Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chalk Festival

NB: This is my third attempt to download some images (very necessary when talking about chalk art!). First I gave up on Firefox and then went to Safari, and after another disappointing error message, I decided to log off and restart everything. So I don't have nearly as many pictures as I hoped for this post. (But I do think I was moderately successful; click to enlarge.)
In Bellingham, an Arts Festival is held early in August, and today the Chalk Art Festival is in progress. A quote from the local newspaper:
Bellingham bursts with color during the 17th Annual Chalk ArtFest. This fest gives artists and non-artists alike the ability to show off their talents through chalk. Throughout downtown, participants will be making their mark on Bellingham sidewalks.
Well! With a chance like that, I decided to take a walk with my camera and show you what some of the artists are doing. The one above shows a unicorn in progress, and this one I really liked because I thought both the puppy and her hair were sprinkled with streaks in a lovely way.
These two young ladies are drawing a psychedelic zebra (or that's how it looked to me), with beautiful rainbow colors. Almost all of the artists have something to kneel on, but these elegant and very serious artists didn't seem to need them.
Some of the art was downright, well, artistic! This copy of "Girl With a Pearl Earring" was stunning in its beauty. Just as I was taking a picture, a guy in a motorized wheelchair motored right across with no consciousness that there was anything beneath him! The artist stood there stunned for a minute, and we discussed ways to put barriers around it so it wouldn't happen again (we put towels all around the painting).
Unfortunately, the shadows didn't allow me to get the full effect of the picture for you, but you get the idea. Another thing I noticed is that many of the artists could have come from my era of peace and love. There were at least three paintings with peace symbols in them. This was my favorite: Peace-Ahh!
I had a wonderful time wandering around and taking these pictures, and then coming home and FINALLY getting this up for your enjoyment. Today and tomorrow there will be good food, music, and basically people enjoying themselves for the sunny and relatively cool weekend, here in Bellingham.


  1. I read that you had trouble downloading your pictures with Google? I hope that it does not happen to me because I would be lost and would have to stop posting on my blog (I am not computer savvy at all). These chalks paintings are very good. I have seen many good ones in large cities, like New York, Paris and London; this is a way for starving artists to make a living I understand. I saw a show on a New York artist who went to Paris and started chalk paintings on the streets there and people liked his art so much that he made them as paintings and now he sells them in many art galleries.

  2. Oh wow! My grandkids would have a blast! It's one of their favorite things to do. They use paint markers on the barn floor, but chalk on the driveway. I wish I could take them to this festival. I'm sure the oldest one would show off her own art...

  3. Sorry to hear of all the problems downloading photos, I can't imagine what would cause such a problem. I use Firefox and totally forget for a month or two to clear the cache, no problems at all with downloads. Go figure!

    The chalk art is beautiful, I do love the The Girl with the Pearl Earring. Our downtown area has a similar festival.

    Glad to hear your weather has cooled a bit, if you have some to spare maybe push it over this way. We topped out at 108 today.


  4. Thanks VB. Every year they do this in Bellingham and also have some guest artists from elsewhere. I think part of the problem with downloading is Firefox has a new browser and I've been having other problems too.

    Lily, anyone who wants to can enter this contest. Can you get them here? It's not that far away...

    SQ, our weather has cooled off considerably, but it's still above normal. I'm still wondering how to download pictures on Firefox; I'm sorry I downloaded the new version, which I think might be part of the problem.

  5. Oh those are very nice, such beautiful displays of creative hands and minds.

    Yes like you, I like the Peace Ahh! I want it spicy. Haha.


  6. I will take our heat over your humidity any day. I grew up in Georgia with really high humidity and temperatures to match. I love dry heat and cold, oh yeah! We have acclimated to the heat now but the first summer after leaving Alaska was a killer.
    Stay cool.

  7. Those are incredible. I am always amazed at the work that goes into those. My daughter is an artist, but she has not ventured into that medium yet. It looks like fun.


  8. Outstanding chalk art! I would love to wander around and watch these artists at work. The images are magnificent.

    Have fun this weekend! I'll be thinking of you and wishing I was there!

    I wish I could help you with your computer problems but I just learned how to turn mine on. Hahahaha

  9. I love those pictures. They remind me of Mary Poppins! Are'nt the artists clever? Imagine bending down long enough to drawy a picture! Oh, my back, it must be painful.
    Thank you for showing us these originals.
    Blessings, Star

  10. Hi DJan,
    I thought my little yellow bird might be a male finch but I wasn't sure. Thanks for confirming.

  11. Hey DJan,

    I upload some of my photos in my flickr account, and then I copy the html code of the photo and paste it on my blog. I am willing to teach you how, but it's very easy I know you can, you try it. It's easier, than inserting an image and wait for it to upload.


  12. very cool! I have yet to see the sidewalk artists out in Boston this summer....I'll have to go explore and look for them!


  13. Thank you for visiting my pick a peck of pixels blog and for the comment there. I am well on my way to getting in the history books. Thanks to your visit and others.

    I really do like these chalk sidewalk artists. I think they do a fab job. I know you have seen some of them from Europe. Wow.

  14. I'm sticking to paper. But hats off to the chalk artists. Wow! Thanks for sharing.


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