Thursday, March 22, 2018

Another change of plans

Indian plum in bloom
Today the Senior Trailblazers were scheduled to drive 40 miles south to hike up Mt. Erie. But, as Al succinctly said, why drive 40 miles just to walk in the rain when we have perfectly good rain right here? The weather forecast for today was for plenty of rain all day long. Nine of us met at the Senior Center and decided to change our hike to the Chanterelle trail, a short drive and a fairly sheltered forest to hike in instead.
Kirk and two intertwined trees
We started out without putting all our rain gear on, but once we stopped, not long after beginning our upward trek, I saw this great couple of trees and asked Kirk to step in to give them some perspective. That's his poncho beside him, which he donned right afterwards.
Lichen-covered branch
Peggy pointed out this pretty branch lying beside our trail, with plenty of different textures and colors, so I stopped to take a picture of it. I don't know what they are named, but they cover much of the different vegetation in the area.
Chris, Peggy, Jim, Richard, Al, tree, Kirk
We hiked up to the viewpoint (there wasn't any view) and decided to head off to the power lines on the logging road before turning around. It gave us about seven miles total, but the higher we got on the trail, the colder and windier it got. And we were not dry, that's for sure. We returned the way we had come, an out-and-back hike suitable for a day when the weather was anything but wonderful.
Indian plum on left, licorice ferns on tree in center
I am always enchanted with the way the trees in our beautiful part of the country are covered with greenery, even in the winter. But the Indian plum shows that it's actually springtime, and things are beginning to green up everywhere.
Our lunch spot
This is where we had our lunch today, the Senior Center. It was too cold, wet and windy to stop while we were out, but this warm and delightful place gave us an opportunity to chat and enjoy each other's company. Three of our number decided to skip lunch and head home to warm clothes and a hot shower, I'll bet.

For such a wet and rainy day, we still had a great time and got some exercise as well. Not too bad!


  1. Even in rainy conditions, that trail looks like a delight.

  2. Great photos, Jan. Amazing how much grows on the trees there. All that rain I imagine!

  3. I love walks in the woods that have mossy, fern draped old trees.
    Thanks to watching Weather Underground, we timed our walk today for a rain break this afternoon. It was cold but dry!

  4. That looks like a bee-yoot-iful place to walk. Green, lush and mysterious.

  5. You're a very dedicated group of hikers to get out in poor conditions. You made the best of it.

  6. There should be an award for you troopers!

  7. You had such a nice view from your table. Looks like you all had a good time, hiking together.

  8. Looks like it was a good plan! I'm always amazed at all the moss and ferns around even in winter. :)

  9. Got a giggle out of Al's saying you had perfectly good rain without traveling 40 miles. Your lunch spot looks very welcoming and dry.

  10. Your trees are amazing! I like the lichens too:)


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