Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving in our quiet home

Pre-Thanksgiving feast
When I awoke this morning and went into the kitchen for my morning tea, I saw the items above arranged in a sort of cornucopia by You Know Who. He did it before he went to bed, and right now all of those ingredients are either on the stove or in the oven, waiting for our very own traditional Thanksgiving. The salmon will go in last of all, and then we'll sit down for our meal. Of course I got the salmon from Gene, who left yesterday for Hawaii, where he'll enjoy visiting with old friends and having a Hawaiian style Thanksgiving.

That picture is actually upside-down from when I took it, in case you're wondering just how Smart Guy managed to balance that bottle on the pumpkin. Everything is, in actuality, laying flat on the kitchen counter, but if I put in that way, the wine bottle would be wrong. Plus it makes for a more interesting picture.

I don't know whether I mentioned that I finished reading Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs, but I did. Now that's a LONG book, more than 650 pages, if I'm not mistaken; I enjoyed reading it very much. I found that the movie was really skewed to show the unpleasant sides of his character. The biography showed that while indeed he was not warm and fuzzy in any way, he had some redeeming qualities. I am now reading Isaacson's book on Einstein, which is interesting in a different way entirely.
Our Thanksgiving feast before sitting down to enjoy it
And now we sit in our living room, replete after enjoying a wonderful dinner, with plenty of leftovers for a couple of days. It was truly a joint venture, with the two of us doing about the same amount of work to put this on the table, but the best part for me is that HE cleaned up, completely. I asked if I could help (knowing he would probably say no), because I know how much he likes to have the kitchen put back together the way he likes it. Am I lucky, or what?

I hope you all are enjoying a fine Thanksgiving! Tomorrow I will go hiking with my Senior Trailblazer buddies, just because some of us are addicted to the exercise. Not sure where we'll be going, but the weather is supposed to be cold and clear. Yes!


  1. Not only do you have a good cook but also somebody with a little artistic flare. Happy thanksgiving!

  2. What a guy! He should have a blog so he could share his recipes:)

    I am soooooo glad you are still here:)
    Was off the grid in the sticks with no Internet seemingly FOREVER.
    I'll be reading for the rest of the night to catch up

  4. Yes you're lucky (just like my wife!). Hiking sounds like a better use for tomorrow than shopping!

  5. Your meal looks wonderful, and lucky you to have an assistant in the kitchen :)

  6. Looks like a wonderful dinner. You are lucky to have such a helpful hubby. :) Enjoy your hike tomorrow.

  7. I am addicted to biographies, and both of these sound good. Thank you.
    Yay for a wonderful dinner, shared with the very best of company.
    I hope tomorrow's hike is equally delightful.

  8. So glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. We did too. After a long. slow drive down to Winlock, we had a great time with my sister and some of her family.
    Tomorrow we'll go to breakfast, and then go outside and go for a walk, probably a destination walk instead of just around the neighborhood. Much better than going shopping.

  9. I'm so glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Yes, you are a lucky, lucky woman. I am too as the Husband made a veritable feast yesterday. In return I put the kitchen back in order. Enjoy your walk today.

  10. Glad you had a fine Thanksgiving! (We in Canada celebrate in early October, but that's another story.)
    Now, you have a chance to "hike it off." Great plan, DJan!

  11. I saw the movie; have not read the book. Honestly, didn't think much of the movie -- not b/c it showed Jobs in a bad light, but I just didn't like the structure. The whole movie consisted of one scene after another showing Jobs arguing with someone in the moments before he makes a big announcement. I found it tedious.

  12. Your feast looks delicious--and healthy. It's great that you worked together on it, and I love the fact that he set the scene so artistically.

  13. You're very lucky to have such a clever, domesticated hubbie DJan. The meal looks wonderful. Here we had salmon too and it was delicious. We were just two as well but we celebrated even though it's not the custom here.

  14. Sounds like the two of you had a most perfect day. And leftovers...I really like leftovers.

    By the way, Bud is obsessive with where things go too...that's why HE does the work in the kitchen. Even the silverware must go in the DISHWASHER the right way. I say, there is a right way, a wrong way, and Bud's way.

  15. Ah! Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

  16. Sounds wonderful!
    I had heard that about the Jobs movie.

  17. Beautiful composition. Kudos to your hubby....and to you for the clever angle of taking the photo!
    You are blessed. So is your husband, and I pray that you had a wonderful WONDERFUL Thanksgiving....and that you enjoyed your hike the following day.
    It was warm here. We sat in the back yard in the swing (after our meal inside together with family) and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
    Sending you much love,

  18. The food looks delicious and nutritious. Glad your Thanksgiving went well.

  19. You are very, very lucky indeed, DJan. I'm so thankful for your lovely comments keeping my blog active. I just can't seem to find the time to visit these days. We've had visits to the hospital followed by funerals and memorial services, visits from mainland friends, doctor visits, and ETC. And for some reason it's all falling on us now as I try to recover from this cold and finish our photo book of our mainland trip to visit the kids and welcome our new grandson. Sigh...


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