Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wet hike, warm house

Wet Al on top of Goose Rock
Well, nineteen Senior Trailblazers showed up this morning at the Senior Center hoping that the rain would be only a minor annoyance today. Actually, many of us almost missed having our usual winter companion, the rain, but we could have had a little less precipitation for my taste. We drove to Whidbey Island and hiked up to the top of Goose Rock in Deception Pass State Park. That link from Washington Trails Association gives this information:
One of the highest points on Whidbey, Goose Rock offers the closest thing to "mountain climbing" on the island. Though not exactly a lofty summit, Goose Rock gives spectacular and far-reaching views.
Um, not today. No views at all through the rain and mist, but since we kept moving most of the time we didn't get too cold.  We started our hike at West Beach and managed to eke out more than five miles round trip, not a really long hike, but always a beautiful place to visit, even in the rain.
Nice view of the beach as we climbed
It was high tide, so we weren't able to spend any time walking along the beach, and my pictures were given the added ambience of rain spatters on the lens. I did discover it, though, and managed to clean it off with a bit of help from Carol, who actually had a lens cleaner in her backpack. I've got to remember to carry one for days like this.
Rebecca and Mel are now properly initiated
Our newest hikers, Rebecca and Mel, have now experienced a truly wet hike and can be considered initiated Senior Trailblazers. Some people are fair-weather hikers, but I suspect these two intrepid souls will hold their own with the group through all kinds of weather.
Linda, Diane, Amy
This picture was just too good not to use, even though Linda's eyes were closed. Do they look damp? Yes, they are! We all were, but we knew that if we just held on a little longer, we would be treated to a warm and toasty feast at Mikey and Miriam's new home in Mt. Vernon.
Diane, Steve and Peggy are smilin' in the rain
We piled into our cars and headed off to their warm house to enjoy toasted cheese sandwiches, tomato bisque and chili, and in a very short time the dampness and chill were nothing but a memory. Their new home is huge, with us wandering from room to room and floor to floor, admiring the wonderful new place they call home.
Kirk and Karen at the nook
After we were replete with food, Miriam brought around the dessert: 12th Man cupcakes! Of course this refers to the Seahawks' supporters, and those of us who weren't able to manage to eat ours then and there took it home to enjoy later (I did, and I wasn't alone).
Costco's 12th Man cupcakes
It was a wonderful, full day with lots of shared enjoyment with good friends and good food. Thank you, Mike and Miriam, for your kindness, and thanks also to all my other Trailblazer friends for enriching my life so much.


  1. love that you were rewarded for a wet hike. :) i'll say it again, what a great group you hang with. :)

  2. So that is what all the 12th man stuff is in reference to...supporters! I don't watch football and know next to nothing about it. Thanks for the explanation.
    What a soggy hike! I wanted to see more of that lovely home..on MT Vernon you are the views:)

  3. ha. cool cupcakes.
    and def thank goodness for warm meals after such a wet hike.
    eh, at least you had good company. smiles.

  4. Neither rain, nor snow, nor blowing winds shall stop the Senior Trailblazers from their weekly trek.

    I'll bet that cheese sandwich and bisque tasted mighty good after being out in the wet.

    I was on Whidbey Island several years ago for a conference and I wanted to climb Goose Rock so bad but never got the time. Maybe one of these days you can capture some views for me.

  5. DJan, I almost forgot. I ran across this story in our local paper and thought you might get a kick out of it.

  6. The social aspect of your hikers is what makes the group successful so that you can hike in some really down weather.

  7. Despite the damp weather, you all managed to enjoy the hike and the repartee and food. Isn't that what life is all about?

  8. To really enjoy getting out of doors, whether its fair or fowl - you all sure do make a wonderful spirit up there amongst the foliage n trees, hills n rocks, mountains, lakes, valleys, rivers n streams. Then to be rewarded with a lovely meal - Oh so good :)

  9. Sweet...delightful. And heck, even I WOULD ENJOY one of those 12th Man cupcakes!! Bring it on.

  10. You certainly had a super dose of warmth at the end of your wet hike. It's still nice to see all of those wet, saturated colours in the rain. I'll bet your painted nails really stood out! ;)

  11. A good crowd of seniors.

    Beautiful country to photograph.

    I would be tired of the rain too.

    We've had 3 days of rain and I ready for it to be over.

  12. The word is spreading that the hiking group has fun hikes and great events afterwards. Not surprising that the group is growing. Too bad it is across the country; it sounds like fun.The photo with rain drops is interesting and doesn't detract from the nice scenery.

  13. Al always seems so far ahead of everyone else in your pictures but then I guess that is the role of a leader.
    That beach view was lovely.
    I would have had to save that cupcake for Sunday. Love the 12th man image. Hope the nails are holding up.

  14. How nice of them to have everyone over for lunch!
    Have fun with the Super Bowl, whoever you are cheering for and whoever wins. ;)

  15. Hiking in the rain is definitely not my favourite things to do. Actually, it's close to the bottom of the list. But you and the rest did well — hardy souls that you are — and got a feast at the end. A good tale!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  16. That is certainly a rewarding, invigorating day! I'm glad you all have proper equipment and clothing for such a wet hike. It does make all the difference. Love the warm and yummy treat you all had afterwards at Mike and Miriam's house. Those cupcakes are such fun!

  17. You are a much tougher cookie than I! I am very much a fair weather hiker.

  18. I like the photo of the trio of purple ladies!
    And thanks for explaining what the 12th Man refers to.. I've seen it quite a lot since the Super Bowl, but had no idea what it meant!

  19. I'm beginning to try to catch up on blog reading. I may just check in with an "I was here". We need a "like" button for blogs, as we have on Facebook


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