Friday, October 16, 2009


Apartment driveway in the rain

This is the time of year here in Bellingham when the rainbirds start to head south. That's what the old timers call those people who come here in the springtime and leave in the fall, when the rains begin and the days get shorter and shorter. This morning I overslept because the sun doesn't come up until 7:30am these days, and although I'm a morning person and wake up naturally, there must be some part of me that responds to the light, or lack of it.

Did you notice my new updated format? I wanted something that would allow me to change the top picture now and then. I took that picture of Mt. Baker last month and just love it, and Rae told me how to make it fit, so there you have it: my new look. I really love some of the blogs that my friends have, but I can't seem to find all the options that I want to be in one template, and fixing the html is just way too much like work. I found a new template but didn't like the spacing between the lines, so I went into the html to fix it, and boy was it a mess when I finished. This simple blogger template gives me the right spacing, so I think I'll stick with this one for awhile. If any of you have some tips of how YOU manage to create your gorgeous blogs, I'm sure wanting to hear about it.

I missed my Thursday hike. I didn't think it would be such a woeful feeling to skip one week, but when you go every week, it makes skipping one feel like you're an invalid. Invalid: what an interesting word, accent on the first syllable and you gimp around the room; accent on the second and that's what I feel like right now. Although I just got back from the gym, and today was the first time I was able to exercise enough to work up a good sweat, it just wasn't enough.

Which reminds me. The 30 Day Throw Down is now concentrating on exercise: how to get enough and how other people work it into their lives. I am sure willing to give you a tour of my gym, but there are always people working out in it, and I feel unsure about how to get pictures without making people upset at some cheeky broad taking pictures of them. I'll work on figuring out how to do that. I think Robynn (of the aforementioned blog) is temporarily without internet access in California. Doesn't this seem like it's happening a lot lately?

I took this picture looking up at the sky when the sun came out yesterday. The wind and rain are blowing all the leaves off the trees today, so I thought I'd give us a little treat to finish the blog. I'm watching it rain and listening to the wind. Not bad when one is sitting in a nice warm place with a beautiful iMac in front of her!


  1. Someday I'll have time to learn HTML, but for now, I layer. I've got two templates on my blogs. Plus, I make all the stuff on the sidebars and just add them in as pictures or text. Almost all templates let you change the title picture. Getting it to fit into the borders perfect is sometimes a challenge. When it comes right down to it though, we don't read your blog because of your template! We read it for the content, which is always spectacular!

  2. Thanks, Lily! You just made my day, ya know. Although all of the templates allow you to change the picture, they don't allow you to move the text to where YOU want it, and I had to keep trying to find one that didn't spoil the picture (as my previous template did) with the text placement.

  3. I like your new format, the new header is great. It is nice to have the ability to change it on a whim. I picked a template that was close to what I wanted then changed a few settings in HTML until I got it just so. You really don't have to know how to write HTML to do it. The main thing I wanted was a way to adjust the column widths, which is easy. I also got tired of the itty bitty photos (maybe that's my ego talking), and wanted the freedom to change the sizes. I also like to change the background color. I do have another blog (unlisted) that I use for practice, if I screw it up no ones knows but me.

    I have never heard the term 'rainbirds' but then I'm a southern gal and 'snowbird' was a common term there.


  4. It looks great. I like your choice for a header. Turned out real nice.

  5. Hi DJ, your header is just okay. Usually the photos on our headers are things and places that we are fond of, and I know Mt.Baker is very close to your heart that's why you picked, right? I'm gonna change mine too soon.

    Like Judy, I also have another page(hush) that I use for practicing CSS and it's fun playing with it. You just have to experiment with it, click preview often in case you wanted to see what you have been doing hahaha!


  6. Just popped back in... I put the text right onto my title pic with paint, then upload it. That gives you tons of choices of fonts and colors! Instead of putting the pic behind the title, I put it in place of the title.

  7. Your new format looks great. I love the picture of the leaves, what a glorious color.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Sunny :)

  8. Hi Lily, Well, I guess that leaves me out. As far as I know, the Mac doesn't have any version of "paint" for me to use. Or does it and I just haven't found it yet? Anybody? Thanks for the great comments. I love you guys!

  9. Hi DJan

    Hubby said that the Mac doesn't have paint but there are some free ones out there and will send you some links tomorrow.

    If you don't mind, send me your email address and I will send them on off site. Mine is

  10. I like the new format and love the header photo.

  11. Beautiful shot of the leaves turning. I like the new format. It feels spacious.

  12. Your picture through the leaves at the sky is lovely. Isn't autumn just the best time of all? I agree with you about the photos. I want to take some pictures of my trip to work on the bus, like I said I would a while back, but I have to pick a day when I won't get 'done' for taking pictures of other people. Everyone is so frightened and suspicious these days and I don't want to get my camera confiscated, do I? Soon, I hope.
    Blessings, Star

  13. D- Jan,what a lovely view of the sky through the autume leaves!Sorry I was busy last week and barely managed to post on my blog.I will post why soon.

    Regards the template-there are so many these days and you don't need to bother with HTML.My tip-try a minima streach template(avl with blogger),this also allows for large photos on your posts.there are free backgrounds too online....try cutest blog on the block,make sure you pick one to suit your template.Use widgets to spice up your sidebar.

  14. That’s a gorgeous picture DJan.

  15. I love your new header and your blog re-do. It looks great!
    That tree photo was beautiful! I love the reds and oranges of autumn the most!


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