Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New life and a doctor's appointment

Some new residents in my neighborhood
In the six years we've lived here, I've seen twin fawns twice now. Once, a few years ago I was enchanted by them, and now it seems we have another set. It's even possible that the doe who gave birth to them is one of those fawns, who knows? I watched her for awhile from my parking lot (the asphalt in the foreground), and she washed one of them for quite awhile, not seeming to care much about my presence. And then I got in my car and drove away. They didn't even look up.

The flowering bushes behind them are non-native blackberry bushes, which are abundant and very tasty every year. It amazes me that they can eat the bushes without being bothered by the thorns, which make it very difficult for me to gather the berries myself. I've learned that a big stick to hold back the branches and long sleeves and gloves make it possible to gather quite a few.

The other new life that I see in my neighborhood are the leaves coming back on the trees that were butchered in my front yard. It was in February when they cut off all the branches, and I thought the trees were dead. But look!
Making a comeback
All those remaining bare branches, every one, now has a cluster of new leaves on it. I think these trees look a little like pictures I've seen in Dr. Seuss books. Or maybe a new species. They were full and lush last fall, and I simply couldn't believe they would grow back, but they are. I suspect by the end of summer they will even have new branches. I'll be taking pictures to document their growth.

This afternoon I have a second appointment with my dermatologist. He is going to remove a mole that has an uneven border and is more than one color, just to be on the safe side. I'm pretty much recovered from the first session, when he used liquid nitrogen to burn off a few growths on my face and neck. They blistered and scabbed over, but now they are completely gone. I'm not looking forward to this, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

I'm not sure where we will be headed for our hike on Thursday, since the amount of snow we have encountered on the last two Thursdays mean that our scheduled hike would be too difficult, and we could simply wait a few weeks and enjoy Welcome Pass without all that snow. It melts out pretty fast at this time of year, but we've had below-normal temperatures for a couple of weeks now. I think we are the only place on the continent that is not already sweltering!


  1. It must be thrilling to see wild life near your residence. All I see here in mine are feral cats and a few birds. Lucky you!

  2. we're sweltering with low 90s and high humidity. :) makes for good sweating weather while you walk/run.

    such sweet fawns! lovely! good luck with the mole removal! you're good to have it taken care of.

  3. probably good to have that mole removed...my father has had over 100 skin cancers removed...yuck...nice to see the tree making a comeback too...we have a deer family that lives in our back yard so we see the babies quite often...

  4. Those trees look just like the ones around my neighborhood after they were "pruned". Pruning here means cutting them back to nothing every year! They've always grown back- go figure.

  5. Good luck with the dermatologist! My next appointment is with a foot doc for an annoying bunion. Thanks for sharing the newness!

  6. I have scheduled an appointment to have a mole [two actually, I hope] surgically removed. I've had some frozen off before, but this one is too large so the doctor is going to cut it off and stitch me up. I'll be left in stitches!!!!

    Love the tree growth...looks a bit prehistoric to me. And the fawns and mama are priceless. Hope they remain safe.

    By the way, we finally, FINALLY got some rain today. Hope that keeps up for sometime.

  7. It's amazing how you can chop plants or trees and 99% of the time they come back even healthier.

    Good luck with the mole removal; it's important to take care of that stuff.

    Love the baby deer!!

  8. Hi
    Hope you use sun block and wear a broad brimmed hat to help ward off those skin growths that are caused by the sun.

    Shirley H.

  9. Those trees do look other worldly at that. Love how they are coming back.
    Good luck at the doc and you are smart to keep up with regular dermatological exams since you are outdoors a lot. I know I go every year and get stuff frozen off. Keeping on top of things is smart.

  10. Hope all will be fine with your mole.
    The dear are so adorable.
    Around hre it continues to remain cool but warm weather is to come this weekend. HOT in fact!!

  11. Some of the critters can get pretty bold and confident as the natural predators don't follow them into the city.

  12. Hi DJan, Nice catch with the twin fawns. And that is pretty amazing to see the tree starting to come back. Hope your session with the doctor goes well. John

  13. Those trees were butchered, but I am happy to see some growth, it will be interesting to see what they look like at the end of summer. That kind of pruning is horrid. But you know me and trees.
    Twins aren't you lucky...hope they stay out of your garden.
    Hope all goes well at the dermatologist:)

  14. You need to start warming that weather up there, girl. I'm coming up that way this summer and I don't like to be cold - for too long anyway. Actually will be glad to get out of the Texas heat (although we have been much cooler this summer thus far.)

  15. How lucky you were to see mama and her fawns. The little ones are adorable. We see all sorts of wildlife here but rarely deer.

    That tree will spring back in no time. Good luck with your doctor's appointment DJan.

  16. That's a nice shot with the fawns just outside your apartment. We have abundant wildlife here and herds of deer move about all the time but there are some that take the same path every year and those are the ones I watch, for, like you said you thought the young mother may have been one of the young ones you saw last year - more than likely is. Deer have different markings. If you notice something unique about one you see, then you will remember him/her next time. We had a young Moose that charged through the park last year and then decided to have a romp downtown, so the Rangers came and shot a dart to calm him down and sleep long enough to truck him off to safe distance - this happens, as we are surrounded by woods and lots of wildlife - like one morning there was a black bear casually walking up the street...anyway, to get back to you, glad you are having those moles removed - as you said better safe - right - the tree takes on a most interesting look, stripped bare and now growing again in clusters - aah, Mother Nature bounces back. We are not sweltering - high winds and cool temps and funny me, I was bragging about Summer having just arrived one day last week. ha,ha Have a wonderful day :)

  17. Don't envy your treatment at the doctor's but as you say better safe than sorry. New growth on that tree is quite impressive so it will be interesting to see what it looks like at the end of the summer.

  18. Plant Amnesty would not be happy with that pruning job. But the trees will be full again in a few years.
    The deer are so beautiful, but I'm glad I don't have to deal with them in my yard. The squirrels and raccoons are menace enough.

  19. Love the fawns, so special & fun they must be to watch. We had a young buck in the yard yesterday, it had been years since we had a deer in the yard, but now in just a month of having our dog gone, we are getting all kinds of wildlife moving in.
    I can't get over those trees.. I've never seen anything like it. Amazing that they're alive & growing new leaves. I'll look forward to your updates!
    I'm scheduled to have a mole removed, too, I'm actually supposed to have an umbilical hernia repaired and my doctor wants them to remove the mole at the same time. (it's at the top of my forehead.) Not sure when I'll have it done, but my consult with the surgeon is coming up. Yes, better safe than sorry!

  20. You are the perfect balance of gutsy daredevil and logically health and safety conscious. Good luck with your appointment.

    Lovely little twins.. lucky you to see those sweeties. I hope we'll see some also but I've not seen more than a couple of deer since late winter.

  21. I hope your mole removal went well D-Jan. Best to get rid of it, I think. The little deer is delightful. Mum must be so proud. Fingers crossed for your walk today!

  22. Love the tree. Sorry, can't say the same for the deer. They are a menace around where we live chewing up every plant in the yard.

  23. I hate when they scalp trees like that! They obviously did not know what they were doing. I'm sure it will leaf out again, but much of its former beauty will probably be lost.

    Take care of that skin. Glad you got it attended to.

  24. Twins! They are darling.
    The tree is so strange looking, but so wonderful to see new growth. I hope you show us pictures over the summer.
    Glad you are getting the moles removed to be on the safe side. :):)


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