Thursday, April 4, 2024

Chanterelle Trail

Viewpoint on Chanterelle

Many of my regular readers will recognize this picture of the viewpoint on the Chanterelle trail. I did this hike regularly with my friend Melanie all during the pandemic, and once she moved away I stopped going here. But the Relaxed Group of the Senior Trailblazers, as well as Group 1, still do this hike, but they also include the top half of the hike, which doubles the five-mile round trip hike to ten miles, with plenty of uphill. There is a new connector trail that brings together this trail with the one on the Hertz trail, but the entire trail is even longer, more than eleven miles.

Lake Whatcom peeking through the trees

Today, on Cindy's first time leading a hike, we decided to do it a little differently: do the usual visit to the viewpoint, and then head up the upper trail until we got within a mile of the terminus, and then turn around and make our way back to the viewpoint for lunch.

Me and Ina at our turnaround spot

By the time we got to this point, we had covered a little more than four miles and around 2,000 feet of elevation. It was great weather for uphill hiking, as it was cool but not really cold. I was glad we decided not to hike that last mile but turned around and went back to the viewpoint for lunch.

Today's hikers, plus me taking the picture

I was very glad to get back to this overlook and have some lunch and a bit of a break from hiking. I knew I would be a little sore, because when we got up after lunch to continue that last two-and-a-half miles back to the trailhead, I could feel my knees, my back, and I felt every one of my advanced years. However, once we got moving again, I felt better and we made it back without a hitch. Not a bad first hike for Cindy! Plus we had fun. You can't ask for much more than that, eh?



  1. Well done. I do hope your soreness is temporary and am glad (and not surprised) that you had fun.

  2. With different options on trails you get some variety. It's never boring when you're hiking.

  3. What an adventurous group! I remember that trail well during the pandemic when many of us lived vicariously through your adventurous with Melanie! Well done again, Jan.

  4. Well, you did the work and we enjoyed the pics.

  5. Ten miles is a lot of hiking! How in the world? Anyway, beautiful photo at the top and I miss Melanie and her fun cookies... :^)

  6. Good for you, and what a fine spot for lunch. I liked the second picture quite a bit.

  7. Oh, you are so lucky! My back hurts 24/7, and I don't even get out of my chair!

  8. Looks like a fun hike and good weather. I like your pic at the turnaround. My back hurts today as I've been mopping and vacuuming for company coming in tomorrow to see the eclipse. Apparently Texas is getting quite an influx of visitors.

  9. Indeed, the essence of a great hike lies not only in reaching the destination but also in the journey itself and the camaraderie shared along the way. Here's to many more memorable hikes and new adventures on the horizon!

  10. Beautiful vistas, four impressive !
    I remember when we lived in Colorado trying to get used to the altitude, it takes your breath away literally.
    Thank you for sharing the beauty.

  11. You really are my inspiration, DJan. I've NOT been exercising like I should and I need to get out there tomorrow morning... uuuummm unless it's raining like it's forecasted.


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