Friday, August 14, 2009

Soggy Scott Paul

The above picture shows pretty much what last Thursday was like hiking on the Scott Paul trail in the Mt. Baker Recreation Area (click any to enlarge). That's our intrepid Senior Trailblazer Mike (also known as Mary Poppins because of the huge umbrella) who was the driest person on this soggy hike today. Eighteen of us started out in clouds and a little light rain. It was dark enough when I took this picture (below) that I had to use my flash to get any picture at all. I guess we should have known it would deteriorate from there. I discovered that my supposedly waterproof hiking boots are not, which means they are going back to the store for another try to find waterproof foot gear. This was the first real test they've had, since we've been in a really dry period, up to now.
This was another of those hikes where I kept hearing, "this is a really great view of Mt. Shuksan, when you can see it." The first several hikes I went on last fall with the Seniors were like that, but lately the views have been wonderful. Here's a picture of our lunch spot on the Scott Paul trail. We didn't stay long, since there was nothing to do but try to keep your sandwich in one piece. It was raining so hard at this point that there was nothing for it but grin and bear it.
We had an exciting stream crossing, with this rickety bridge that was pretty stable except when there was someone on it crossing in front of you. Then it would sway back and forth, making for some pretty exciting moments. I enjoyed it, once I was across.
I did stop and take a picture of a monkey flower. Last week these were just beginning to come out. And, of course, they are covered with lots of rain. It made for a nice picture, though. This was as bright as it was all day, during a short period of relative calm in the storm. Occasionally we would hear thunder in the distance, but otherwise it was just, well, wet.
The long term forecast shows better weather next week, when we will tackle Lake Ann. I understand this is a hard hike, starting out downhill and then trekking up to the lake, and the return means a fairly long uphill at the end. More later; my camera was supposed to be encased in a waterproof container, and it wasn't, but apparently it's still working.


  1. Beautiful scenery, but if it's raining, I'd rather be sitting inside looking out, or in the barn listening to it rattle the tin roof!

  2. I like to hike but I hate doing it in the rain. It looks like a lovely area. Hope the weather is better next time.
    Sunny :)

  3. It looks like all the clouds had dumped their loads of rain on you and the group before coming our way. Sometimes it is refreshing to hike in the rain but there is a point where you really wish it would back off a bit. Everyone still seems to be having fun in the photos.

    Cool bridge, I'll bet that did give everyone a little rush as they crossed. The monkey flower is so pretty.

    Maybe next week's weather will be kinder.

  4. I'm impressed with the dedication of your group to press ahead in spite of the brrrrr wet and cold. I am so inspired by the activity, though, that I'm going to do a search to see if such a group exists around here.

  5. If nothing else, I'd imagine a hike like this one allows you even more appreciation for the dry hikes! I admire ya'll's persistence. That first photo would have been enough to have me longing for a fire and warm socks.

  6. You lead a very exciting life. It is truly wonderful to see the world this way.


  7. I love your posts DJan. You make me look forward to life after retirement! Not sure I could summon the courage to do some of what you have though.....

  8. You are my hero! Seriously, you are SO inspiring with all you do and have done. Just called the DH over here to see your group sky diving photo. He's just starting private pilot lessons so was interested as well.

    Looking at your weather brought to mind a trek I took with the kids up to Mt. St. Helen's a couple of years ago. It was THE most GORGEOUS day with no clouds and fantastic visibility. Not being from the area we had NO idea this was unusual. When we got into Seattle and were with friends, they said they had been there several times only to have the mountain nearly covered in clouds or rain. The said we had beginners luck and nearly didn't forgive us! :)

  9. That is too bad...I would have been miserable. I give you and your group credit for hanging in there and still wanting to hike in that bad weather!

  10. WOW! Now that's some mist! Regardless, it looks like you all had a great time even if you did have soggy socks. Hehehe. I can tell by the smiles on your faces.

    Now that swaying bridge is another story. I'd be hanging on for dear life. :)

    Have fun at Lake Ann! I know you're up for the challenge. You're my hero!

    Oh yes, I love the photo of the flower. It's a real beauty!

    Have a funtastic week, my friend!

    Hugsssss, Susan

  11. That was a squishy hike! I don't blame you for taking the boots back if they failed to keep your feet dry. I paid extra, as I'm sure you did to get ones that were waterproof. Lake Anne sounds nice.

  12. Hey but that was a tough but challenging hike, wasn't it? I'd like to try hiking on muddy trails someday, there's more thrill in that! But there's no thrill in eating a soggy sandwich, aachh! Was there thunders? The last time I hiked there were loud thunders which echoes around the place.

    I'm looking forward to your hike stories next safe!



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