Saturday, July 22, 2017

Overcast today but still beautiful

Hertz trail
We ladies met this morning at the Hertz trailhead, a longish drive from Bellingham proper, so I stressed a little as I realized we (Lily and I) would not get there by 8:00. However, I was only a few minutes late and they had not yet taken off to walk the three-mile-long trail. And a few more ladies arrived even later than we did. Here's some information about that trail:
The Hertz Trail (also known as the North Lake Whatcom Trail) follows the eastern shoreline of Washington's fourth largest freshwater lake. The relatively flat, fine-gravel pathway traces the former Bellingham Bay and Eastern Railroad, which was used to transport coal from the Blue Canyon Mine at the south end of the lake.
One of the nicest things about this trail is that it is flat. We hardly ever have any other ones like this on Saturday mornings. We venture out to this trail a couple of times a year, and the Senior Trailblazers have also made use of it in the wintertime when we're looking for a short distance hike before a party or other gathering.

Anyhow, less than a dozen of us showed up this morning, because when we left early on, it was raining. Foggy and rainy weather doesn't make many people anxious to get going. However, it was simply perfect for walking, and the rain stopped before we started out, so it was dry, too. We did see some Pacific Northwest wildlife:
Banana slug
 This is a native slug, as opposed to the black ones that are taking over the banana slug habitat, so whenever she sees one, Peggy stops to remove it from the trail so it won't get stepped on. Look at those long eye stalks on the front end. The back end seems to have picked up some debris as it makes it way across the trail. More information about the banana slug is here. It does look a little like an overripe banana, doesn't it?
Veggies for sale
Then we made it over to the crowded Farmers' Market to get ourselves coffee and a treat. Although the skies were overcast, it wasn't a bit cool or uncomfortable, so we leisurely made our way home. I did a little housework (which is pretty unusual for me) and now I'm sitting in my easy chair, listening to the birds and other sounds coming through the screen door. A lovely day indeed.


  1. It sounds like a blissful day. Enjoy. With more to come.

  2. Quite the slug, an oft overlooked creature. The market looks delicious. There aren't many flat trails there!

  3. Looks like a much gentler trail than most others you show...lovely.
    That banana slug is so unusual looking, I thought it was a used fish lure :)
    Just look at all those beautiful veggies, so much variety too.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend DJan.

  4. My DH and I plan to rent an airbnb place in Bellingham next July to escape the Idaho heat. I've been combing your blog to find hiking places and things to do while we're there. Thanks for giving glimpses of your life.

  5. You always seem to have a farmers market at the end of your Saturday walk!!!

  6. Such a brilliant way to start your day.

  7. I always like to see your photos of the Farmers Market, as the produce is so colorful.

  8. That is my kind of hike. Level and wide with lots of shade and a bit of wildlife. That sounds totally enjoyable.

  9. I thought--what the heck is that? We don't have slugs here so it took me a second to see it had a head--LOL! Sounds like a nice hiking day all around. :)

  10. I wish it would rain here in Oregon....I'm tired of the hot weather.

  11. Well, catching up with you while I've not been online much the last few days, --Oh, just to have the screen door open listening to sounds from the outside would be like heaven on earth right now!!!
    That slug? All I can say is ICKY POO. I don't like ripe bananas either. lol

    Next time, take me with you to Farmer's Market, okay?

  12. Dear DJan, you know I always feel so peaceful and contented after reading your postings about walks and hikes. So much beauty and wonder. You did have a lovely day. thanks for sharing it. Peace.

  13. Interesting slug and yes he does look like a banana:)
    Housework...I have been doing quite a bit of that lately, what a thankless job:(

  14. I've notice quite a few plants and animals seem to grow a lot bigger in Washington. The rain must help...:)


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