Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hoypus Hill, no Spit

Starting point at Cornet Bay
Today sixteen Senior Trailblazers met to drive together (well, in four cars) down to Cornet Bay on Whidbey Island, to begin our hike in the Hoypus Hill area. We've done this hike before, but I don't think we've ever had as many hikers for this adventure as we did today. And the weather forecast was less than stellar: we had the possibility of wind and rain, but we were in the rain shadow, with the wind coming from the right direction to hold off the rain for awhile.
The group waiting for some of us to catch up
The trail had some muddy spots, but generally it was an easy hike, although we did end up traveling almost nine miles and somewhere around a thousand feet up and down. It was not warm, but the comparatively mild temperatures kept us comfortable while we were hiking. We headed out towards Ala Spit, where we planned to have lunch. However, this is what greeted us:
Ala Spit is cut off by high tide
The wind was blowing a gale, and we couldn't possibly stop here to have lunch anyway, since there was no place to get out of the wind, and our usual spot on the Spit was inaccessible. We turned around to start back, but before we did, I took this shot of Doug, who is either playing around or in danger of being blown over by the wind.
Doug playing around
We walked back to a nice spot sheltered from the wind and sat down to enjoy a nice lunch. It was so lovely to pull out my hot soup in a Stanley thermos, which kept it nice and warm, so I could appreciate my lunch as well as the company.
Our lunch spot
After lunch, we headed back along the section of this state park that goes through a stand of Old Growth timber. We've been here before, but it never fails to inspire awe in me when I see the size of these old trees. They are ancient; the largest of them are no longer alive, but their magnificence is not diminished in the least.
Old growth and ferns
We were in no danger of seeing the sun today, but all we got from the skies were a few little tiny raindrops. As I sit here at the end of a wonderful day, I know how lucky I am to have been in the company of my peers in a beautiful part of the world. We will return here again, and I am already looking forward to it. Today was a fine way to spend my Thursday.
Trees, ferns, fine company
We never really know what we will encounter on these Thursdays, nobody has to sign up, it's just who shows up for the day, and we never know what the day will bring us. Rain or shine, it's an adventure. Once we returned to the cars and started our drive back to Bellingham, the raindrops began to hit the windshield. Another day when the weather gods smiled on us.


  1. those last two photos - the final one, especially, just makes me marvel at the forests you have there. glad you had a good, practically rainless day!

  2. it is really cool that you get to share this beautiful world with your friends...and also the friends around the world as we peak in...smiles....sorry the hike got cut short...and yes than goodness for soup...i will need some again tomorrow...sleet and freezing rain that old growth...

  3. Another great hike! You know on these cold winter days I enjoy your photos with green. Those huge trees are awesome:)

  4. It's great that your numbers are increasing. You choose a good place to go on a bit of a nasty day.

  5. Our rain hit earlier so my walk today was in rain, but it was a light rain.
    Tom and I checked out this trail after you posted about it the last time. We didn't go nearly as far but enjoyed exploring a part of Whidbey we had been in before.

  6. Doug! Get off of that. Somebody do something with him!! :))
    The photo of the tide overcoming the area that was to be crossed gave me an eerie feeling. That looked absolutely scary to me.
    So glad you had such a good turnout.
    Beautiful photo of the trees and the ferns. So lush where you live, Jan.

  7. Hahaha, did Doug fall over after you snapped his photo? Even with a less that stellar day you and the Trailblazers always seem to have fun. I'm glad you didn't get wet or blown away. Love those gorgeous old trees.

  8. What a good idea to take a flask of soup. I never think of things like that. Sounds like it was good fun and very enjoyable company.

  9. It is always an interesting Thursday with you, DJan. The scenery was spectacular, and I am glad your thermos kept your soup hot.

  10. Those trees look amazing! Glad youhadanother good hike, so different from here where every winter walk has to be on snowshoes.

  11. Those old trees have such majesty and character. Just like you, but you're not old (or even close to that).

    Glad you had a good walk; thanks for sharing it.

    Blessings and Bear hugs.

  12. I'm reading Ann Rule's latest book about a murder on Whidbey Island so sort of fascinated with your photos of the scenery.

  13. Those trees are awe-inspiring. Thank you. I had to stop and just look at them.
    And please, as usual, send us your rain. We have had none for over a month, not even incontinent pigeon rain (splat, splat and its gone).

  14. I can almost smell the woodsy scent just looking at your photos. I think we've got a hike on our plan book sometime this month. I love your trees and you've got such a wonderful group of friends to walk with.


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