Saturday, November 28, 2015

Not even December yet

Icy leaves
I went on a very nice hike yesterday with two of my dear friends, Al and Carol. Steve wasn't feeling well or we would have been four. We went up the south side of Stewart Mountain in the cold sunny weather we've been blessed with this Thanksgiving weekend. Our Black Friday was much more white than black. Although the sun was shining in a cloudless sky, we weren't exactly warm when we started out. This hike takes us pretty unremittingly uphill through the trees, so it didn't take long before we were warm from exertion. The air was still, with no breeze at all, and we would find little pockets of very cold air where the leaves were frozen solid. There was nothing to stop the cold air from remaining, and no sunshine reaches these spots at this time of the year.
Carol and Al, with Mt. Baker and the Twin Sisters behind
We made our way to the top of a hill that gave us a beautiful view. Although we had around three or four inches of snow to navigate at this point, it was so warm from the sun that we didn't even need to put on any extra clothes when we stopped for lunch. Just lovely!
Lake Whatcom below us
We started our hike at the level of Lake Whatcom and climbed to this place where we had a magnificent view in this direction, too. The stagnant air, caused by high pressure that isn't allowing the usual scouring breeze to clear the wood smoke and other pollutants, can be seen along the horizon. We were high above it. I understand it will continue to trap the bad air until Monday when the high pressure will break down, and then we'll return to our usual rainy weather.

I heard on the radio today that the Surgeon General of the US believes that being happy helps to make us healthy, rather than the other way around. I kind of think that might be true, since I'm feeling grateful to live in such a wonderful place and happiness surrounds me.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving in our quiet home

Pre-Thanksgiving feast
When I awoke this morning and went into the kitchen for my morning tea, I saw the items above arranged in a sort of cornucopia by You Know Who. He did it before he went to bed, and right now all of those ingredients are either on the stove or in the oven, waiting for our very own traditional Thanksgiving. The salmon will go in last of all, and then we'll sit down for our meal. Of course I got the salmon from Gene, who left yesterday for Hawaii, where he'll enjoy visiting with old friends and having a Hawaiian style Thanksgiving.

That picture is actually upside-down from when I took it, in case you're wondering just how Smart Guy managed to balance that bottle on the pumpkin. Everything is, in actuality, laying flat on the kitchen counter, but if I put in that way, the wine bottle would be wrong. Plus it makes for a more interesting picture.

I don't know whether I mentioned that I finished reading Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs, but I did. Now that's a LONG book, more than 650 pages, if I'm not mistaken; I enjoyed reading it very much. I found that the movie was really skewed to show the unpleasant sides of his character. The biography showed that while indeed he was not warm and fuzzy in any way, he had some redeeming qualities. I am now reading Isaacson's book on Einstein, which is interesting in a different way entirely.
Our Thanksgiving feast before sitting down to enjoy it
And now we sit in our living room, replete after enjoying a wonderful dinner, with plenty of leftovers for a couple of days. It was truly a joint venture, with the two of us doing about the same amount of work to put this on the table, but the best part for me is that HE cleaned up, completely. I asked if I could help (knowing he would probably say no), because I know how much he likes to have the kitchen put back together the way he likes it. Am I lucky, or what?

I hope you all are enjoying a fine Thanksgiving! Tomorrow I will go hiking with my Senior Trailblazer buddies, just because some of us are addicted to the exercise. Not sure where we'll be going, but the weather is supposed to be cold and clear. Yes!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Reading reviews when buying online

Nice looking latte
My barista likes to make pretty designs in my daily latte. Sometimes they are so nice it makes it hard to drink it, but I manage. It's fun to watch an artist at work.

I'm in the process of trying to decide which kind of belt to buy that will hold my phone, keys, and small wallet with credit cards, so that I can exercise without having to wear a fanny pack (that tends to bounce up and down) and still have my phone with me. Since I discovered that I need it with me in order to count my steps, I've become rather obsessive and most workout clothes don't come with pockets. So... I've discovered on Amazon something called a Flipbelt, which looks intriguing. Unfortunately, there are more than 2,000 customer reviews, and I am not willing to read every one. It pulls on over your head (or you step into it, whichever) and doesn't have an opening, so buying the right size is critical.

Then there's another one that has a zipper closing, and it looks pretty interesting, too. It's called a FitBelt, and it only has 300 reviews. But again, getting the right size is very important for satisfaction. I've just about narrowed down my choice to the first, but I wondered if any of my readers have any ideas about either one, or even some other option. These days having something that will keep your iPhone 6 or 6+ safe while keeping it with you must have been solved already.

Oh, and by the way: I hope everyone has safe travels on their way to Grandmother's house, or wherever else you might be going for Thanksgiving. It's here, almost!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Clear, cold BRRR! factor

Frosty fallen leaf
I woke this morning realizing that my feet were cold under the covers. We sleep year round with the window open in our bedroom, which is closed to the rest of the apartment. I saw that it was 47 degrees F (8 C) inside, that getting up and starting my day meant I'd be a little on the cold side, so I turned on the space heater once I got out of bed. Time for the down comforter, I suspect.

