Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sultry Saturday

Neighbor's poppies
Boy, it sure feels like summer! We are experiencing some of the warmest temperatures of the year so far, and Seattle should reach into the 90s this weekend. We'll top out somewhere in the mid-eighties, which for Bellinghamsters is plenty warm enough.
Raspberries are getting closer

See that one raspberry that is almost red? I couldn't resist and I picked it and ate it. Wonderful! When they are all ripe, I'll have so many I won't be able to eat them all and will be forced to share.
King Dan
One of our gardening neighbors, Nathan, built himself a garden throne, and  here you see King Dan making use of it. Every garden needs a king, don't you think? He's holding a magic orb, as you can see. I didn't realize when I took the picture that his crown would have a stake coming out of it from the fencepost. Oh, well, I like the picture anyway!


  1. Too many raspberries? Wash your mouth out woman. There is no such thing.
    Have a wonderful weekend - with escape from the heat.

  2. How pretty those orange poppies are !
    I don't blame you for eating the raspberry, I couldn't resist either.
    Hope the heat settles down for you, I don't do well when it reaches the nineties :)
    King there's a sight for you

  3. It's been a while since I ate fresh raspberries.

  4. The bounty of your garden looks delicious.

    Stay hydrated in that heat, Jan.

  5. You warm bright sunny weather should make your garden mature quickly and then you can eat ripe raspberries.

  6. You must have fun in your garden! Beautiful sunny day here too.

  7. I am missing our raspberry patch. This is the second summer we will be without it, but the infestation of Asian fruit fly ruined most of the crop the last three years. We hope we can start over next spring. Looks like Dan is having some good, goofy fun.

  8. Raspberries are wonderful frozen on a cookie sheet and then into a freezer bag...almost as good as fresh :)

  9. Your garden looks beautiful enough to play in!

  10. That sounds way too warm! I suppose that hot air will make its way over here. :( We just got rid of it for a few days. Love the garden king photo! :)

  11. Dear DJan, berries--any kind--are a favorite of mine. That raspberry must have tasted so good, warmed by the sun. As to kings--the photo made me think of that line from Lewis Carroll. "....ships and XXX and sealing wax and cabbages and kings." Peace.

  12. The beauty of gardening abundance is the sharing. You always get back from their abundance. Keeps us from having to plant everything.

  13. Too funny! Those poppies are so beautiful! What fun to have such a wonderful garden with friends to share it with.

  14. Well, as long as the 'stake' isn't sharpened on the other end!!! He'll be alright.

    Mmmmmmmmm, raspberries, one of my favorite fruits. And the heat is on there, too, huh? Hope it cools down for you. I bet it'll cool down THERE before HERE. lol

    1. the California poppies too. I forgot to mention that after reading about the king's stake.

  15. beautiful poppies!

    Not into raspberries, but glad for you that you will have a bumper crop!


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