Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rainbow Ridge

Fred, Mike, Aspen, Mary, DJan, Diane, and Al
Just in case anybody thought we wouldn't take advantage of wonderful weather in the Pacific Northwest, the Senior Trailblazers did an extra-extra Monday hike today (I know it's Tuesday). Since the weather was so gorgeous, seven of us decided to make a final Monday hike, this time to Rainbow Ridge. Last week we did our "last" Monday hike on Sunday, but lest you get confused, I'll help you figure it out. All this past summer we decided to have an extra hike every other Monday, but because of weather and scheduling conflicts, we didn't follow the schedule very closely. Fred (the guy on the left) picked out some juicy hikes and we started them in July. Now it's October. Today was supposed to be a stupendous weather day and, as you can see by these pictures, we were not disappointed.
A new Trailblazer, Aspen, joined us today. Very interesting and definitely a character. That's her making a heart with her hands (I'm on the left) and Mary is kicking out her leg, inadvertently creating a mastodon. We had a lot of fun with this group today, and Aspen amazed me by hiking for the last half of the hike back down to the cars barefoot! This muddy and difficult descent was impossible for me to accomplish without shoes, I'm convinced, but my feet were rather envious when I saw her squishing the mud between her toes like a kid. She made it back to the cars without ever needing her shoes.
Aspen took this picture of me, Mary and Diane, with the beautiful backdrop of Mt. Baker behind us. The sunshine just didn't stop all day long, and it was downright warm, with me unable to test out my new jacket except when we stopped for lunch. I'm wearing it in the first picture, but I didn't really need it. While we were hiking, I had to take off clothes to stay comfortable.
The moon was setting behind these rocks, and I used my telephoto to make it larger. I was so pleased with this picture, since it's the first time I've tried to capture the moon. I'll do more of these now that I know how cool they can look. We had the moon, the sunshine, Mt. Baker, and the always beautiful Shuksan to gaze at all day. Here's Fred in front of Mt. Shuksan.
On the way home, we stopped for dinner at Annie's outside of the town of Concrete. It was a wonderful meal with good friends, and I neglected to take a picture as we chowed down our meals, but we will be back to this wonderful place again next year. We decided to rate this hike today among the top seven of the season, for obvious reasons.

Oh, and today when I got home I found a package from Far Side in my mailbox, with my prize from last week's contest, the Sand County Almanac. I'm too tired to even open it tonight, but soon I'll share it with everyone. Thanks, Connie!


  1. wow nice moon shot...i would have been so tempted to take my shoes off in the mud...smiles....nice shadow puppets too...

  2. Glad you got in another hike in good weather. The photos are wonderful.

  3. Oh these pictures show what an amazing day it was! I love the shots with the snow covered mountain in the background and your moon shot. What a great hike! :)

    Who knows? Maybe you might get in another hike or two at this rate. ;)

    Congrats on winning Connie's book contest! Be waiting to hear how you like it, too. :)

  4. Heaven right here on earth. I love the Pacific North West. My husband wants his ashes scattered there..So far I have not been able to bring myself to do it. One day..one day. However ... seeing it once again after so long..I understand his wish.

    It sounds like you had a marvelous time.
    Not sure I could a hike like that anymore. :) Beautiful photo's.

  5. What a glorious day you had, those skies are so blue. After all the rain and snow you and your group have sloshed through this year I can understand why you rated this one high on your list.

    Congrats on your win, can't wait to see your prize.

  6. Looks like a beautiful day! I love the first photo..good friends and a mountain!
    So glad you got the package..enjoy:)

  7. Wow. I loved the shadow puppetry, and the views generally. That moon shot was glorious. Thank you so much, and I am hoping that you get one more 'last' hike in this season.

  8. Who knows, you might tackle another Monday hike next week! And here it is, almost November. Beautiful shot of the moon.

  9. These fabulous photos show the reason I love to hike. Good for you that you do it so regularly. Sunny days there are too precious to waste.

  10. Great photos. Looks like another fine day. Love the moon shot. :) From that to the town of concrete.... And to top off the day - The Sand County Almanac. Very cool.

  11. Fun having a new hiker join the group. You all look like you are having a great time. Good for you, DJan, following your heart's desire. You rock.

  12. I always enjoy the view of mount Baker. We see it when we visit Vancouver.
    Hiking in bare feet? Not for me.
    I skate with a guy who doesn't wear socks. He tells us we're lucky to avoid his stinky socks?

  13. Wow to that moon shot. It's as if you're seeing it from another planet.

  14. You must be in the greatest physical shape!!! Your hikes have got to be a huge workout.

    Love the pics as always. Thanks, jj

  15. Moon Shots, Mountain Ranges, Bare feet in the muck,dinner and FRIENDS - what more could one want.
    Love the photos - I can see why this would be in your top Count of Hikes.

  16. Your sense of fun shines through in this post and the pics are gorgeous. I love the one of the moon, but they're all good.

  17. I'm reading this right after coming home from a hike... what a difference in scenery! And clothing ;o) We're still all in t-shirts and some people in short pants, although the weather today had us putting sweaters on and taking them off at random moments of the hike. :p

    How great of you guys to make the most of the weather and add another "final" Monday hike! :o)


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