Thursday, October 5, 2017

Vashonista once again

Me, Jann, Sandi, Deb at the Tea House in town
Well, our Vashonista group is shrinking. When we started out six years ago, we were six, then five for a couple of years, and this time, we are four. Neither Sally nor Linda are here for what is likely to be our very last year at the Lavender Hills Farmhouse. Renting the six-bedroom farmhouse for five nights split between four is much different than between six. Linda was going to attend this year and graciously paid her share, but I'm thinking it's probably time for us to make a change anyway.
The living room, looking out on the bay
It's every bit as beautiful this year as it was every year before, but we do seem to be rattling around in it a little more than in past years. I am the only one in the basement, with one of two bedrooms on the main floor occupied, and the suite and other upstairs room occupied by Deb and Sandi. I am using the smaller of the basement bedrooms as a place to charge my devices.
Quartermaster Harbor
Last year we went kayaking on this bay, but today three of the four of us did our usual three-mile walk before settling down to work on creative writing for the day. We started out the door just before the sun came up and enjoyed reminiscing about previous years. We are the only three that walked every single morning, rain or shine, and it was truly a lovely feeling to be back here, walking in the brisk cool air with my friends. We saw at least six deer out for their breakfast at various places, obviously very accustomed to human activity.
Mt. Rainier shining on the horizon
When the weather is fine as it is today, we have a magnificent view of Mt. Rainier from the back porch of the farmhouse. You can see a bit of the harbor, too. It's a beautiful place even in the rain, but right now it's spectacular. On the way back to the farmhouse this morning, we saw that a new place has opened up just a block from the house, The Burton Inn, a bistro and restaurant. The innkeeper, Deborah, was not open yet, but she saw us looking and invited us in for coffee and scones, although we had no money to pay her.
At the Burton Inn this morning
It's a lovely place and opened not long after our visit here last year. We made reservations for dinner there tonight and will, I'm sure, enjoy a wonderful meal, if the menu is any indication. Once we returned to the farmhouse, we got ready for a day's worth of creative writing. We are finished for the day, which is why I'm writing my post now. We are relaxing (Jann) or shopping (Deb and Sandi) or catching up on blog writing and reading (me).

So that's what is happening in my life today. We'll rinse and repeat tomorrow, unless we feel like changing things up a little. We're on a vacation with writing at the center, so we can do whatever feels best. I hope to get a post up here on Saturday, unless I forget (smile). We will drive back to our respective homes on Monday morning. Until then, I'm a full-time writer.


  1. Huge smiles.
    I am so glad that you are able to relax in yet another beautiful place - with other lovely people.
    Who knows what next year will bring. Happy writing.

  2. It all sounds perfect, Jan. Enjoy!

  3. I like like workshops where you spend the whole day
    together and then socialize the rest of the time.

  4. A wonderful break to be awy with good friends and focussed for a few days.

  5. It would be a shame to stop meeting up each year. Maybe a change of venue would renew everyone's enthusiasm.

  6. It's good to see your smiling faces, although I do miss seeing Sally and Linda. What a gorgeous day today was! You may get to experience some showers before you leave there.
    I do hope you will share some of your writing topics, what you are writing about, not your actual writing. Publishing is not your purpose, I believe, at least not yet.

  7. I am so glad to hear that you have arrived safely! Was your rental a convertible? Whatever hope it was a snazzy re color! Have fun writing and walking and looking at that marvelous scenery!
    I am feeling much better tonight! :)

  8. You are back. Yeah. I guess Sally has left writing as even her blogs are not coming. I hope you get something very creative started as that is the goal. eating out seems a new add on as I thought in the past you all added to your creative home made one. Enjoy. I can't wait to read more.

  9. Well, I'm sorry your group is shrinking, but looks like you are still having a wonderful time!

  10. Fun to see your smiling faces. The friendship and the writing must be invigorating.

  11. Wow, beautiful place and it is sad that you may have to choose smaller venue next. Enjoy this year to the fullest as it appears you are. Glad you are getting in some walks. Know you would miss them if you didn't Keep writing, visiting and enjoying.

  12. Sounds like such an enjoyable time hsd by all for now...and I am sure it will continue throughout.

  13. Nothing much beats a restful time at a beautiful place with good friends...:)

  14. Looks like a lovely place, a nice place to write. Enjoy it.

  15. I'm sorry Sally couldn't be there. I've been away from blogging for so long that I need to see how she's doing too. I'm so glad you had such a great time though. That is a gorgeous place!


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