Thursday, April 5, 2018

Burnout Point in the rain

Kirk, Mike, Frank, me, Chris, Al, Richard, Rich, Jim (Mel's pic)
It never fails to amaze me that I am not the only one who shows up on wet and rainy days. Today ten (!) Senior Trailblazers showed up in light rain to hike up to Burnout Point, one of our usual winter hikes. We did indeed have rain all day, but we were dressed for it, as you can see here.
Not much view from the Point
Fortunately, it wasn't cold, but occasionally we'd have a gust of wind that reminded me that it sure wouldn't be much fun to stand around for long. We made it up these soggy logging roads in fairly good time. I did get everyone to let me take a picture before we headed back.
Frank, Chris, Mel, Kirk, Jim, Rich, Al, Mike, Richard
It wasn't the sort of day when I had much to take pictures of, with little to no view, and having to haul my camera out from under my rain pants wasn't easy. This hike, led by Mel, was a loop trail, with us going down from this point to the South Lost Lake trail for our return trip. I was glad we had a different view on our way back, hoping for something a little more scenic.
Beautiful tall trees
Sure enough, Frank pointed out a stand of beautiful straight trees all in a row, and the people in the picture show the relative size. It's my favorite picture of the day.
This one isn't bad, either. We see this waterfall every time we walk this road, but it changes dramatically, considering the amount of rain and the time of the year. Sometimes it's almost nonexistent, but today it was magnificent.
Discussion about whether to go to Fragrance Lake or head back
At this point, we could continue on to Fragrance Lake and then take the two-mile trail back to our starting point, adding perhaps another mile to the hike as well as some more time out in the elements. We decided to head back down the road and skip the lake, since the rain had not let up all day and nobody was really interested in having lunch on the trail today.
Six of us having lunch at the Senior Center
Six of the ten of us pulled out our lunches at the Senior Center and enjoyed a warm and leisurely lunch inside. The others took off for home, and we decided that it was indeed another wonderful day in the wilderness, having covered around eight miles and 1,600 feet up and down.

I got what I came for: good exercise in the outdoors and great company. I am glad I went, but I am even more glad to be dry and warm inside. Funny how being uncomfortable for awhile can make comfort so much more enjoyable. Hoping for better weather next week!


  1. That waterfall is a beautiful sight!

  2. The tall trees, the waterfall...perfect!

  3. Yes the warm and dry inside is always welcome and much more so because of the contrasts.

  4. That waterfall and the trees are gorgeous. That first picture made me grateful I was not with you. I would have done a muddy faceplant - and am so glad that none of you did.

  5. the rain was steady today, but light, and mild. We walked in the rain too this afternoon, but not in the wild like you did.

  6. Indeed...a beautiful waterfall! Ah yes the comforts of indoors...but great comraderie (spelling) makes up a perfect day.

  7. Indeed...a beautiful waterfall! Ah yes the comforts of indoors...but great comraderie (spelling) makes up a perfect day.

  8. You sure earned your lunch! And it looks like there were highlights worth dragging the camera out for. Lovely, even in the rain.

  9. Looks like fun, even with the rain!

  10. Loved the tall trees and waterfall. Smart move enjoying lunch in comfort and warmth.

  11. Our forests are beautiful - rain or shine! I'm sure you were happy to get out.

  12. Always love those beautiful mountain trails you hike up. Really muddy old logging roads not so much...:)

  13. Despite the rain, you got good exercise, and the lunch at the Senior Center hit the spot.

  14. You are getting rain on Thursdays...maybe next week will be blue skies! :)

  15. LOL ... glad you went, glad to be back.


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