Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Soggy Memorial Day weekend

Should have read "One Slick Ski to Sea"
Ooops. As a retired writer/editor, I know how easy it is to have something like this happen, but someone (or several someones) who should have caught it are red-faced today. This was yesterday's Bellingham Herald, and it is not known for being much of a paper anyway. I usually read it at the coffee shop in just a few minutes and refuse to pay for a subscription. Now I can no longer read any of the articles on line, either, as they are now requiring me to subscribe for the privilege! Sigh. I will probably break down and do it, unless I can find a work-around. It was a very wet Ski to Sea event, with steady rain falling. (NB: Linda Reeder pointed out that I had written "Ski to Ski" in the previous sentence and missed it!) That picture on the front of the poor cross-country skiers dealing with the soggy snow made for a good photo op, in any case.
Although it's hard to tell how wet these young ladies were as they performed, they gave a wonderful performance at the Ski to Sea festival in downtown Fairhaven on Sunday. As the thousands of racers in the event struggled in the rain, the festival was still very well attended. Smart Guy and I went down there specifically to watch the seven dances put on by the Chinese community, but we got so wet and the music was so loud, we decided to leave afterwards. I didn't take any pictures at the finish line, as I usually do, because I simply wanted to get warm and dry somewhere, and that wasn't happening outside on Sunday.
Yesterday, Monday (which felt like another Sunday), Al and I went on a hike on Stewart Mountain. At first we were going to head to the High Country, but the weather forecast looked rather dubious for the afternoon. So instead of a long drive, we went up to check out the condition of the trail on the north side of the mountain. There was plenty of mud, lots of stinging nettles, and by noon, we had rain. We didn't go the entire way but got a nice seven-mile hike before we finished by 1:00pm. The weather deteriorated for the rest of the day, but I was happy to have been out and about. On Memorial Day, the Y is closed, the buses don't run, and I needed to be outdoors for awhile. It was perfect.
These red and green cedars caught my eye. They remind me of the Ents in the Lord of the Rings books. We will be back on this particular stretch of trail quite soon, I think, since we will need to make some alterations in the schedule until that stretch of bridge is fixed. Have a good day and I hope it's drier where you are: we have several more days of rain in the forecast.


  1. beautiful bit of a hike you had...love all the green and moss...would have been cool to see the chinese dancers as well...was cold on saturday but sunday and monday were amazing...ha on the newspaper...it happens...smiles.

  2. The young Chinese dancers are dedicated and it certainly looks like they did a great job in spite of the rain.
    Everything is so lush and green where you are, Jan.
    Just beautiful. Monday seemed like Sunday to me, too. As a matter of fact, Mama and I both made that comment on Monday.
    I'm glad you were able to hike and get out and about.
    You are amazing! Have a lovely remainder of the week.

  3. No, it's raining hear to D-Jan. Apparentley were set for a soggy weak.
    Sumtimes it doesn't matter how many times one reeds something, you just dont sea the misteakes!

    How many mistakes did you spot in that comment? I think it's 10? Less than that and you (one) has missed one!

  4. the little girls are cute. lots of rain in your territory! love the moss it creates, though!

  5. I love those moss-covered cedars. They're stunning.

    The "Sea to Sea - Ski to Sea - Sea to Ski" headlines are confusing this brain of mine. I guess it's a "Ski to Sea" event to which you're referring. But I would have thought the headline could read "One Slick Sea to Ski" as the slope looks wet enough to be a sea. Language is a funny thing, eh? :)

  6. Haha. I see from your sidebar that you have had 3 readers from Hawaii. That's great! Glad you were able to do something interesting over the weekend and take some colorful photos.

  7. love the moss covered beauties DJan!! So so tranquil and so so gorgeous.

    had to laugh at the typo. Our local paper in Colorado had one that I will NEVER forget as long as I live. There is a small town [more of a settlement without much population]....anyway, during a blizzard in the Northeast part of the state, the headlines read "Nun gets 6 inches"....well, spewing my oj all over the table that morning...instead of Nun...it should have read NUNN [as in Nunn, Co.]

  8. Love the newpaper blooper. Also love that beautiful moss on the tree.

  9. The moss on the tree is stunning. I was always sorry that the ent-wives weren't found at the conclusion of Lord of the Rings. The ents were one of my most favourite characters.
    And headline errors are always a problem.
    Nice that you were able to get out, despite the weather.

  10. Ha, you could almost forgive the mistake if it had been hidden deep in a paragraph but a headline???
    Aren't you glad you didn't take a leg of the race?? Glad you got out for a hike anyway.

  11. I had to chuckle when I saw your first attempt to get that event right- "Ski to Ski". I guess mistakes are easy to make.
    I did my exercising on my stationary bike today since the rain squalls just keep coming. I'm ready for some sum and warmth!

  12. It's not dry here either! However living where you live I would expect to have to work with weather.
    It always takes somebody with skill to catch the boo boos like this. You must have a great time reading some of our blogs. I know that typos get by me and probably a lot more than that. I caught myself using the wrong there/their on Face Book the other day.

  13. Your newspaper sounds a lot like ours, typos are easy to find. We no longer subscribe either but read some stories online. Most newspapers will allow you to read a few stories per week or month. If you clear your cache daily you can usually read new stories each day.

    I love seeing the moss on the ceders.

  14. The Ents! Yes! I always loved the Ents.

  15. That was quite a blunder. Don't you just love these local papers?

    I'm sorry you have had so much rain and cold weather. That is not any fun at all.

  16. Hi There DJan - Our paper is just about the same, perhaps worse - not much news and mostly adds and people's kids playing basketball and typo's. Most of the coffee shops around here have the paper free and I always see someone reading the news if I stop by or walk by. I read most of my news online - FREE. If you do not mind a few ads here and there quite a bit is free.
    I can only imagine how wet and cold those young girls were during their performance.
    I love the moss on the trees.
    I was just thinking something. What shape are your trekking boots in when you come off the trail. Do you have a "mud bag" to put them in and do you hose them off when you get home?

  17. You would be proud of me DJan. I participated in my first hiking meet-up last Friday. But don't read my blog posts too closely. I make a lot of grammar errors myself.

  18. LOL! Easy to make those mistakes, but hard when they are on a front page. ;)

    Not drier here. Been raining for days and not much let up. I love those mossy trees!

  19. It started raining here today..it has been cloudy and gloomy for days. I love your mossy trees..ever so pretty!
    Seems no one proof reads anymore. This morning the local paper mixed up names in an obit..traded a man for a woman..idiots:(

  20. I'm glad I'm not the editor who missed that headline. Yikes.

    I'm loving the pic of the gorgeous moss-covered trees. the colors are so vibrant!

    Glad you got a hike it-- Seven miles always amazes me!

    xo jj

  21. They are lovely, stately ents. Glad you had the chance to greet them. Nice hike.

  22. the red and green cedars are so beautiful
    as are the dancers

    it's stopped raining here and is now 20 degrees above normal
    odd, odd weather

    hugs from me and Hope

  23. I'm glad you told s what the typo problem was, DJan. I looked at it and nothing registered. I must still be jet lagged. Thank you so much for your encouragement with my China posts. How fabulous that you worked in China. That is so interesting and had to be a challenge.


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