Thursday, April 26, 2018

Maple Grove 2018

Our trailhead today
I was not surprised when seventeen Senior Trailblazers showed up for our hike today, which was rated "easy" and the weather was forecast to be sublime. Which it was: cool and sunny to start, then warming up as we walked up and down some mild slopes for a little more than eight miles. The drive was long, around sixty miles southeast of Bellingham, but it was worth it.
Crossing Anderson Creek
There were plenty of bubbling stream crossings: this was the biggest and most exciting of them. The bridge has a nice flat log to use for crossing, with side rails on both sides, so it was easy, after all.
Beautiful open trillium
We saw lots of beautiful blooming trilliums along the trail. I was so pleased to see them, one of my favorite flowers of the season. Lately most of the ones I've seen have been waterlogged, but not today. Glorious!
Our hiking group today (plus me)
I was able to herd the group together for a photo while we stopped for a quick snack on our way to Maple Grove. You can probably tell from the lack of jackets (mostly) and addition of sun hats, that it was a beautiful day.
Mt. Baker and reflection in Baker Lake
We saw Mt. Baker for much of the hike, but as we got close to the lake, the mountain loomed up in all its magnificence, with a day that gave us a chance to capture some dramatic pictures.
Baker Lake and our lunch spot
You can see that the lake level was very low, with all those rocks and roots in the foreground usually covered by water. We speculated that they have opened the dam to lower the lake's level so that all the expected snowmelt will have a place to go. In any event, it gave us a lovely place to sit and enjoy an hour-long lunch break.
Today's trail in sun and shadow
Then we headed back the way we had come, enjoying the four-mile return trip as much as our trip out. The weather, as I said, was perfect, and one more thing: there were no bugs! No mosquitoes, gnats, or flies. We could have stayed even longer if we wished. What a day! Thanks to all who came along and joined us for a lovely Senior Trailblazers excursion.


  1. What a beautiful location and a perfect day!

  2. What a pretty photo of Mt Baker! Such a pretty view...I am jealous:)

  3. It does indeed look sublime. From start to finish.

  4. Ha! We hike towards you today. We hiked to Noisy creek. What a great day!

  5. It sounds and looks glorious! So worth the travel time! The trillium is a beauty! Such a day in nature is invigorating!

  6. They don't many days like this!

  7. Mount Baker is a beautiful sight!

    Trilliums are our provincial flower. They bloom here in early May.

  8. Perfect weather--post shivering and pre-bugs! And any crossing of a creek with side rails sounds good. :)

  9. Loved the pathway going off into the forest. That's a favorite kind of photo for me.

  10. Ok I could do the log with rails. Without?? Probably not.
    What a grand bunch you had for such a beautiful day. Loved the Mt. Baker reflection.

  11. Extraordinary in numbers of hikers AND beauty! Yes indeed, worthy of a few extra miles of driving!

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    1. sorry...double post. since I'm back here I just read about your wide brim hat & dark lenses...YES! protect your vision.

  13. Oh, that looks like a wonderful hike. Not too strenuous, and beautiful.

  14. Gorgeous photos - especially of the lake and Mt. Baker!

  15. I loved the photo of Mt Baker and Baker Lake. Aloha from Hawaii.

  16. Wow! That's a lot of snow on Mt. Baker!


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