Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy anniversary to us!

This picture was taken exactly five years ago today, our tenth wedding anniversary. Since we got married jumping out of an airplane, for our tenth we decided to jump out of a Cessna 206 just as we had ten years earlier. Today, we will spend our special day here in the Pacific Northwest sharing a lovely salmon dinner and bringing out our very special crystal glasses given to us by Linda and Bob 15 years ago. I'll open one of the bottles of Macedonian wine I brought back.

And who knows? Maybe for our twentieth anniversary we will again pull out the old gear and leap into the warm air over Puget Sound. If life gives us the chance, and we have the willingness, well, who knows? Good day to all, from the windy and blustery Pacific Northwest.


  1. Oh, happy day!
    Let me know how the Macedonian wine is, and take a photo of those glasses filled with it.
    To your health, the both of you
    and a long, joy-filled life!

  2. Happy Wedding Anniversary DJan! I hope you have a lovely day. I pray you will have many more to come...
    Blessings, Star


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