Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Leo is growing fast

Leo's mom took this on Sunday
It's quite amazing to me that Leo is growing up so fast. I took this picture exactly a year ago, and it looks to me like Leo has grown several inches. His two front teeth are also completely grown in. It's hard for me to believe that I've known him since he was six months old and not yet walking, but now he's outgrown his playtime with me. He's always got his nose buried in a book, or he's drawing something.
Surrounded by lots of green goodies
Leo is not the only thing growing around here right now: here I am in my garden, surrounded by lots of tasty treats. We harvested that kale in the foreground and it's now steamed and in the fridge. Next to me is my incredible sugar snap peas that have grown past the top of the barrier! And behind me on the right are heavily laden raspberry bushes. In my lap is one of the last two starts of the scarlet runner beans I got from John, who grew them in his garden last year. You can also see them over my right shoulder, ready to climb the fence.

Yes, June is busting out all over, isn't she? Sorry, I couldn't resist. Hope you're having a good day, staying cool if appropriate, since I see there's a heat wave happening in the southwest, while we will be lucky to reach 70°F today. I'll take it, even if I have to deal with a little liquid sunshine (read: rain).


  1. Yes, Leo is getting bigger each time you show his picture, he's such a sweet-looking boy and so smart !
    Happy to read that your garden is producing nicely, we ate fresh tomatoes today, the first of the summer crop and so tasty.
    Have a lovely evening DJan.

  2. Both Leo and your garden look wonderful. Someone is feeding them both the right things...

  3. The garden looks wonderful. Leo is such a cutie and growing up so quickly!

  4. I was showing pics of my grand kids to teacher friends at lunch today. We all are surprised at how fast they have grown up!
    Just when the sun would come out today to warm things up, another cloud would move in to cool it down again. But 65 to 70 is nothing to complain about when heat and storms are hitting so much of the country. Your garden is looking great!

  5. What a cute not-so-little guy! Your garden is going gangbusters.

  6. Keep the friendship with Leo. we need young friends.

  7. OMGosh! Leo looks half a foot taller!

    Garden looks wonderful...and so do you. :)

  8. That is an adorable picture of you both. At least he is still willing to pose. They do grow up, in inches and interests. Glad he is a reader. Wow, is your garden going full bore. I see some great eating there. So glad you decided to get your hands dirty.

  9. Those are such cute photos. You look good in blue. Love the shirt.

  10. Leo has grown! Always good to see him! He likes to draw, does he have a proper sketch pad? You look great in your garden! :)

  11. They do go up too fast. We've yet to see our sons six month old twins in Arizona....

  12. I like the idea that he's drawing or reading...instead of tinkering with his phone/games. He's cute, that Leo is!!

    As for kale, I've really learned to like it a lot. I too steam it. But sometimes eat it raw in a tossed salad too.


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