Saturday, May 28, 2016

Wildflowers and more

Abundant daisies
Right at the beginning of our hike last Thursday, there is this field of wild daisies that just took my breath away, there are so many. It almost looks like dandelion seed heads, which is what I thought I was seeing at first. But no, it's nicer than that. Daisies always win out in my mind over dandelions.

I didn't go walking with the ladies this morning. They were headed over to Lummi Island for a nice seven-mile walk. I went last year and wrote about it here. It was the same time of year, the Memorial Day weekend, but when I woke this morning it was pouring down rain, and I decided to skip it. Instead, I went over to the coffee shop and visited with my buddies before going to the gym to have a nice dry bike ride. Of course it stopped raining rather quickly after I made that decision, but it was still windy and not exactly inviting.
Goat's beard
Peggy was the one who told me that this is called "goat's beard" and grows profusely when it becomes established. I found a Forest Service page that gives a little information about it:
Native to the northern hemisphere in North America, Europe, and Asia, this plant generally grows in moist woods, meadows, and along streams. It is also known to grow in moist to wet ravines, rocky ledges, and avalanche chutes. 
No wonder I see so much of it in the wild areas around here, the operative word in that paragraph being "moist." It's also called "bride's feathers," according to that link. I like that name better!
Banana slug
We also saw this guy, a HUGE banana slug. The front is the solid colored area and if you look closely you can see his eye stalks. In the back you can see his skirt, which is how he ambulates slowly along. I learned all this from that fascinating book, The Secret World of Slugs and Snails. You too can learn all you ever wanted to know about these strange creatures. Peggy picked this guy up with a leaf (so she wouldn't get slimed) and put him out of harm's way in the bushes.

They are native to the area, unlike the black slugs, and I believe that the invaders are taking over. Around here banana slugs are treated well. In fact, the banana slug, I learned, is the mascot of UC-Santa Cruz in California. Who knew?


  1. the mascot is unique, for sure. :) well, glad you had a good dry gym session anyway.

  2. Can't blame you for not hiking in the pouring rain.

    The slug...UGH. I've never liked them but I couldn't harm it. It's huge though. I wouldn't want it in the veggie patch.

  3. I love the ox eye daises this time of year too. We see them along the freeways, mixed with California poppies. wonderful!
    We have native goat's beard growing in our yard, and plenty of slugs, but not the banana variety.

  4. damned slugs....I had decollete snails for a while...kept regular snails and slugs at bay for about 10 years, but they must've died off. Back to killing them the old fashioned way, with bait. Weird mascot! LOL

  5. How wonderful to spy that field of daises! Hope you're having a great holiday weekend.

  6. I've never heard of banana slugs. Then again, I'm not a fan of slugs, period.

    However, I am a great fan of daisies. That field would have taken my breath away too.

  7. The banana slug is new to me - and I am super impressed.
    Hooray for daisies, and brides feathers (also new to me).

  8. I'm always amazed at how much rain you will walk and hike in. We have very small slugs but they're still a nuisance in the gardens.

  9. A slug....for a mascot. Who knew?

    I always love a field of wildflowers...and daisies are a beautiful flower.

  10. Never heard of or seen a banana slug and find it hard to believe that is actually a living thing. Looks like a painted stick! Not only a good idea to avoid the rain but also a good idea to rest that knee a little between hikes, too, I'd imagine. Love the daisies!!! Have a great Sunday! :)

  11. You're such a wimp. Kidding! Now I know you're human like the rest of us. Those wimpy folks that like to walk in the sun. I had to enlarge that slug. I can't believe it is real.

  12. That goats beard makes me wish I had a rocky ledge on my property. Really interesting looking.
    I am curious how a mascot of a slug is inspiring for an athletic team? Sure wouldn't induce fear in their opponents:))

  13. That field of wild flowers is just beautiful. Cultivated flowers just can't compete.

  14. Yes, those wild daisies are truly breathtaking.
    About slugs: I dunno, I just don't like slugs, as they give me the creeps.

  15. Your wildflowers are beautiful! That slug not so much...I have never seen a Banana Slug I have:)

  16. I remember coming across banana slugs on my honeymoon camping on the coast of Oregon. Scared the crap out of me. I'd never seen anything like it. That was 38 years ago. Didn't see a single one while on the coast a couple years ago.


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