Thursday, November 18, 2021

Today's hike was an adventure

Our first obstacle

With all the road closures and washed-out hiking areas, Mel and I decided to to hike up the Chanterelle trail, one of our favorites, hoping that the forecast rain would hold off until we got done. And sure enough, that's almost what happened. This downed tree across the trail required us to climb up above it, so that we could access the trail without having to try to climb under (or over) this obstacle. 

The other Trailblazers were heading out on longer hikes than we were ready for, so this five-mile-long round trip was perfect for us today. When we started out, there was no rain, but we knew it was coming. There were plenty of other places along the Chanterelle trail that had already been cleared, but fellow hikers warned us of two barriers that we would encounter. Neither was too hard to navigate, since we have seen much worse in our years on the trails.

A fern-covered fallen log

No, this is not a green caterpillar creeping down the side of the hill, but a fallen log that has been down long enough to be completely covered with licorice ferns. I love seeing how nature manages to take the forest detritus and turn it into something beautiful.

Peeking out

This was the second obstacle, and it definitely was more difficult to get across, but we did just fine. You can see the fallen logs and the broken bridge underneath. I was careful to watch my step, but we both got through it, both directions, without mishap.

Mel navigating the tangle

Mel almost blends into the forest here, but you can see her once she got to the far side of the downed trees. Other than these two places, we were able to continue all the way to the viewpoint, where we actually had a view.

The viewpoint today

I've taken this picture many times over the years, but this was the first time that the two of us had the entire viewpoint to ourselves. In all sorts of weather, we have usually had company here. Not today. Perhaps everyone was staying home because of the coming rain. Not like we've been a stranger to it lately; many streets and trails are still impassable because of the torrents of rain we endured this past week.

Another angle from the viewpoint

Mel took this lovely picture from the viewpoint. You can see that dark grey sky above the lake, filled with moisture that would soon be coming down. By that point, however, we were heading back down the trail to the waiting car, so we avoided the heaviest of the rain.

Our very green forest

It was just about when I took this final picture that I felt the first of the rain, but it was light and not uncomfortable at all. However, by the time we reached the car and climbed in to head home, the rain picked up. A lot. It was strong enough to require Mel's windshield wipers to go full blast, for awhile at least.

As we headed back to the safety of our warm homes, it lessened until it became a more normal downpour. We have had too much of a good thing lately, I must say. We stopped at Mel's favorite culinary delight: Chocolate Necessities. We both enjoyed a truffle before we went our separate ways. It was a truly satisfying way to end a pretty perfect Thursday hike! Thanks, Mel!



  1. Ahhh, you shoulda just been like mountain goats and hopped over that first fallen log!

  2. Beautiful view DJan, I never tire of seeing it. Looks like another great hike with your friend.
    Glad that you was able to overcome those two obstacles.

  3. You always amaze me with these hikes. Chancing the rain and the hazards on the trail and finishing is quite a feat. Well done! That fern log is beautiful indeed!

  4. Looks a pretty green there! Glad you were able to get through the fallen trees:)

  5. Downfall on trails can e a big challenge. At one time I could hop over it. Not so anymore. I hope you're not in any of the flooded areas. My son lives in Maple Ridge but they are higher up so they only suffer from the deluge but no flooding.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful views. Mind you, I am craving a truffle now - which my activity level for the day doesn't warrant.

  7. I'm glad you got out and missed most of the rain, and overcame the obstacles!

  8. Wow, now THAT hike was a challenge!!

  9. Those obstacles look very challenging! Nice that you missed the majority of the harder rain. :)

  10. Been hearing about the ghastly weather in your area and the downed trees attest to the high winds. Glad you were able to time it so well and stayed mostly dry.

  11. Those views were spectacular, worthy of framing and hanging on your wall. Glad that the rain held off during your hike.

  12. Enjoyed that second viewpoint DJan, it was breathtaking. This was a surprising hike to see on your blog--several times this week I'd seen news clips of Bellingham (and the flooding) and it made me wonder where you were in all of that. Glad to hear you're alright and eating truffles to boot! ;^)

  13. Glad it turned out to be another good one for you!

  14. Love these pics, DJan. And especially love that last one! Glad you had a good hike, great scenery, and no mishaps!

  15. How nice to have the viewpoint to yourselves!

  16. I would use the obstacles as an excuse to turn back - and eat chocolate too.

  17. That was such a lovely walk with beautiful views despite the obstacle course you were required to navigate.

  18. Dear DJan, in your first photo of the lake, I note that toward the upper right, the lake seems to diverge into two channels. Is that correct? My brother fishes a lake down in Texas once a year and he explains to me the different channels and where they go. I love water and have always dreamed/wanted to live by a lake or river. Growing up on the farm, I could follow a path each day to the wide creek that flowed through the bottom part of the acreage. It's where I always go when I meditate. Peace.


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