Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Tulips on Tuesday

Fields of tulips

Last Saturday, my friend Lily and I took off bright and early to get to the RoozenGaarde display gardens before the crowds hit. We got there a little past 8:00am and noticed that they were already letting people in, so we joined them. It was a little windy and more than a little cold, but we were ready for anything and went in to see this year's wonderful tulip festival flower displays. The vibrant colors and incredible varieties were a sight to behold. We covered every inch of the display gardens, as well as the fields behind them, and managed to find ways to avoid pictures with most of the other early birds, but as we spent more time there, we had a harder time finding areas where people were mostly absent. It was crisp and cold for most of the morning, but as more of the clouds cleared, we got a little warmth from the April sun. The difference between sun and clouds on our shoulders was quite noticeable. From "ahhha" to "brrrr" in a few seconds!
People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us. —Iris Murdoch

Planting them must have been fun

Although I couldn't quite get high enough to see the design, several people told me that this was a hearts-and-flowers picture. I believe them, but I wouldn't have known it if someone didn't tell me.

The pink ones are just opening

Looking at the intricate designs and colors that these tulips and hyacinths make, I wonder if those people who were planting them in the fields a few months ago were also having fun. There are so many tulips that have not yet begun to show their colors, and others that are fully on their way to the petals falling onto the ground, ready to be carried back into the earth.

Aflame with sunlight

I had such a good time on Saturday, when after filling our eyes with as much beauty as they could hold, Lily and I went off to our reservation in La Conner for lunch. And now that our wonderful tulip adventure is over for another year, I am already looking forward to our summer adventures to come.

Dreaming of our next time together

I went on a walk in Hovander Park this morning with the Senior Trailblazers, but I didn't take any pictures, as the wind was blowing and then it began to rain. I caught a ride home with two friends who were leaving early, so now I am back home, gazing at the mostly clear skies and looking at the chilly temperatures outside, and I'm just glad to be home, warm and toasty. And dry.



  1. Oh the glorious colours. So beautiful. Good for the spirit,

  2. I'm always impressed by the large fields of tulips. It's hard for a little old prairie boy to understand.

  3. Wow, wow and wow. After your teaser on Sunday's post I was looking forward to this post - and am definitely not disappointed. Thank you. And hooray for being toasty warm and dry.

  4. These photos are just gorgeous. When I saw the title this morning, I shut down my laptop to open this post on my Samsung tablet and see these in their full Glory. Also, love the final photo! That's a great scarf for the Tulip Lady 🙂

  5. The endless tulips are always a joy to see. No wonder you go every year. :)

  6. Fabulous tulips. One of my most favorite flowers. So glad you are close enough to see these in person.

    1. I pressed send too soon and didn't add all my information.

  7. With the blooming tulips fields right adjacent to the display gardens, RoozenGaarde was especially beautiful this year. I love your photo protrait.

  8. Beautiful pics! Love your photo portrait too.

  9. Oh my gosh, DJan! That is a totally gorgeous shot of you with the tulips in the background. It certainly makes me recall the wonderful time we spent with you there.


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