Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cyber coffee klatch

Something weird is happening with all of our computers. All this morning I've been trying to figure out what is wrong with my beautiful iMac (I'm now on my trusty laptop). It started making a sound like a bicycle with a playing card in its wheel, i.e., a loud whirring sound that has never been there before. I have spent an hour or two on the phone with Apple. More about that later.

The picture above? I had to download it again since it was ready for my new post on my iMac, but I just LOVED it when I ran across it. This is the way I feel when I'm blogging with all my friends. It's like we are all sitting around a virtual table and talking to each other about our daily lives. It's so immediate. I look forward to seeing what my cohorts have posted today, each with her (or his) own flavor. And then I comment, and I look for their comments on my latest posts. Although it's not likely that I will ever meet any of you, I must say that without a doubt you are important to me. Not just because I feel like I know you, but because you also know about me.

I will use the rest of my time here to answer questions that some of you have asked. First, how is my leg doing? Well, tomorrow will be my second hike on it since I smacked it. There is still some discoloration but nothing compared to the picture I posted at the end of "Fall Colors." The center of the direct hit is still a little warm and tender, but also so much better.

Second, the yarn story. I am waiting for my bank account to be plumped up a little at the first of the month, and then I'll go down to Spincycle and buy a bunch of yarn and a pattern, and tell you what I'm going to make. I intend to make something for Sandy's homeless people as well as something for myself. To tell you the truth, I don't think it will be $42/skein for the homeless, or even for me, but something a little more durable and less pricey. But I will support my local Spincycle people. Maybe once I tell them what I'm going to do they might give me a bunch of unmatched samples or something, and I can get excited about spreading the word.

I have the faintest mental suggestion that someone asked me a question I haven't answered. Judy, I think of you every day when I go to the gym, because I need the Sweetie key chain with my gym pass on it to get inside. (I won it!) Today I bounced around and worked up a good sweat. Then I went for a massage from my favorite therapist.

And finally, the iMac: it's still in the process of going through a "extended testing" to see if any of the hardware shows up as bad. But in the meantime, my husband and I made an appointment and will be heading to Vancouver, Canada, this Friday to visit the closest Apple store to see if they can replace this bad fan. I'm pretty sure that's what it is, because it hasn't changed in intensity since this morning. It will be fun: it's closer to us than the Seattle stores, and it's in downtown Vancouver! Other than having to carry a cumbersome iMac into the store (in its original box, of course) and having to find a place to park, it will be a great adventure! More later.

Tomorrow I'm going hiking in the rain. I'm ready for anything. Rain, hail, just try me! I'm ready.


  1. I feel the same about fellow bloggers. They are like a part of one big happy family. When we are down or cranky, we can blog about it and we understand and empathize. When we are scared about something, fellow bloggers reassure each other....and just knowing that someone is "stopping by" or waiting for your next blogpost makes one not lonely. It is wonderful.
    And, I am honored you are part of my blogger family.

  2. I adore the picture, it really sums up our blogging lives. It is sort of like sitting around a table over coffee and talking with friends.

    I'm glad little Sweetie can be of service and keep your gym pass handy, he is a cutie. Good to know the leg is getting better and not keeping you off the trails. Oh, before I forget, the weather the day I was at the pumpkin farm it was about seventy. That was about two weeks ago, today it didn't make it to fifty.

    Sorry about the Mac problems. This is where I like my PC, I can just take the cover off and see what's causing the problem.

    Have a great time on the hike tomorrow and don't forget the rain gear, lol.


  3. I love the picture!
    I'm sorry your computer is screwy; you're fortunate to have more than one so you aren't out of touch until that one is fixed.
    It's good to hear your leg is better, and I'm hoping you have lovely weather (maybe fog free) for your hike. I'll look forward to the pictures.
    I'm going to check out Sandy's site but I'm not sure my humble skills are quite up to par just yet. Being self taught and two years out of practice, I may need to refresh my memory before attempting anything for public consumption.
    Have fun tomorrow!

  4. It is a great community of bloggers. We tend to develop a tight circle and get to know each other through our blogs. I am glad I met you and have enjoyed my visits here.

  5. DJ, I read your comment on my last blog and it made me blush and my heart flutter. I may not have the chance to see you and all my blogfriends in person but the kinship online will remain forever. I am very comfortable talking to some of you and I leave comments like you're all just in front of me! I can say what's in my thoughts without being uptight.

    I just feel sad for losing one blog friend of mine, who took my joke seriously and I stopped commenting on her blog.

    Regarding the Mac, I also having those weird sounds with iBook. It happens when I go to other sites, the sound is just the same as your description and I guess it is an Apple thing. I am using my iBook for 6 years LOL but it's still doing well. I hope it'll get fixed and nothing serious.


  6. DJan... I am SOOO glad to have met you and it does not feel strange to call you "friend."

  7. We all love gathering around your table. I don't think I would have jinxed myself by mentioning hail! Let's hope the rain is soft.

    Hope you post a picture of the hats...

  8. Have fun hiking in the rain, snow , sleet, hail,Sun, Moon, or whatever happens to come along!

  9. Enjoy your hike! And I do so enjoy our morning "chats"!

  10. I haven't been very "regular" lately. At blogging, that is, and that makes me anxious like I'm missing something. I also feel like you do about all our blog friends. You have all become real friends. I just told myself yesterday that I need to check in with everyone everyday or I just don't feel right.
    Take care of that leg! Good luck with the computer.

  11. I read these last two posts back to front! Typical of me. Oh well, I loved the picture. That's what I feel too when I am blogging. My blogging friends are in my computer, waiting to show me the last episodes of their lives and hopefully, taking an interest in mine too. I shall think about you today as you travel with your baby to the doctor! Hope it doesn't cost too much because you need that money to buy the wool.
    Blessings, Star

  12. It's fun to drop in with an old friend for a quick cup of coffee! I've been crazy-busy with classes, and working on my current novel, visiting family, etc. But then, we're all busy. Must make more time for cyber-chatting!
    Thanks, D, for continuing to be an inspiration in all of our lives.


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