Saturday, May 9, 2009

Flowers everywhere

Washington state "rhodies" are in bloom everywhere, and in every color. I can hardly believe how beautiful these flowers are. Today it is around 60 degrees, so I walked around in the sun and went to the Farmer's Market. These were taken in someone's front yard.
At the market, I saw these two women buying bouquets of lilacs, which, as you can see, are out in full force for Mother's Day (tomorrow). The market is busy, I mean bustling with vendors, customers, children, musicians, jugglers. You would never have known today that there is a recession going on. Everyone was smiling and laughing and enjoying the sunshine. One thing you really don't realize in a place that has abundant sunshine all the time: what a joy it is when the sun comes out after days of rain. And it's so lush!

Some friends here in Bellingham laugh at me when I stop and look at the moss-covered trees. To me it's amazing:
A living tree! Covered with moss! Look at that! You also can't tell which direction north is by looking at the tree, either, since there's moss everywhere. (This picture was taken last fall, which is why the leaves are turning. I'll have to take a picture of this tree in the summer when we travel up to the Mt. Baker wilderness.)

I love the weather up here. Years and years of brilliant sunshine have made it easy, at least for now, to enjoy the mist and the rain. And the times when the sun comes out to play.


  1. I so agree DJan. Too much of a good thing is...! I am used to the wind and the rain and so welcome it as homely. Odd isn't it. It's just what we get used to. I loved your pictures. I have lilacs in my garden in England and seeing your pictures made me feel nostalgic.
    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. x
    Blessings, Star

  2. Thanks for the flowers, the tree, and the metaphor of the sun coming out to play.

    (OK, here's a more technical blogging question: I love your photos, your lovely moss-covered tree interspersed with words; but how do you get them separated? When I upload photos to my blog, they all come up in a mass at the top. Duh! I have so much to learn, and a part of my brain is so resistent...)

  3. Hi Linda! Well, there is probably some nifty way to upload your pictures and get them where you want them, but here's how I do it: load the photos, then cut and paste them where you want them, one at a time. Once you write the blog, upload the photos, then cut an uploaded picture, put the cursor where you want it, and hit paste. You might have noticed that you can say what size and how you want them displayed. That needs to be done BEFORE each uploaded picture or you have to start all over.

    One thing Star does that I'm really wanting to do: how to upload a full size picture and then be able to click to the full size from a smaller one. Anyone?

  4. Just found your blog and enjoyed reading it. I started a blog 6 weeks ago and am learning how to download pictures, etc. I just bought both Blogging for Dummies and Digital camera for Dummies so I should improve! you can see my trials at


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