to Turkey is a fun one, lots of history to see and new foods to try.
    I'm wanting to go and see American Sniper, but not sure if I can sit through the intensity, thank you for the review.
    Be well dear friend !

  7. Oh that looks yummy. I'm hungry!

    That's so exciting about Turkey. Congrats on the new camera purchase. Will you need charger adapters for your plug in devices there?

  8. Love the birthday "cake." A new camera? How exciting! Have fun playing with your new toy. :)

  9. Tell us more about your camera. Hopefully you'll have good weather on your Thursday hike to try it out.
    Sounds like it was a fun birthday party!
    I think it's unfortunate the "American Sniper" has been so politicized. That was not the intent. I hope to see it soon.
    Go Seahawks!

  10. You've got wall to wall excitement...birthday party, football and a movie. It finally dawned on me what the 12th man is!!! By the way, we have 12 men on our football teams.

  11. I am back reading blogs and read all your past posts. I truly enjoyed the Christmas spoof of Downton Abbey you showed, the beautiful colors of the Chihuly glass art pieces and your review of Selma – and also all the pictures in between of your walks. Thanks for your recommendation on movies. Years ago, in Brussels I think it was, the film in my camera got stuck and I could not take any pictures – since then I always carry at least 2 cameras – you never know what can happen. There will be plenty of pictures to take on your trip and I’ll be looking forward to see them. You’ll have a great time I am sure.

  12. You and your friends sure know how to party, DJan. Love the clever treats!
    I forgot to mention when I last commented that one of our oldest boys saw American Sniper, that he had read the book last spring, as did his dad. I'll have to ask him what he thought of the comparison. With Lone Survivor, two of our guys had read the book and were really bothered with inaccuracies and disappointed with the movie. And the one who did NOT read the book, thought the movie was great!
    Can't wait to see what you capture with your new camera!

  13. American Sniper is one of the few nominated movies that I've seen. I thought it was very good. I thought it did a great job of showing the mental/emotional impact of the war experience.

  14. What a splendid birthday party and good fun, too. Lol.
    David plans to see American Sniper sometime this week. I'll tell him you enjoyed it.

  15. I love the big cheese ball. I don't do much for Super bowl, although I do like to eat. That seems to be 24/7, but I will make some chili.

  16. Hi DJan, Thought I would stop by DJan-ity today (for folks reading this comment, I follow DJan regularly on her Eye on the Edge). I'm glad I did ... what a neat post. Interesting about semisesquicentennial ... gave me a new word there. :-) Thank you for all your daily comments on my blog. Your Reader must be running one day behind? I got your comment today on yesterday's post but I don't think you saw the new post today ... Vintage Selfie. I like your info on all things 12. Good explanation for those not into football. I am amazed at how many cars are flying the 12 flag. It is scary to think about not winning and how hard it would be on this community. Enjoyed my visit to DJan-ity ... I see some of the same folks I see commenting over on Eye. Take care and have a good day. John

  17. A cheese mountain sounds like something you'd find at a party here in the upper midwest--LOL!
    So the movie was worth seeing. I will definitely watch it now.
    Have fun with the new camera! :)

  18. Wow! That cake is something else, isn't it. I've never seen such an adventurous cake. Are you stopping off anywhere on your way to Turkey?

  19. Now that is one cool cake and perfect for Al. He joined my club this year.
    I heard what the tickets cost for the super bowl and I was stunned. I can remember when that was my yearly salary in my youth. I don't like the Pats and to support my PNW bloggers I''ll be rooting for the Hawks.
    Enjoy that new camera and hope it does what you want it to.

  20. Now that is an amazing cake. What fun!

    Good luck with the Superbowl. I always watch for the commercials.

    Don't forget to bring a scarf for your head so you can enter the mosques.

  21. You've got so much excitement rollin' round aboot you, that I am totally excited just for you. A "Mountain" of food (yummy and congrats to Al on 75th) - love cheese too. I shall be watching the game also. I am wondering what kind of camera you did purchase - i must go back and check what you said, but its always exciting to break in a new camera.Are you flying straight to Turkey or also spending time elsewhere along the way.Fill us in on the first use of your camera on hike and happy trails to Turkey :)


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