Outside it was only 27 F (-2 C), and I saw that my pretty front porch flowers succumbed during the night. Our first hard frost. It was going to be a challenge to dress correctly for the walk with the ladies this morning, but I'm proud to say I chose layers and was successful in keeping warm during our 6.5-mile walk. In fact, by the time I reached our high point, I was able to take off one layer. I consider it a challenge not to dress too warmly when exercising, but warm enough to keep myself from being cold. My hands took the longest to warm up in my gloves. Mittens would have been a better idea.

We've got even colder weather on the way, with a chance for us to experience a little of the "S" word next week. Until then, though, we'll just have clear, cold,  brisk days, which nobody minds. Any time the sun shines, there are plenty of smiles to go around.

And to add to the smiles (at least I hope), I found this on Facebook this morning. I knew immediately what Pooh and Piglet were speaking to each other:
Pooh and Piglet speaking Tamarian
How much of a Trekkie are you? I remembered the episode where the Tamarians speak in metaphor and allegory, but I hadn't remembered exactly what they were saying here, so I looked it up. Of course! I then recalled vividly the Star Trek episode. Just in case you wonder and don't care to learn any Tamarian, here's the translation: "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra" (Friendship as a result of a fight against a common enemy). "Shaka, when the walls fell" (Failure).

I know, it's obscure. But it was so original I felt I had to share it. BTW, the potluck gathering last Thursday was a success, although I was so tired that I snuck out early. Who's surprised?

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lost Lake in the sunshine

I'm taking the picture, and Al is busy elsewhere
Seventeen (!) Senior Trailblazers showed up to take a ten-mile hike from the Larrabee parking lot to a clearcut area (seen above) that gives us great views of Samish Bay in one direction, and Mt. Baker in the other, and return via Lost Lake and the Fragrance Lake trail. First we needed to hike up to this spot up Cleator Road to the Lost Lake trailhead. From the junction we headed up to the clearcut to capture some great views. The weather was clear and cool, but once we reached this spot the wind made us ready to move on pretty quickly.
A view of Samish Bay and Lummi Island
This is the view behind the hikers, and it's pretty spectacular so I didn't want you to miss it. Then we walked a short distance to look in the opposite direction, to an even more spectacular view of Mt. Baker and the Twin Sisters, covered with new snow.
Mt. Baker and the Twin Sisters, with low-lying fog for dramatic effect
Today is opening day at the Mt. Baker Ski Area, because while we've gotten lots of rain in the lowlands, it's been snowing up there with plenty of new snow for everyone to enjoy. From this point, we are actually above Lost Lake, our lunch destination, so we started down the rough trail, navigating the one part of this hike I don't enjoy very much: it's very steep and uneven, and it's easy to twist an ankle. I endured it because all the rest of the hike is so wonderful.
Kirk helping Linda and the others across
We made our way to the lake. With all the recent rain, this Lost Lake crossing was just a little treacherous. There was a log that looked inviting to step on, but we discovered that it wasn't stable, so tall Kirk helped us cross safely. From this spot, we are almost to our usual big rock where we have lunch. I was ready by then, and it wasn't even noon yet.
Lost Lake from our lunch spot
We've been here when the lake was frozen, and when it's been unusually warm, but today it was just perfect, with clouds coming and going, an enjoyable place for our large group to park and refuel.
A closeup of Lunch Rock covered with hikers
Bill took the above picture with his new iPhone 6s, and I asked him to send it to me, which he did and it showed up immediately on my phone! I love this new technology and how easy it is to take pictures with our phones and share them. By now Carol has probably made a Facebook post with hers. I've got to finish this post fairly quickly so I can get ready to leave. We're having a potluck gathering tonight to see Chris and Richard's show of their six-week-long adventure in Spain. They walked the entire 500 miles this past spring, and it should be fun to see all of their pictures.
The lake, a bush, and my well-worn boots
After a nice lunch break, we headed back down to the other side of the lake and a loop hike that would take us back down the Fragrance Lake trail rather than back on Cleator Road. This is one of my favorite hikes when we do it in sunshine, and I think everybody had a great day. Now we'll gather and share food and more good times together. I'm hoping to get out the door before the sun goes down, since I don't know the way to our hosts' home. I've got 45 minutes, so I'll see you later!

Monday, November 16, 2015

I can't take it another minute

Lake Padden on a grey, rainy morning
I know I usually write (these days) a post on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays, but I cannot take another moment of looking at the Little Prince and the image of the Eiffel Tower on my previous post. It's been a tough weekend for sure, because we are all reeling from the carnage in Paris and now worrying about the future. The terrorists have succeeded in bringing me to tears every time I allow myself (in my thoughts) to leave the safety I find in the world around me. So I will go back to last week.
For a moment, I am as tall as Norma Jean
Peter took a bunch of pictures of the two of us, and in this post you see that I suddenly realized I needed to change places with Norma Jean so I could be the same height as her. She is thinking that this might not be real, but as you can see I'm happy about it. I realize that with every passing year I'm shrinking in height, but for now, I'm standing tall!
Alicia and her toes
When I was Alicia's age, I could suck my toes, too. But you know, that was a LONG time ago. Isn't she cute? I had such a good time in Florida that I'm thinking I might not wait another year before heading back to where I could visit this adorable creature, her sister Lexie, their mother Allison, my own sister Norma Jean, and Peter the Chef who spoiled me with fabulous dishes every night.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

There are no words

Taken from a friend's Facebook profile