Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Our weather is back to normal

Sunrise from my front porch
Last weekend we had some of the most beautiful weather I've seen around here in ages. Just yesterday, we reached a new record high for the date in Bellingham, and we beat that record by 6°F! I didn't need even a light jacket to walk around in the amazing sunshine.

But today I woke to clouds and, while it's still warm, it's normal temperatures again. Somehow it feels much more normal to have some rain in the forecast, and temperatures in the more average range. Anyway, it was sure fun while it lasted. I do hope it isn't a harbinger for the summer being much warmer than normal. Usually I love the summers here because it doesn't get too hot.

Whatever, there's nothing I can do about it but enjoy it, or grumble about it. So I'll just say thanks and plant some flowers. They are busy popping up all over the place!


  1. A beautiful sunrise!

    Today we've had snow.

  2. Hope you are sending that warm weather this way:)

  3. It sounds wonderful! Enjoy! Another snow storm here.

  4. It was 74 where we were around the Puyallup area yesterday. As the day warmed up the layers came off until we were in our short sleeved tee shirts, and then I actually got too hot! It was a lovely problem to have though.

  5. What a glorious sky. We almost never get colours that vivid at dawn.
    Happy planting.

  6. Enjoy the sun and don't feel guilty.

  7. Been warmer here, too. Snow is sinking and there is dripping all day. Soon you will be planting in your garden! :)

  8. Sounds like you are enjoying the weather over there.


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