Thursday, October 12, 2017

Puttin' on the Rain Gear

Gearing up for the rain
Sixteen Senior Trailblazers met this morning to discuss where we should go. Our scheduled hike into the High Country didn't make any sense, since it's raining and snowing up there today. Rain in the Chuckanuts was easier to deal with, since it's a short drive and we could turn around or, if the weather cooperated, we could even go further if we wanted. We chose Lost Lake, a regular winter haunt, and one we will visit many times in the next few months.
Chris in her rain gear, including rain skirt
Chris and her husband Rich both have created rain skirts for themselves, which makes a lot of sense since you can let air move through, as opposed to rain pants (which I and many others wore today). We used raincoats, ponchos, pack covers and rain hats to keep ourselves warm and dry. It was cool and showery, with the temperature around 50°F (10°C), so we weren't terribly cold as we made our way to Lost Lake.
Reflection in Lost Lake
We never saw the sun all day, and once we got to the lake, we decided to have an early lunch (it was around 11:00am) and head back the way we had come. Rich, who is famous for taking a dip whenever there's water around, crept away and did his thing, which we only knew because we saw the waves he created in the water.
Having lunch at Lost Lake
While the rest of us were bundled up to keep warm, he was busy covered only in goosebumps before sneaking back fully clothed to grab a quick lunch before we packed up to start back. He swears by it and Chris says he never takes a hot shower at home, only cold ones. He's a certified "interesting character."
We saw these very interesting mushrooms and wondered about them. They look almost like they've been sprinkled with cinnamon, don't you think? We saw several other varieties that I recognized, but I don't think I've ever seen any quite like these before.
Leafy Interurban trail
It rained quite hard as we made our way down the return trail, but since we were moving at a good clip and bundled in our rain gear, it was almost pleasant. No views today, but good company, and we covered well over nine miles and 2,000 feet of elevation gain and loss. I'm feeling pretty good, now that I'm dry and warm as I write this. A very typical Pacific Northwest kind of hike in the rain, and now I'm ready to snuggle up in my favorite chair with a good book.


  1. I love the way everyone carries on in spite of the weather. Everyone is prepared for the worst it appears too. That was quite a trek, Jan. Have a well deserved rest this evening.

  2. Swimming in the raw is always lovely. Huge congratulations to Rich. And we all need characters in our life.
    Loved the 'shrooms. And the scenery.

  3. It's a beautiful lake, one I know you enjoy often.
    I like the thought of those rain skirts, probably more freedom than pants.
    Thank you for sharing your hike DJan :)

  4. You very seldom get this weather for your hikes. It's fortunate as you live in a very wet area.

  5. I'm always happy to see you and your friends out hiking no matter the weather. I do the same!

  6. That turned out to be a big hike in miles and elevation! I love the fungi pic, and the fun guy too!

  7. Thank you so much for taking us with you again, DJan. You guys are definitely the epitome of the word Intrepid!

  8. Rain skirts? Hum never thought of that but it makes sense. Those mushrooms looked down right tasty. So glad you are back doing what brings you so much pleasure. That Rick has the soul of a polar bear.

  9. I'd pass (as most of you do) to the swimming in the raw when it's 50 degrees out--LOL!--but the rest sounded fine. Those are the cutest, weirdest little mushrooms! They do look sprinkled with cinnamon!

  10. Playing catch-up with you D J!!!

    Glad you're now home safe and sound from your retreat. Love the sunset photo on that post and enjoyed reading all about your time.

    Now, with your hike!!! ---LOVE the lake/tree reflection and the group lunch. Exciting stuff and I'm sure you're happy to be one of the 16 seniors on this particular 'leafy' trail.

  11. I bet that was a cool dip but if he is used to it all the better for him, think of what he saves on hot water!
    You have Fall now...those are some pretty mushrooms:)

  12. My, the path strewn with leaves.

  13. Very interested in the rain skirt. I hate wearing rain pants. Always a struggle getting them on and off. Of course i could buy the ones that zip all the way up the leg but they are sòooooo expensive. Still lots to see even if it is raining cars and dogs. The fungi looks very unusual, never seen anything like that. Dont think i would dip a toe in the water nevermind getting in for a swim!

  14. that rain skirt cracked me up; very clever! Glad you guys had such a great hike!


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