Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday rolls around again

Edible borage flower
I got up this morning and looked at the calendar, and I simply could not wrap my head around the fact that it's already almost the first day of summer (3:51am PDT, two weeks from today). But then when I go out and look at the garden, it's obvious that we are well into the time when we can begin to harvest our first fruits and veggies. I've already gathered salad stuff three times now, with yesterday the first time I picked any arugula, which is fantastically strong, at least compared to the stuff at the supermarket.

I'm going to be inundated with borage, which is good to eat. I steamed some up and found it to be slimy like okra, and I ate too much of it, I think. Now I almost have an aversion to eating more. The flowers, however, are just fine and will make a nice addition to any salad.

I've finally managed to see some results of my lowered calorie consumption. I see why it's important to weigh myself every day, since the fluctuation from day to day can be as much as two pounds. But the good part is that every day I see the scale trending in a downward direction. I've seen a fairly consistent 3-pound loss, but I've got a ways to go before getting to my ideal weight. And then the hard part comes anyway, which is maintaining it.

This morning I would normally be joining the walking group right now, but my skydiving friends and I will be getting together in Snohomish to have some fun in the air, hopefully. Right now there are low clouds and we're thinking it will be clear by noon. That means I could have gone on the walk, since it's usually from 8:00 to 9:30 or so and then a more-than-an-hour drive south, but I decided against it. I'm in a different mode right now.
Sugar snap peas already!
I went out this morning to check my garden plot and saw to my amazement that I've already got some sugar snap peas that I could pick and eat! But there are only those two, and there will be many more very soon, so I'll wait. I'm now finding a half dozen ripe strawberries every day, but soon there will be lots of them all ripe at once. It's a great year for strawberries.
Broccoli and red cabbage
My broccoli is also doing great, along with the red cabbage. I was disappointed to learn there's not much you can do with those great big cabbage leaves. Every day I peer down into the middle of the cabbages, wondering when they will begin to tighten up and start to make a head. Not yet. You'll know when that happens.

Enough! I'm going to gather my stuff together and start that long drive. After I stop for my latte, that is. Have a great weekend!


  1. So much growth happening. Those berries look yummy. I can imaging how lovely the borage blossoms would look in a salad.

  2. mmm enjoy those, i like my okra fried...not the best for you but about the only way i can put it down....have fun in the air today!

  3. Your garden looks wonderful. Those borage blooms look almost alien... but really unusual and pretty. For some reason I love blue flowers.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Loving your garden - and have a wonderful time when you take to the skies.

  5. What you do in your garden amazes me.

  6. Your garden looks wonderful. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  7. You're going to be opening a roadside stand that sells the harvests of your garden!

  8. Yep, we're eating lettuce out of our garden. Yours looks great!

  9. I agree, DJan, it's a great year for strawberries here, too. Our patch is loving all the rain we've had!
    Our only harvest thus far is lots & lots of rhubarb, I picked 20 pounds of it.
    Your garden looks wonderful!
    Hope you had a good day in the sky.
    We had morning rain, but it cleared up to be a beautiful day.. about 66 degrees.. I'd take days like this all year long, gladly. :)

  10. I hope you got up in the air today. I was a beautiful day where we were.

  11. I went to a plant store today and all the vegetables in my garden look better than the ones they have for sale.

    It's time to make a ginormous spinach salad!

  12. Gosh! I've never even heard of borage. Slimy, hunh? Your garden looks amazing. I would LOVE to have some snap peas. They are so delicious! I wish we had room to grow a garden.

  13. This year, you don't seem to complain about the slugs. Are they still around?
    Congrats on losing weight. I have lost 14 lbs since November, simply by changing my medication.

  14. The garden is looking great!
    Hope you had a good day airing your knees--LOL! ;)

  15. My purple cabbage isn't doing much at all this year. I think that fall will be a better time for me to re-plant those. The heads are just not forming like they do in cooler weather.
    I usually don't plant them for our summer garden, but I tried it this year. It's just too hot here for them.
    So glad that your garden is coming in so nicely.
    Congratulations on those scale numbers moving in the direction that you want them to move.

  16. Your garden looks terrific DJ!! Your diligence and patience is paying you with all you will soon reap.

    Hope you enjoyed your skydive!!!

  17. Your veggies are looking wonderful and cropping already. That's great. I love borage but I've only ever eaten the flowers and then in a salad. I'm not sure you're supposed to eat the leaves though. Lovely pictures of your lovely garden.

  18. We planted okra one year and only got one veggie! And I thought I'd be making gumbo.

  19. Dear Debra, I so enjoy seeing your garden photographs and learning about your garden. I'm wondering if you grow kale. It is a favorite salad staple of mine and I buy it at the grocery store, but if I were to plant a vegetable garden again I'd plant kale. Peace.

  20. It is hard to believe the first day of summer will be here soon. Your garden is looking really good DJan. I've had borage in salads and soups (used like okra) and it is delicious.

    I hope you had a great time getting those knees in the breeze.


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