Thursday, January 16, 2014

Alger Alp 2014

Arriving at Squires Lake parking lot
I woke this morning to dense fog, but there was no wind and zero chance of rain as I headed to the Senior Center to join my fellow Seniors where we would begin our journey to Alger Alp. There were nineteen of us gathered in the chilly early morning fog, with high hopes that it would burn away under the sun.
Squires Lake
In the meantime, the lingering fog lent an air of mystery to the lake. The blue sky above cheered me with the hope that it wouldn't stay so cold for long and I'd warm up quickly. This is not a long or difficult hike, which might be one reason for the high number of hikers who showed up today. Another reason is that we had two brand-new Seniors join us.
Rebecca and Mel
Since there were so many of us, I didn't get a chance to spend much time with them, but I learned that they are fairly new in town and are looking forward to getting involved with the group. I think Rebecca may join the walking group on Saturday, as both Peggy and Linda asked me if I knew where we would be walking in order to let Rebecca know when and where to meet us. They were the ones responsible for getting me involved with the walking group.
Remnants of the fog in the valley below
As we hiked the three miles or so to the summit of Alger Alp, we were in full sun and could see the valley below had a little bit of the fog still hanging around, but we were above it after ascending around 1,000 feet. I love the way it looks with the fog.
Rita in the sunshine
Last year I took this same picture of Rita; in fact, I just checked that link and notice I took almost the same exact picture of Squires Lake as well! Today was the best weather we've had for this six-mile round trip hike, though. Once we got to the top, we returned back to the lake for lunch, since it was still too early to stop. We found a really nice place near the water.
I just had to include this picture of Linda, as she was setting up her lunch spot, so you can see how tranquil the day was. Not warm exactly, but in the full sunshine with no breeze, we all lingered at lunchtime. I got a picture of the group after I had finished my own lunch.
Our lunch spot
Our spot in the sun made it difficult for us to hurry back. We had quite a few stops along the trail today, not like our usual pace, and it was very enjoyable to visit with so many of my old friends, some of whom I had not seen for ages.
Happy birthday, Al
In the parking lot, we enjoyed birthday cupcakes for Al, thanks to our dear de facto Social Secretary Amy, who never forgets a birthday! (I heard her asking Rebecca and Mel when they celebrate theirs.) It was a very fine day, filled with good friends, sunshine, and even a bit of exercise. Sometimes when we've labored through rain and mud, it's hard to find good things to say about our hike. Today, it was really easy!


  1. i just love the cupcakes at the end. what a great group you have. congrats on some new hikers, too. and a lovely day - those fog shots are so beautiful - especially the reflection shot!

  2. had a ton of friends along on this one...and what a view from up there as well....even with the fog...

  3. I am glad the weather was relatively mild today. What a blessing. Nobody looked stressed out. Lol. Happy Birthday to the birthday guy.

  4. Looking at these stunning images and hearing of the marvellous time you had is cool (and welcome) balm to my heart today.
    Thank you so very much.

  5. Looks like a great hike! You are one hardy bunch, that's for sure! And the fog is beautiful, mysterious!

  6. What a large group and good to see it is growing.
    That Amy is a sweetie. Does anyone remember her birthday?
    I love fog. It softens the world.

  7. All folks on this outing look pretty happy. I always notice the greenery in your photos and ya no snow!!!

  8. What a beautiful day compared to here!

  9. Happy Birthday to Al! Gosh I feel I know these people from your hikes! How great is it that Amy remembers all the birthdays! Who bakes cupcakes for her special day? Thanks for sharing a bit of sunshine and green! :)

  10. I love fog, it adds yet another layer of beauty to nature. And I can almost feel the sunshine... The cold gray frozen depths of winter begin to make a person dream of days like those! I'm starting to think it's time to plan a vacation to break up the winter!

  11. What a great day to welcome new hikers to your group. I love those foggy views especially looking down from above.
    Happy Birthday to Al!

  12. As we lingered all day in the fog here in the low lands, we knew, of course, that there was sun above us, in the hills. I'm so glad you found it!

  13. Wow! We made it into Jan's beautiful blog on our first hike!
    We sent the link to our kids of course!
    We were touched by the warm welcome and enjoyed meeting such a great friendly group of people.
    Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts
    Mel and Rebecca

  14. Beautiful scenery. I had to laugh at your photo of Rita and 'the same place'...deja vu all over again. LOL

    I would dearly LOVE to have a hike if it's warm. This year, after all the cold temps dropping down this far south, I WANT even MORE warm. That sunny lunch spot looks to be a perfect place.

  15. I think it is just wonderful that Amy takes the time to remember Birthdays and you get to celebrate after the hike/climb. I love the photos with the land fog in the distance - and WOW, what a number you had with you - 19 is a biggie. Your weather certainly is inviting, although I have to admit, our temps went from -31 to +12 overnight - all the snow is gone off the roof with the rain that came with those temps, and we have never had such a hard rain in January ever! Happy trails DJan :)

  16. I don't know how you keep it up but you do.

  17. Hi DJan, Between your excellent writing and the photos I feel like went along. Very nice indeed! John

  18. Another beautiful day in paradise--northwest paradise version. Good friends and hiking is always fun even in the fog. I'm always in a fog around here, sometimes there is fog outside the house also.

  19. As others have said, you really took me along on this hike! Fog makes things lovely and mysterious, but being above it in sunshine gives you the best of both worlds!

  20. I think the fog really adds to the beauty of the surroundings :)

  21. I love fog (except when you're driving). I love all your photos. How wonderful to add two new friends to your group. IF it doesn't rain tomorrow, we will try a hike too. I'm always envious of the hikes you go on with so many wonderful people.


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