Saturday, September 10, 2011

Swimming lessons

Today I had a little synchronous event happen. When I went for my usual half-mile swim at the Y, I took my camera into the pool area to see if I could get the lifeguard to take a picture or two of me swimming laps, for the blog of course. He told me he couldn't, but his boss, Tish (who was standing at the end of the pool talking) might be willing to help. I went over to her and found that she was talking with Amber (who took both of these swimming pictures; thanks Amber!) after she (Amber) had just finished the first session of an adult swimming class. After speaking with them about whether I could join the class, I was told that of course I could! So starting next Saturday at 9:30am, I will be finding out how to improve my technique, as well as two things I really want to learn: how to do that cool kick turn and the backstroke.
I left the Y smiling and headed over to the Farmers' Market. Although I didn't have anything I needed to buy, I thought I might find a picture or two. I was intrigued by these white eggplant; I had to ask just to be sure that's what they are. The vendor said they are a bit sweeter than the dark ones, but apparently they are fairly common. I don't know why I've never seen them before.
The produce at the market is always spectacular, and I suspect that in a few more weeks I'll be seeing the first of the fall lineup. Our market stays open until the week before Christmas, with pumpkins and winter squash becoming more and more abundant as we move toward winter. It's hard for me to comprehend that the autumnal equinox (first day of fall) is less than two weeks away! There are still abundant flowers, especially dahlias, at the market, and this one I simply could not resist.
Its beautiful pink color and those perfect petals just took my breath away, and I wanted to share it with you. Actually, speaking of my breath, it is still a little wheezy as I still am coughing quite a lot. After a day of no improvement from the inhaler and herbs, I started the antibiotics, and now I think I'll be okay pretty soon. I can still walk, swim, skydive (tomorrow!) and write blogs, so I'm not complaining.
I almost forgot that I was nearly out of bird food, so I headed over to the Wild Bird Chalet for thirty pounds of bird seed. Meet Valerie, the owner of the Chalet, who is a great resource for any bird-related issues I might have. I am always pleased to send any business her way, since she's got the best stuff for birds I've found in Bellingham.

For someone who is supposed to be sick, I'm sure glad I haven't missed many of my regular activities. Yes, I am addicted to exercise, which is a good thing to be addicted to, right? Tomorrow I'm heading to Snohomish to join my friends for some fun, and Monday is a hike to a new place, Mt. Higgins, if all goes according to plan! I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. hoping your meds will clear this up can still jump with shortness of breath? what a gorgeous flower too...

  2. That is so cool! Ask to have a picture taken and three people later you are in a new swimming class...and got pics taken! :):)

    I have never seen white eggplant! You are not the only one. I was thinking, what on earth are those white things? That flower is gorgeous. I love the shot you took--like a person could fall into or be hypnotized by those perfect petals. ;)

    Too bad the herbs and inhaler didn't do anything, but glad you're feeling better. You can't afford to be sick, woman! You are constantly on the move! ;) Have a wonderful time with your friends the next couple days. :):) Oh, and take lots of pics!!

  3. I need the whole pool to do back stroke in because I cannot go straight. Perhaps a class would be a good idea. Love your morning, swimming, farmers' markets, bird food. Bliss.
    Happy skydiving.

  4. It seems nothing slows you down. I loved the market photos. I wish we had such a wonderful farmer's market.

  5. I think you have the world's best form of addiction. I love that dahlia; I should check out our Farmer's Market because I won't grow them but sure wouldn't mind putting a few in a vase!

  6. Gee, farmers market, swimming, flowers and white eggplant - I, too, have never seen white eggplant - thanks for that and thanks for the beautiful flowers and great post. I learned to swim in the ocean (Bay of Fundy), and am part dolphin, minus the fins :)
    Have a good one and hope you are well soon.

  7. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday !
    You looked great in the pool, and ooh, it looked so refreshing.
    You show us some of the best-looking produce and flowers at your farmers market, it must be quite big to have that much selection.
    Hope you feel 100% soon !

  8. That Dahlia is gorgeous !!

    Hope you are back up to snuff soon, girlie....there's a lot of life out there for the livin' !

    I just love it when the Universe smiles...don't you?

  9. the dahlia is stunning!

