Thursday, October 1, 2020

Raptor Ridge

Hemlock trail and Huckleberry trail junction

Today I was joined by my three hiking buddies to make our way up to Raptor Ridge. We have several different ways to get there from the Chuckanut Mountain trailhead, but we decided to make it a direct route up the Hemlock trail and then return by way of the Huckleberry trail.

Lots of leaves have already fallen

It's October, and we were graced with a beautiful fall day, complete with heavy fog early on, but the forest seemed hushed, very still with mild temperatures, as we walked upwards towards our destination. Even with the most direct route, it is still more than seven miles round trip and around 1,800 feet of elevation gain and loss.

Almost to the ridge

By the time we had done most of the climbing, the sun had finally made its way up and through the trees. We have some haze from the California fires, making the sunlight seemed quite filtered and not really warm at all. But then, we walked out onto Raptor Ridge and found it delightful.

Raptor Ridge, looking northwest-ish

You can see from the ridge (above) that the sky isn't really all that clear, but it was very pleasant in the weak sunshine, with no breeze at all. Very unusual. In many of the times I've visited this spot before, it's been very windy and usually not a place to spend much time. Today, however, we enjoyed ourselves and took our time.

We can't see Mt. Rainier today

Looking in this direction, in the middle of the picture, I've been able to see Mt. Rainier quite clearly in past visits. Today the haze kept us from seeing it. I think this is looking south, but I'm not quite sure. Anyway, we ate a snack and then went back down. On the return trip, we went down the Huckleberry trail until it joined the Hemlock trail, as you can see in the first picture.

Pretty big leaf, huh?

We had a really nice time today, and now I'm home and trying to do several things at once. My new Apple watch just came, and I cannot set it up until I finish this post, so I'm going to head off into the world of technology. As if writing this and posting it on my blog isn't already technology, right?

Melanie amongst the changing scenery

This is my favorite picture of the day. You can see the sunlight coming through the trees, and we are almost back to the starting point and our cars. It's been a wonderful day and there is much more excitement to come if I can figure out how to make my new toy work!


  1. Hope you got your "new toy" all set up as you want it.

    As always D J...beautiful scenery and the wonderful outdoors!

  2. There is lots of green up there still DJan !
    A beautiful and serene hike.

  3. When I find your hiking post I think "oh, that's right, it's Thursday!"
    I'm glad you had a good day and a good hike. We walked in the
    morning fog, I did my l-o-n-g list of physical therapy exercises, and we worked in the yard, putting summer stuff away. It was a good day here too.
    Good luck with your new toy.

  4. It looks like a wonderful hike. Those leaves are hugh.. That last photo is gorgeous. Good luck with the watch!

  5. Have fun with your new watch! I heard that they are an awesome tool! Nice hike what a huge leaf!

  6. My closest women folk have those watches and love them.

  7. You keep getting out. You don't miss much. When it's beautiful fall weather stay out as long as you can.

  8. What a simply glorious day. You are MUCH more adept with techno things than I am.

  9. Beautiful hike.
    Enjoy your new toy! :)

  10. Interesting name for a trail. Is there much hemlock on the trail? Lovely scenes from the top.

  11. Too bad about the haze. But, the photos are neat. Good luck with the Apple Watch.

  12. My favorite pic is that second one... all that moss on the trees. What a wonderful place to be able to walk!

  13. That is a beautiful landscape to be in.

  14. I can always count on you for an interesting hike!

  15. Enjoy your new watch! I'm jealous b/c the watch wouldn't do me any good since I'd have to find my glasses before I could read it which kind of kills the convenience. So good for you!

  16. The Apple watch is really cool! And these photos are beautiful!

  17. Wonderful! I'm shocked that you can see Mt Rainier from so far away. Of course it IS a big mountain! I didn't go on as many hikes as I wanted to this summer/fall. It was a combo of circumstances. Good luck with the Apple watch!

  18. This looks like such a lovely hike, so worth to climb up to the ridge, even if the view wasn't quite a good as usual because of the haze from our fires. Are there huckleberries to find on the Huckleberry Trail?

  19. DJan, you sure have some terrific photos here; you live in a beautiful part of our country, it's wonderful how you take advantage of that. I even love the name 'Raptor Ridge'. :)

  20. I’m envious of your energy and ability to take these long walks in the woods. That is a HUGE leaf. I’m glad you found clean air up in the mountains. Fall is definitely here.


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