Thursday, June 12, 2014

Just one of those days

Twelve Trailblazers going to Church
Just one of those days when you get to have a little bit of everything! Last year, we had three tries before we could even get to the Church Mountain trailhead. And you never know what you're going to find when you get to Church Mountain meadows. I wrote a post three years ago to show the difference in the conditions at the meadow one year apart, in July. You can see the picture here (be sure to enlarge it to get the full effect). Today, in mid-June 2014, we had a day with sunshine, rain, clouds, mist, and lots of snow to walk on at higher elevations.
Honeysuckle in bloom
Not to mention, at lower elevations, lots of wildflowers, too. We not only saw honeysuckle, but columbines, lupines, fairy flowers, star flowers, and even a few more. However, after we had gone a fairly short distance, our sunshine disappeared and it began to rain. We thought it was the beginning of a downpour, so we stopped to put on our rain gear.
Rich in umbrella and rain skirt
Rich, new last week, has returned to give us an idea of his way to deal with rain: an umbrella (we didn't even have Mikey along today) and a skirt he made to wrap around his pants. We are nothing if not innovative in our ways to deal with rain. But the rain didn't last long as we plodded upwards, finding our first snow at about 4,600 feet of elevation.
Snow crossing
Before we reached the meadows, we had a few snow crossings where avalanche chutes caused the snow to accumulate. But we sort of expected this, knowing that by the time we reached the meadows, we would be in full snow.
Mel at the Church Mountain meadows
These meadows from this point onwards will only become more and more beautiful and green as the summer progresses. But today, we had little sun at this point and went a bit farther along before stopping to enjoy our lunch and head back down. We didn't expect that we might get much farther than this. But we did go a little farther just in case the sun might break through and give us a few of the mountains.
Our lunch spot
It wasn't raining, and there was little wind when we stopped here for our lunch, making use of our blow-up seats to sit on the snow. In the distance we could see the clouds breaking a little here and there, but mostly this was the view we enjoyed as we ate lunch. I thought you might like to see what we twelve had for lunch today.
Quite a variety. Mine was the only one eaten with chopsticks :-)
And then we headed back down the trail, knowing that we might eventually make it to the top later this year, given the condition of the snow at this early date. On the way back down, we saw the misty clouds move in here and there, mixed with sunshine. This picture was quite representative of the conditions of our lovely trail as we made our way back to the cars.
Our trail on the way back down
We traveled a mere three and a half miles (more or less) to our lunch spot before turning back, making our day's total around seven. But in those few miles, we gained and lost around 2,600 feet in elevation. So it was a really nice day, with a little bit of everything in the mix. I am now back home enjoying my wine and soon to have my dinner. Here's a picture of me that Jonelle took while we were having lunch. I kind of like it.
Happy to be here, having fun with my friends
Yes, it was another good day, another good hike into the Mt. Baker Wilderness, and it's not even summer yet! I hope you have a great time until we meet again.


  1. You look and sound happy. Good for you! Love the photo of the honeysuckle, as I had never seen them before. And I didn't know you ate with chopsticks.

  2. i like that photo of you, too! cannot believe the range you see in one hike - lush green and wildflowers to SNOW! :)

  3. That looks like my kinda hike. Although when you hit the snow, I'd break out my skis! :)

  4. i like the smile on your face...that says enough for me...ha...snow too...i thought i was going to melt here today the humidity was so bad...i could use a snow ball...want to mail me one? smiles.

  5. How lovely. You can keep the honeysuckle though. I have been trying (and no doubt failing) to eradicate it from my garden beds. It would like to invade the world.
    Beautiful day though - thank you.

  6. That was a lot of variety in one hike, but it looks like you all had a good time. I had never thought of a 'rain skirt', cute idea.

  7. Oh yes, I agree, I too love the photo of your at lunch! Darling. And wonderful smile.

    I truly love your published posts and photos, but as I was sitting here looking at your collage of lunches this time 'round, I was wondering just what the hidden wildlife are seeing/thinking of your group....and food!! Are they in the pines, licking their chops?

  8. that should read YOU at lunch, not your.

  9. Nice post and lovely woodsy views in spots.... but I have to say this is the first one you've posted where I said to myself "Nope, I don't think I'd have enjoyed that one." It my have something to do with the fact that hiking up that much elevation to eat lunch in the snow doesn't appeal to me at all. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that our very ugly winter this year left me with enough views of snow to last quite some time....:)

  10. Four seasons in one day ... pretty cool!

  11. The sight of lingering snow gives me the willies after the winter we had back East. ugh. Worst one in years. You're at a higher elevation up there. Our tallest mountain in the northeast, Mt. Washington, is only 6288'. Small but formidable, known as the home of the "worst weather in the world". I spent the day up there in March with my co-workers. We went up in a snow cat & videographed the Observatory under on a "typical" winter's day. It was an incredible experience.

    Hey! AS a Jumper Over Seventy, you might give a shout out to old H.W. Bush who jumped on his 90th yesterday. I have to say, I find you all impressive.

  12. What a fabulous way to "go out for lunch."
    As for the picture of you - I LOVE it!

  13. Wow, a little bit of everything weather wise. Looks like a stunning trail!

  14. I like the green part of the trail. The snow - not so much. Those meadows should be beautiful after the snow melts and the wildflowers bloom.

  15. How funny…you enjoying snow while we in Cali are dealing with 90 degree days. Looks like you had a ''cool" day.

  16. I enjoyed seeing the different lunches! Snow well that was good to see on someone else's blog:)

  17. Great picture of you! What a day--sun, rain, and snow all in one day. I love that picture of your trail back--so lush! You have such a wonderful life. :)

  18. It always amazes me to see you climb up to snow in summer... well, almost summer. What amazing views! I love that photo of you!


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