    I love the idea of you learning the kick step/flip thingie LOL
    as you can see, I'm not a swimmer

    you make the most of every experience, I admire that

  10. I would have said, "Are you taking lisinopril?"

  11. Good on you for improving your swimming technique. I was surprised when you said two weeks until fall. We've had a long string of warm weather so it doesn't seem like fall is in the air.

  12. I wish I were addicted to exercise. It's the best addiction to have!

    Love your colorful pictures and hope your bronchitis magically disappears and you are cured!

  13. What a beautiful dahlia! The abundance of gorgeous produce at your Farmer's Market makes me a bit envious. There's a small Farmer's Market in my town, but nothing like yours.

  14. That was pretty cool, go for photos and sign up for a class. I know you will enjoy it.

    You can add me to the list of those who have never seen white eggplant. Maybe it's only common in certain places. :)

    It sounds like you're feeling fine. Have fun tomorrow!

  15. So sorry you are contending with ailments but you do conquer them with your attitude. If you are addicted, you are happy about it.

  16. Swim lessons? Sounds like a great idea! The better you get at it the more relaxing it is and the more you can get out of it as a sport. :o)

    It sure doesn't sound like your sick! You must have been all over the place yesterday! :p

    Enjoy the skydive today! I might do a little water dive instead. ;o)

  17. Nice photos in the header and at the farmer's market.

  18. What with computer problems, or no computer access, travel planning and going on trips, I am behind again. You must be getting tired of hearing me saying that – but I always read all your posts, even if I don’t comment on each. I loved your winning picture with the flower and humming bird – well deserved. Your pictures of the Welcome Pass make me so homesick for big mountains and fresh cool air. But I tell you what, DJan, it is hard to look at your blog – picture after picture of spectacular mountain landscape, wild flowers, tall trees, clouds on mountain tops – I get so envious! I told my husband that we need to go west next year.

    I bought the book The Help for my husband when we went to France but he did not read it. I don’t know if I should read the book first or see the movie? As for Sarah’s Keys – I read the book, which I truly enjoyed and now will try to see the movie. My daughter who read the book said that she preferred the book to the movie. After I read that book I read two more, in French, about that time in France during the war – two books of memoirs from Jewish ladies (who were sent to the camps unfortunately.)

    I never seen a white eggplant – I wonder how baba ghanoush would taste using them?

  19. Very nice post. I liked all the pictures. Patty and I have free Y privileges if we want to use them. So far we have not gone.

  20. Good luck with the swimming lessons. Be interesting to hear what they tell you. Is the water warm?
    The dahlia is gorgeous. I love those but not the earwigs that live inside.
    No, I've never seen white eggplants before either, but then neither had I seen flat peaches before (took pic on my Blog) so maybe they're both new items?

  21. Gorgeous pics, always. What a marvelous addiction you have - exercise!

  22. I really need to get up there. I'm getting similar views in the Gifford Pinchot, a lot of it new to me this year, but you just keep finding more and more hikes in your back yard. I'm a little worried about your cough though. Don't push it too hard.

    I remember seeing a poster of eggplants and they come in every color there is. Including tomato red.

  23. Hi Jan!!

    Just got time to read this blog in detail and am thrilled to have you join our class this Saturday! I hope your cough gets better by then and we will have a blast!

    Amber :)

  24. Beautiful Dahlia!
    So glad to hear that you started the antibiotics..take all the $%$# pills not skip any...end of lecture:)

    I have never eaten eggplant..but I do like squash and look forward to the fall ones:)

  25. Being sick definitely hasn't slowed you down! We visited the FM yesterday and bought a whole big box of tomatoes. What did I get myself into. They are washed and piled sky high in the kitchen. White eggplant. Who knew?

  26. Another fun day for DJan. How I wish I could swim, especially in the winter where I don't get much excerise. The nearest pool is almost an hour away. It's not a good excuse but in winter... well.
    That zinnia is fantastic!

  27. I'm always so amazed at all you do. I'm ashamed to say I still don't know how to swim.

    That flower photo is magnificent! Absolutely gorgeous!!!

    My life is still busy and crazy with guests in the house. It should settle down in a few days.

  28. Djan, You are another retired person who takes my breath away! Being addicted to exercise is a good thing! That will be my new goal!!

    Take care of that cough and don't let it get the upper hand!


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