Thursday, October 29, 2009

Poncho Anderson

Eleven intrepid Senior Trailblazers met at 8:00 (in the dark) to decide where we would hike for our "October Surprise." Since this was scheduled to be our last hike in the High Country for the season, I think we were all a little disappointed with the weather forecast: rain. Almost everyone, including me, was ready with ponchos to drape over our gear (click any picture to enlarge). We have a fairly interesting weather situation here in Bellingham. We are right at the bottom of the Fraser Valley which comes roaring out of Canada and Vancouver, meaning that our weather tends to resemble Vancouver's more often than Seattle's. Here's what Cliff Mass had to say about today's weather, written last night:
A warm front is now approaching our area, bringing clouds and light precipitation. Most of the rain will be done with by 10 AM and there should be breaks tomorrow afternoon. The 24-h precipitation ending 5 PM shows modest rain over the lowlands, with heavier amounts (1.5-2 inches) southwest of the Olympics and Mt Rainer. Nothing major.
Well, of course I told my fellow hikers, and eleven of us showed up to hike in the rain! I told them confidently that by 10:00 or so we would no longer be in constant rain. By the end of the very wet day, after being subjected to numerous comments on the order of "sun breaks?"  and snickers, I had to remind them of this important fact: "A forecast is a forecast; it's not a guarantee." That warm front has still not made landfall, and it's 5:00pm.

We hiked up Anderson Mountain for a round trip of ten miles in light rain, mist, darkness at times, and even some snow (see above).  I had a great time and I hope my ten fellow hikers did, too. It was the first extended hike I've done since I banged my shin way back on October 8th. Today, the 29th, marks three weeks, and I didn't have any problems and did not fall or even stumble. I did notice the slippery spots and made sure that if, by some chance, I did fall, I was NOT going to hit any nasty exposed tree roots. Our lunch spot was very dark, down in the trees, trying to escape the wind and rain:

That's me with my totally cool mittens that allow you to stick your fingers out while leaving them on the rest of your hands. Notice Frank behind me; you can see he's a little wet. And it's, well, a little DARK. We didn't spend a lot of time having lunch, since everyone was very cold. But once we got moving again after lunch, we warmed up pretty well. All in all, it was a great day, and I'm here at home now, happy to be showered and fed, and ready for tomorrow.

We will be heading up to Vancouver in Canada to see a specialist about my iMac. Like I said, it's making sounds it never did before, but since I've got AppleCare and there's a Genius Bar there, we will haul my baby up and let you know what happens. I've got my camera ready to show you what the place is like up there in that other country! Until then.


  1. Man, that looks a bit grueling! "You have to be tough to live in the West", as my father used to say. :-)

    All the way to Canada to get your I-Mac fixed? (As I give mine a little pat, in hopes I don't have these proglems..) Well have fun. Take lots of pics for us!

  2. Of course I meant - problems, not proglems, but too late it was heading out into the ether by the time I spied my mistake!

  3. It's too bad the weather did not cooperate for the day. At least you were still able to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Hope you get that MAC doctored and all fixed up.

  4. bummer! I was hoping that after your Facebook post the sun might have popped out. Good luck with your imac. I find that if you bat your eyelashes the guys at the genius bar they're often more helpful (most nerds are helpless when a women bat their eyelashes at them, I know, I married one! :) -kate

  5. You are such a trooper. I'm glad you managed a safe hike with no leg problems. I thought about you as I sat and drank coffee in the comfort of my p.j.'s this morning. I had hoped ya'll would have clearer weather, but It sounds like you still had fun.
    I love the mittens. I just bought a similar pair for walking the dog in the cold.
    I'll be interested in the pictures tomorrow. My husband and I just bought our first Mac about a month ago. One of our considerations was that it's at least 2 hours to the closest Apple store should we have issues. Still, I'm thrilled with it and have hopes it stays in good shape. I've never used a Mac before so I'm fairly clueless but enjoying the learning process. Hope ya'll have a happy (and successful) outing!

  6. I told you it would be great for pics! Love the one with the colorful ponchos. I have some mittens that have half fingers when you flip them open. Love them! I hate having to always pull off gloves to do something.

    Glad you had a great hike!

  7. Glad your leg is better and good hevane's a ten mile trek! it is my plan to get as fit as that over the coming year. You give me hope that bit by bit I can achieve that!

    Your photo's are great, loved the poncho's and my it looked liked midnight when you had your lunch!

  8. I hope you get your computer sorted out D-Jan. You are right, they are like babies, always wanting attention!
    Your leg must be a lot better for you to feel confident enough to make that trek in the dark and the wet and.....etc etc. Oh my, you are brave. I would still be in the chair resting it,if I was you. (laughing)
    Blessings, Star

  9. Oh good to hear you did it very carefully now. No bumps, cuts or whatsoever. Glad you made it again! Well you always do.


  10. What a great hike you must have had! I do envy your ability to hike..I try but uneven ground really tears me up..I am a flat lander!
    I will look forward to the photos of Vancouver, our friend that had the double lung transplant is in the hospital sounds like a beautiful area:)

  11. The hike sounds soooooo invigorating. Very weird eating lunch in the dark.

    Glad the leg is back in good shape. :D

  12. I like how you make the best of your situations, DJan, and manage to have fun no matter what. And I love going with you on your trips. I can't believe, with the way your leg looked, that you are already back and making 10 mile treks. You're amazing, woman!

    Thank you, too, for your VERY kind comments to me and for all your loving support. :)

  13. I give you so much credit for hiking under those conditions. I don't mind a little drizzle but if it is raining hard, I don't go out much in nature.
    The dark days depress me more than anything else!
    Glad you made it back safe and sound.

  14. I like this post even in the wet.

  15. Hi DJan, Robynn from Robynn's Ravings/30 Day Thrown Down sent me over to visit. I love your enthusiasm .. and the Northwest. Will return for some of your 'get-up & Go" soon ...

  16. Hi DJan....I arrived from Robynn's 30 Day Throw Down. Congrats being a winner this month.
    Love your blog....I'll be putting you into my blogroll and will be back!!
    Also, I'm a knitter!


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