Saturday, August 29, 2009

August market

You know what this is, right? It's the bottom of an heirloom tomato, just in case you didn't know. I bought this at the Farmers' Market and was enchanted with the design, and I'm still trying to get myself to eat it instead of just admire it. (Click any picture to enlarge and admire.) SquirrelQueen at The Road to Here has a Farmers' Market Challenge going on today, so this is my entry.
The Bellingham Farmers' Market is held every Saturday downtown, with luscious veggies and tomatoes like these. Look at that amazing tomato just above the blackberries! Every Wednesday a smaller market is held in Fairhaven for a few hours. The downtown market will continue until sometime in December, moving inside and concentrating on other things than just food, but root veggies and pumpkins will be there as well.
This was taken this Saturday (today) with little to no direct sunlight, which allowed me to show the detail in all these beautiful fruits. The vendors take the time to make their wares very attractively displayed, just like these.
Garlic, anyone? These cloves look like something you might want to hang in your kitchen to ward off vampires. Or is it demons? Certainly to my mind garlic breath might do the trick all by itself!
Mushrooms too! I love these exotic looking 'shrooms and bought some shitake mushrooms from this vendor last year. They are not out yet, I guess, but hey! Let's try some of these oyster mushrooms now.
Chele of Henna Moon painted a beautiful henna mandala on her hand, which I captured last week, her first day back from vacation. I asked about these henna art projects, how long they last, and she said the paste stains your skin (or hair or nails) and deepens to a dark shade of brown permanently and must grow out to disappear completely. Cool, huh?
And of course, late August flower bouquets were everywhere. Fruit, veggies, clothes, jewelry, henna, massage, food, and much much more grace the Bellingham Farmers' Market. Am I lucky to live here, or what??


  1. Yes DJan you are lucky to live there. We have a small market on the square here on Saturdays but it is small and expensive and by 11 am there is not much left. I had my hands decorated with henna when I went to Dubai years ago and it lasted a couple of months, it was pretty and fun.

  2. Yum! It always looks so fantastic! We always get heirloom seeds now for everything; corn, tomatoes, melons...

    They are popular for several good reasons. Scientist cannot improve on God!

  3. What lovely veggies and flowers. Our farmers' market was all but rained out today.
    Sunny :)

  4. The veggies and fruits all look so yummy. The giant tomato caught my eye even before I enlarged the photo, that's a whooper!

    I am intrigued by the henna designs, they are a interesting alternative to tattoos.

    Thanks for taking part in this month's challenge. Our market will run until the end of October. I thinking about doing the next one the last Saturday in Sept, your thoughts?

    Thanks again,

  5. Very gorgeous and interesting photos (lol about admiring versus eating the tomato!). My fiance was born in Bellingham ... and grew up in N. Attleboro - so he knows the area well...

  6. Very cool market! I'm envious of the diversity. New England doesn't have as much going on as you guys do. And I love the henna art. Both times I visited Morocco I had both my feet done, perhaps some day I will put those photos up on my blog, I was so sad when the designs faded after a few weeks. -kate

  7. Good grief! I am drooling over the selection and quality of the veggies. The photo of the tomato is so unusual...maybe it should be duplicated, more or less, as a piece of jewelry. :D

  8. What a great market! And yes, I think you are very lucky. Our little market in Kings Beach was over last week, but there is one a bit further down the lake at Tahoe City, that we will check out this next Thursday. I love the freshness of everything. Thanks for sharing your little market.

  9. OMG! SO beautiful! Those berries and mushrooms look delicious! Is this in Washington? Now I want to move there... *sigh*

  10. You have a wonderful market. The produce looks so good with a lot of variety. Great photos. I am looking forward to our fall festivals that will have pumpkins, corn, and squash.

  11. Wow what a fantastic selection of fresh everything !
    I can't wait for the Autumn produce to start showing up, all those lovely pumpkins and squash.
    Pop on over to my place, I have something for you ;)

  12. Where did my comment go? I posted a comment here yesterday. I swear. Anyway Ill just rewrite says

    To market, to market.
    I just came home from the market!

    How about an exchange deal? I'll give a dozen of salted, you give me a box of blueberries so I can start making my blueberry cheesecake, I can't make the quails eggs go with my cheesecake...yuck. Hahahaha.

    Thanks for sharing DJ


  13. I see you ventured past the edible varity of mushrooms. I have no idea about the red one in my photo. But I do have a mushroom book. I should look them all up!

  14. Hi DJan, I have enjoyed your post! The first photo is very interesting, a very creative idea! I'd like to try the oyster mushrooms. Also, I have tried using henna for my little grays. The effect is that gray turned a little dark brown and it last three months for me!
    Ebie's Farmers Market

  15. Wonderful fruits and flowers DJan. The colours are just "wow". I've never seen those strange mushrooms before. They seem to be growing out of their tubs, don't they.
    Blessings, Star

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