Thursday, September 1, 2022

Chanterelle in September

Chanterelle looking green

We last hiked this trail at the beginning of August.  I was surprised today to see how green the area still is, after more than a month of dry weather. In other years, I've only been hiking in the High Country it this season, but I fear my days of long hikes in the wilderness are going to be limited. Plus, I don't do well in the heat, and it's been quite hot. And we are so fortunate to have many local hikes like this one.

Looking down at the lake

We decided that the Chanterelle would be a good place to spend our Thursday, and it turned out to be very nice indeed. This view is about halfway to the viewpoint, looking through the trees as we climbed upwards on gentle switchbacks. The weather has moderated from the high temperatures of earlier in the week, but the full sun made it feel very hot when we left the shady tree-lined trail.

Melanie getting a good shot

On the way to this viewpoint, we ran into Al, who is hiking alone today, recovering from an injury. It was really nice to catch up with him, and it reinforced the good choice we made for today's hike. We visited with him for quite awhile before he went back down and we continued up.

Looking out before heading back down

Mel got this picture of me looking out at the sunshine, before we began our return journey. I've taken quite a few pictures from this spot, but today I am in it, looking out at the full sun we need to navigate before getting back in the shade.

Blackberry picking

While at the viewpoint, Mel snagged a few blackberries, some of which she gave to me to enjoy. They are almost ripe all over our area, and even though they are an invasive species (Himalayan), they sure are tasty! 


The only flowers still out are these pretty orange ones, which I do believe are honeysuckle, but I could be wrong. I am not a good flower person, but I'm sure that some of my readers can enlighten me. In any event, we covered around five-and-a-half miles and went up and down around 1,300 feet of elevation. I am feeling good, as I sit at home in my apartment with a nice breeze flowing through. It was a great way to spend our hiking time together. Thanks, Mel!



  1. 5 1/2 miles and 1300 ft. elevation is a good hike! You also had some very pleasant weather.

  2. It looks a delightful walk. Nice to meet up with Al, and hooray for fresh picked blackberries. Stay cool.

  3. Whew, 5 1/2 miles! DJan, your pictures are so crystal clear on my tablet, they're making my screen sparkle. Beautiful.

  4. How nice that you got to visit with Al. Maybe he would like to join you and Mel while he heals? Hope you don't get any of the heat they are talking about for the west coast.

  5. I have been admiring that blossom for this season here. I think it is Spotted Jewelweed. It is used in traditional medicine.

    That is a a trail which draws the eyes upward and onward. Just glorious! I always enjoy your walks there!

  6. You do incredibly well with your hiking. I hope you realize that.

  7. Wow, what a great view ... and free blackberries too!

  8. That top picture is so marvelous. And, yes, it is SO green. Nothing like that around here now.

  9. Connie of Farside featured that flower recently and I remembered that is is a type of Impatiens, yes, Spotted Jewel Weed, commonly known as Touch-me-not because the seeds fly everywhere when you touch it.
    I am always impressed that you can hike so many miles and at such elevation gains. You are a wonder.

  10. Hi DJan,
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  11. Jewelweed! You found some! Nice hike! Hope you cool off soon, cool here but suppose to warm up this week:)

  12. How awesome to be able to snack on wild blackberries. Gosh... I wonder if I've ever eaten a blackberry. What fun to meet up with a hiking friend on the trail. I'm so glad you're getting some cooler weather.

  13. We picked blueberries over the weekend. I love wild blackberries, but rarely find a good patch these days. Yes, you're subscribed DJan. Thank you for visiting! I need to work out a few kinks yet, like that mild-colored subscriber font.


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