Thursday, March 8, 2018

We found Lost Lake

Fragrance Lake trail in the mist
Nine of us Senior Trailblazers showed up for a walk in the rain. The forecast didn't leave much doubt, so everyone was prepared for it, and we discussed our options before starting out. Our scheduled hike was again not a good one for the weather, so we decided to hike to Lost Lake instead, via the Fragrance Lake trailhead.
Turkey tail fungus
Usually we hike up the road to the Lost Lake turnoff, but it's closed at the moment, so we did an out-and-back hike, going both up and down the Fragrance Lake trail. It's very pretty, a bit on the steep side, but it gave us a chance to see this fungus on the side of a log. We didn't see the sun all day, but it was very pleasant nevertheless.
Taking off some of our rain gear
It was raining lightly when we started out, but heading up the steep trail, we realized we were too warm and decided to shed some of our gear, since the rain was nothing we couldn't handle, and the mild weather allowed us to be quite comfy during the first part of our hike. Although we had to stop and put stuff on and off, we were delighted that the rain was minimal.
Kirk, Chris, Richard, Peggy, Al, Jim, Frank (Mel in front)
We made it to our favorite rock in time for lunch, at Lost Lake (behind us). While we enjoyed our lunch, the wind came up and made patterns in the lake and whistled through the trees.
Our lunch spot
The rain picked up at the same time as the wind, so we finished our lunch and began our return trip. It wasn't a long lunch break, but it was fun to sit in relative comfort before heading back the way we had come. However, by the time we started back, the rain and wind were in full force.
The boggy swamp didn't allow for slipping
This particular section of the Lost Lake trail is always challenging, and today was no exception. Nobody fell in, but Al did stick a trekking pole into a spot where it went into the bog alarmingly far. He didn't take that way across after all and found another way. We all made it without incident.
Four ladies' rain gear
I asked Jim to take a picture of the four women who were on the hike, from behind, to get a sense of our degree of wetness, and our preparedness. Rain hats, raincoats, and pack covers made all the difference in our ability to stay relatively dry today.

By the time we reached the cars, we had traveled around ten miles and 2,000 feet up and down. No wonder I'm feeling a bit tired right now; there is nothing more I need to do today, now that my post is written. What's that sound? Oh, that's just my wine calling...


  1. Even in the rain, it sounds like it was worth doing.

  2. A well deserved wine o'clock. Very well deserved. Love that funghi.

  3. Ten miles is very impressive. We went to a high school track meet at 3:30 this afternoon, and by 5:00 the rain was coming in sideways and wind gusts were blowing straight up the sound and into the stadium. We left.

  4. The first photos give a good indication of the wetness. Everybody should have to make at least one hike in the rain.

  5. I love the look of all the mist, but it also shows how cold and wet you must have been. It's great that you're all prepared.

  6. A well deserved glass indeed! Love the last photo. Adventurous women on International Women’s Day.

  7. Despite the rain, you all had a good time.

  8. An enjoyable hike and time spent with friends despite the weather.
    Love seeing the pictures !

  9. Nice outing. You must work your washer/dryer overtime!

  10. The paths always look very well maintained. Do you have volunteers who help to keep the paths walkable?

  11. I always enjoy reading about your hikes! Sometimes the best hikes are in the icky weather.

  12. Well, the rain would put a damper on my enjoyment! Love your blog title today...and, as always, beautiful scenes. Your comment about the whistling wind thru the trees reminds me of a song...whispering pines!

  13. You guy are troopers even in the rain, I guess you get used to it and your gear helps:)


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