Thursday, February 16, 2017

We Rocked the Two Dollar Trail

A new trail for me
Today twelve Senior Trailblazers braved a damp day to cover more than eight miles in the Chuckanuts. We took a new (to me) trail toward Fragrance Lake, but before we got there we took another trail that led us to the South Lost Lake trail, a frequent hike for us during the winter months.
Stopping to admire the waterfall
You can see by the way we are dressed that it was on the soggy side. But the interesting thing is that it never did really rain, but instead we had a heavy mist that never really made it into fat raindrops. The trees were drippy, but the warm weather (it was around 50°F (10°C) helped us to us feel pretty comfortable, although few of us removed any clothing as we hiked.
Lisa above Fragrance Lake
After we left the Two Dollar trail, we gained some altitude above the lake, as you can see here, before we joined up with the South Lost Lake trail. Then we headed up that trail to the lovely Rock Trail on our way to Gates Overlook for lunch.
Cute little guy greeted us on the Rock Trail
At one point on the hike, we spied this guy who is keeping an eye on us, either a gnome or a miniature Sasquatch. In any event, it made me happy to know that he's out there, making sure that we are safe from marauders, even in the rain. That's Kirk's poncho, glistening in the wet.
New tables with new signs
We noticed that there are new tables and benches at Gates Overlook, with signs warning us to protect our food. We didn't stay terribly long (no chance for the raccoons), but by this time the dampness began to let up a little, and in fact from that point on, it began to seem almost, well, dry.
Fragrance Lake
On our way back down to the Two Dollar trail, we passed right by the lake, so I captured this picture to show you how lovely it is, even on days when you don't see much sunshine. If you look closely you can see a few stray drops reflected in the water. As we trekked back to the cars, we even saw a stray ray of sunlight. All in all, it was a truly fine day to be outside, since last week the weather kept us from our usual time playing outdoors. We covered 8.6 miles and more than 2,000 feet of elevation gain and loss, so I'm feeling pleasantly tired and will sleep well tonight!


  1. I guess you get used to soggy hikes. Here in the dry country we get freaked out by rain and don't go anywhere or do anything when it rains.

  2. Beautiful photos of a great hike. I love the names of these places you hike, Jan!

  3. Sounds like another great hike in those west coast mountains!

  4. Considering all the rain we've been having, the trail looked to be in good shape.
    We had no rain here, and some sunshine after 7:00 AM here south of Seattle.

  5. Walking in the rain isn't my favorite thing on a hike. I'm glad it didn't actually rain on you. It's fun to have a fairy gnome to look out for you. I'll bet you got 20,000 steps in today.

  6. What beautiful scenery! Worthy of a hike in any weather!

  7. Love the pics! Nothing like a beautiful hike to raise our spirits :-)

  8. You are a trooper. Good for you getting out when the weather is less than agreeable. The lake looks so peaceful.

  9. What a pretty lake! And I like the name too.

  10. That sandwich looked good. Glad the raccoons did not steal it.

  11. Who ever is in charge of naming the trails and lakes is very creative and has a sense of humor. They make me smile. That sandwich really does look good.

  12. Like the misty views of the trees. Unusual name for a trail.

  13. Of course, now I'm wondering why it is called the two dollar trail. Is it a suggested donation for the Sasquatch? You are such a trouper hiking rain or shine.


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