Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Clicks and clucks

Suspicious yellow thing in cage

The mobile chicken coop in a nearby neighbor's yard had been advertising organic eggs for $5/dozen. The sign is not always there in front of the coop, but I did see what looks to me like a very recently laid egg in there. As I tried to get close enough for a shot, the chickens weren't pleased and made a bit of a racket. I got this photo and then backed away. 

It's one of the first pictures I've taken with my new iPhone 12, which so far I've been very happy with. Everything was transferred over from my old phone without any hassles, although the newest operating system (before the one released yesterday) had to be installed beforehand, and that took awhile. Fortunately I had a very nice young man (who is all of 20) helping me out. There are a few new features that I have to get used to, but already it's beginning to feel quite normal not to have a "home" button and instead have my face open the phone for use. And the camera is better and I have much to learn. No hurry, though. If I have this phone for as long as I had the last one, I'll be close to ninety before I need to upgrade again.

This morning after the coffee shop excursion, John dropped me off at the Cornwall Rose Garden, as he often does, and I took a quick look around at the late summer roses. This bush is a favorite, because of the strong fragrance of the yellow rose, which even I can smell with my poor compromised nose.

Honey Perfume

And it's always nice to spend some time wandering around in the Rose Garden and see what it looks like today. There is a feature on the iPhone camera where I can lift the rose from the picture and frame it in a nice blur, but I haven't quite figured out how to do it. In time you will be seeing my progress, but not today. Later on this afternoon I'll be heading to my local pharmacy to receive my updated Covid booster shot, which will be my third booster. I read somewhere that we might be getting an annual shot to keep our immunity in a healthy range, especially for us elders.

It's been less than a week since Queen Elizabeth II died, and the news has been nonstop coverage from Scotland and the rest of the UK. She was quite a remarkable person, but even so, I didn't expect to be so moved by it all. But I am. I found this touching cartoon online, which makes me cry every time I look at it.

Together again

I really hope that this is a possible future couple, and that it might one day be SG and me. So now you know that the title of this post has to do with camera "clicks" and chicken "clucks." And through it all, lots of love and warm wishes all around.



  1. Thanks for this post. That rose is spectacular - and I am glad to learn of someone else whose sense of smell is diminished.
    Love that cartoon too.
    Enjoy your new phone. And life.

  2. If I had cell service here I would definitely get a smartphone if only for the camera abilities. It is always with you and takes great shots.
    I too hope that wonderful woman is once again with her prince. Such a sweet image..

  3. My camera has far more than I know how to use. And my neighbors have two chickens!

  4. We upgraded to the iPhone 8 a couple of years ago and now it is already the oldest that will get updates. I don't have much hope for phones lasting very long before going obsolete anymore. The 8 has no home button and has facial recognition which I like. The camera is quite good. I could be happy with it for quite a while yet is they let me.
    Have fun with your new phone.

  5. The latter image, as we age, touches us deeper than it does the younger generation. Together again (even with the companionship of her beloved corgis).

  6. Glad you are getting used to the new phone, but I predict that it won’t do you until you’re 90. 😀

    We’ve been watching some QE2 retrospectives. She seemed diligent and dignified.

  7. I had 3 pet chickens as a teen, and one laid an egg every morning, which was thrilling. I loved the Queen, too.

  8. I'm a sucker for pics of chickens! I find them funny and fascinating. And I'm so glad you like your new phone. We are 'thinking' about upgrading our 6. Good luck with the new Covid booster. We just got the 2nd booster this summer, so we may wait a bit. Besides, I have to fit a Shingles and a flu shot in there somewhere.

  9. Love those chickies and their eggs. My daughter-in-law had a flock of assorted beautiful chickens until the bird flu came. They have a large "flock" of children and were concerned about the health implications. Since this is a farming area fresh eggs are easy to come by.

    I will miss the Queen. I was in grade school when she was crowned and I remember the newspaper having Coronation paper dolls to cut out in the Sunday rotogravure section. Which doesn't really exist anymore either, sigh.

  10. That rose looks like I can touch it--you've always taken amazing photos DJan, but congratulations on your new iphone. We know you'll put it to good use. Also, loved the chicken coop! Clicks & Clucks did make for a good title. :^)

  11. Pretty rose! I have no doubt that all believers will be reunited one day:)

  12. Happy for you with your new iPhone 12.

  13. It is good to know that the Queen will be buried next to Prince Philip in Windsor.

  14. What fun to get a new iPhone. I'm thinking of finally upgrading too. We shall see. I'm still thinking about it. I love that drawing. It feels strange to think she's no longer there.


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