Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fabulous first day of summer

Lake Padden, summer solstice 2014
What a beautiful day! This morning, early, I woke to sunshine and birdsong and headed over to Lake Padden to join the Fairhaven walking group. I took this picture on our second time around the lake. Afterwards, I went to the Farmers' Market to get some greens that will help to fill in what I am gathering from the garden. Yesterday I brought in lots of lettuce, sugar snap peas, early beets, and strawberries. I notice that the next crop of beets that I planted last week have germinated and are beginning to show themselves.
My garden this morning
My area is the one with the green watering can. I just went out to get a picture so you can admire all that is coming up in there. In about the middle of the garden are some orange and yellow nasturtiums, with lots of borage. I don't need or want all of the borage, but the bees are just plentiful around those blue blossoms, so for now I'll leave them alone. Behind the watering can, the arugula and kohlrabi are going strong.
Broccoli just about ready to harvest
See those cut branches underneath the broccoli? Well, just this week I learned that broccoli leaves are not only edible, but they have as much or more nutrition than the florets! When I buy broccoli in the store, there are only a few small leaves, which makes me wonder what happens to the rest. They taste a lot like collards, but are sweeter and have a hint of broccoli taste. They are simply yummy!
View from my front porch
Moving around to the front of my apartment, you can see my front porch view to the east. Although it's a bit washed out, that's Mt. Baker in the distance. Remember when they cut all the branches off the maple trees in the front yard? You can see that new leaves are indeed coming out, so I expect by the end of summer these trees won't look nearly so stripped and naked. I never knew they would grow back, and so quickly, too.
Leo and his toys
And last but not least, yesterday Leo came to play with me in the coffee shop. He sometimes arrives in a grumpy mood and doesn't want to visit with anybody, but yesterday he came over to show me his latest toys. Every one has a name and a story, which I was fortunate to learn. I treasure every minute I get to spend with him. It's nice to have a friend who is five, and smart, too. He teaches me a lot.

Well, that's it for my first day of summer. Last night I finished watching the new season of "Orange Is the New Black," and I wasn't disappointed at all, except that I must wait a YEAR to see any more of my favorite characters. There are pros and cons to having an entire series released at once, and I cannot seem to parcel them out slowly. I can watch them again later, though. Netflix knows what they're doing. Have a great first day of summer! I hope your day is a really good one, too.


  1. i've not watched that show but i've heard good things. might have to try to add it to my dvr stuff.

    nice to see little leo again!

    and good garden! (as i sit here munching on store-bought green beans)

  2. that is pretty cool that all his toys have stories...leo would be a fun one to hang out with...

    and did not know that about the broccoli leaves..interesting...will have to try them....

  3. Love your garden, your view and your small friend.
    Have a wonderful Summer. Hugs.

  4. Just think what you could do if you had a plot as large as everybody's put together! Happy first day of summer.

  5. I am waiting for winter to watch that series. I have been watching Lost, Call the Midwife and Switched at Birth on Netflix. Happy First Day of Summer! :)

  6. Ooh, did not know that about my favorite veggie, broccoli. Now I will have to plant some this fall and enjoy the leaves as my heads are usually pretty small.
    Love your 5 year old friend. What a cutie.

  7. Your garden looks very healthy.
    Love the fact that you enjoy the "greens" of the broccoli plant, as well.
    Leo is so cute; I love to listen to children talk to others....and to their toys. Fascinating.

  8. It's great to see how your garden is coming along. And I'm glad Leo had such delightful stories for you.

    Up here for the start of Summer we had rain in the morning, rain in the afternoon, and thundershowers in the evening. Are you pushing your coastal weather inland?

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  9. Oh, your garden looks fantastic!
    I did not know that about broccoli leaves.. I love broccoli, so I'll have to try this. (if we can ever get any to grow.)
    Happy summer to you, DJan.

  10. I knew, but I forgot, that it was the summer solstice today! We had a beautiful day too!
    We picked more strawberries, and even a small bowl full of raspberries from our patch this evening.
    I'm glad you have Leo in your life.

  11. I never knew you could eat broccoli leaves! More goodies from your garden to consume.

    Your friend, Leo, is growing up so fast. Always glad to see him. Happy summer! :)

  12. I enjoy the way Netflix presents the series - otherwise I would have to anticipate week after week of torment and might miss an episode and never seem to have the time to catch up - this way I can binge watch on a rainy day or in the winter - as you know our winters are VERY long here, so its nice to see all the fall shows lining up for winter. My garden is progressing nicely, now that summer landed yesterday night with a big WARM BREEZE - we were sitting out on deck in evening and all of a sudden the wind changed direction from the north to the south and a mild breeze made for a most enjoyable nite without a sweater or jacket. Reading kindle last nite till almost 12pm on deck - ahhhhh - love the warm atmosphere. You are most fortunate to have young Leo - I love the photo - I know when my Kyle comes we have such fun - and he is computer smart - we talk over ideas together and then just play kid stuff :) DJan, I too, will soon be enjoying delightful food from my garden, but growing season in the Maritimes doesn't come as quickly as your area. Lovely photos of your garden and front porch. Have a wonderful Summer Sunday and best to your buddy there too. lol

  13. Your life is so rich and full, DJan, I don't think you want any more.

  14. I had no idea about the broccoli leaves; waste not want not, right? Your summer view is absolutely beautiful. Good pictures! And Leo is adorable.

  15. Your garden look great! I'm catching up with blogs. It looks like a lot has been growing in my absence. Good to read your news again.

  16. Fun to tend your garden, even more fun to tend Leo.

  17. Your garden is very productive (we love kohlrabi and buy it at the farmers market). Our nasturtiums are flourishing and we add the flowers to salads. Leo is a cuties.

  18. Sounds like a terrific solstice! And you even got to spend time with a 5 year old!

  19. Great looking garden there and a farmers market to supplement. The ideal combination...:)

  20. We had a great hike and then a visit to The Nelson Stone Barn on the first day of Summer. Let the good times roll....

  21. I'm going out tomorrow to get and plant some borage. My squash, pumpkins, melons and cucumbers are dying away. I get great blooms, but there are no bees. So no pollinations. Hopefully the borage can bring help.

    Your garden looks beautiful.

  22. My in-laws had a grocery store at one time, and when they'd cut their produce before selling, the 'left overs' would go to pig farmers. They'd pick up the cuttings and feed to their livestock. I think they had chickens it never went to waste.

    LOVE the mountain lake scene.
    [I just realized I forgot to go to the farmers' market this past weekend...bummer]

  23. Leo seems adorable. And I know kids can keep us all younger
    First day was perfect here too but still cool.
    Your garden's doing well..

  24. Leo is getting to be such a big boy. He has the most adorable smile.

    When I get broccoli at the Farmers' Market I try to pick a batch with lots of leaves, they are delicious.


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