Tuesday, May 5, 2009


My table setting, the ambience, does not hold a candle to my dear friend Linda's, but at her request, I have added a picture of our wineglasses, mine with "T'ga za Jug," and Skratch's with soymilk, which he took up a few years ago instead of spirits. We did cook that salmon (but not a lot!) and added a few greens, beets, and ate the whole thing with our customary chopsticks!

Not exactly what you could call kosher but very definitely eclectic. It was a wonderful feast, and I topped mine off with a little bit of Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra, which I highly recommend.

We both got into the habit of eating with sticks when we went off for several extended trips to China, and while there you better know how to use them, even with noodles, or you're really gonna have difficulty getting enough to eat. I do know some people who carried a fork with them, but once you get used to chopsticks, they are simple and easy to use. Here's a little information about that Macedonian wine:

From the Tikves website: The name “T’ga za Jug,” which translates as “longing for the south,” is taken from a historically significant poem by Konstantin Miladinov, considered to be the founder of modern Macedonian poetry.

As for the wine itself, T’ga za Jug is a deep purple-red in appearance with a bouquet of red berries, cinnamon, and subtle oak. Reminiscent of an Italian barbera, T’ga za Jug has a good acidity, strawberry and cherry flavors, and a touch of black pepper on the finish. Great choice with food or poetry!!!

So, Linda, take notice: poetry and this wine go very well together, and since you seem to be on a poetry roll lately, let me know if you find this wine and order it, and what you think of it.


  1. I feel like I'm there with you two, enjoying your anniversary fete. Great description, and such an interesting wine. (I'll be off to google the poet Konstantin Miladinov; the only thing I know about Macedonia is that its really old. So I guess they know a thing or two about wine, eh?) Salmon looks delich! Really fresh, I'm sure.

    Thanks my friend, for indulging me on this post.

  2. Your table looks very attractive and the wine sounds so interesting! I'm not a connoisseur of wine, but this one, with its cinnamon, sounds like a definite winner. Will you have to return to Macedonia to get some more?
    Blessings, Star

  3. Hi Star! No, I found a place on line that you can order it from. But even though it's good, it's not THAT good. I'll make do with more local fare. Thanks for the comment!


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