Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lost Lake in the sunshine

I'm taking the picture, and Al is busy elsewhere
Seventeen (!) Senior Trailblazers showed up to take a ten-mile hike from the Larrabee parking lot to a clearcut area (seen above) that gives us great views of Samish Bay in one direction, and Mt. Baker in the other, and return via Lost Lake and the Fragrance Lake trail. First we needed to hike up to this spot up Cleator Road to the Lost Lake trailhead. From the junction we headed up to the clearcut to capture some great views. The weather was clear and cool, but once we reached this spot the wind made us ready to move on pretty quickly.
A view of Samish Bay and Lummi Island
This is the view behind the hikers, and it's pretty spectacular so I didn't want you to miss it. Then we walked a short distance to look in the opposite direction, to an even more spectacular view of Mt. Baker and the Twin Sisters, covered with new snow.
Mt. Baker and the Twin Sisters, with low-lying fog for dramatic effect
Today is opening day at the Mt. Baker Ski Area, because while we've gotten lots of rain in the lowlands, it's been snowing up there with plenty of new snow for everyone to enjoy. From this point, we are actually above Lost Lake, our lunch destination, so we started down the rough trail, navigating the one part of this hike I don't enjoy very much: it's very steep and uneven, and it's easy to twist an ankle. I endured it because all the rest of the hike is so wonderful.
Kirk helping Linda and the others across
We made our way to the lake. With all the recent rain, this Lost Lake crossing was just a little treacherous. There was a log that looked inviting to step on, but we discovered that it wasn't stable, so tall Kirk helped us cross safely. From this spot, we are almost to our usual big rock where we have lunch. I was ready by then, and it wasn't even noon yet.
Lost Lake from our lunch spot
We've been here when the lake was frozen, and when it's been unusually warm, but today it was just perfect, with clouds coming and going, an enjoyable place for our large group to park and refuel.
A closeup of Lunch Rock covered with hikers
Bill took the above picture with his new iPhone 6s, and I asked him to send it to me, which he did and it showed up immediately on my phone! I love this new technology and how easy it is to take pictures with our phones and share them. By now Carol has probably made a Facebook post with hers. I've got to finish this post fairly quickly so I can get ready to leave. We're having a potluck gathering tonight to see Chris and Richard's show of their six-week-long adventure in Spain. They walked the entire 500 miles this past spring, and it should be fun to see all of their pictures.
The lake, a bush, and my well-worn boots
After a nice lunch break, we headed back down to the other side of the lake and a loop hike that would take us back down the Fragrance Lake trail rather than back on Cleator Road. This is one of my favorite hikes when we do it in sunshine, and I think everybody had a great day. Now we'll gather and share food and more good times together. I'm hoping to get out the door before the sun goes down, since I don't know the way to our hosts' home. I've got 45 minutes, so I'll see you later!


  1. Everything is better when the sun shines! Your photos really helped us readers to see your hike today.
    Walking 500 miles through Spain sounds like a very BIG adventure. Wow.

  2. Fragrance Lake is such a lovely name.
    Great walk, and wow to doing the Camino in its entireity. An impressive achievement.

  3. What wonderful views! Glad you had sunshine today, it's gloomy and drizzly here in Portland. Hooray for Mt. Baker ski area opening!

  4. I'm always impressed with the effort this group puts in to their hiking. I can see the value that they get out of it.

  5. What incredible views you get! I think it's nice when we get a view down into a river valley, or across our rual landsacep - but you can see for miles to those distant mountains!

  6. You had a dry hike! Beautiful views too! I hope your gathering is wonderful:)

  7. Wow....walking in and around Spain...what a difficult life that must be. [lol]

    As always a gorgeous hike. The way you described the lunch scene and the on again off again cloudy/cloudless sky, I am so ready to go out walking today. Nothing can beat weather like that for a hike. That does look a bit treacherous for the incline and 'slick' from rains.

  8. Lost Lake, Lunch Rock, Fragrance Lake trail...what inspired names! Your group chose wonderful weather as well!

  9. Always beautiful photos DJan, that never grow olde to look at or hike to.....there is always something one might not have captured on previous hikes, eh. Have a wonderful day.

  10. You all really know how to make exercise into a really nice social event. What a gentleman Kirk was. Loved that shot of Baker and the sisters.

  11. What a great life you live, DJan!

  12. Oh i love the way you LIVE.
    Thanks for taking me along, i enjoyed the scenery.

  13. Big group and perfect views! I hope you had fun seeing all the pics of Spain. :)

  14. I like the lake, the bush, and your well-worn boots.

  15. Sounds like you had a big group today. Fabulous views as always. Hope you enjoyed your evening.

  16. i'm sure you had a great potluck last night. the views on this hike were wonderful!

  17. It's all so beautiful and healthy!!!


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