Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Gardening news

My scarlet runner beans 
A couple of weeks ago I planted two of John's scarlet runner beans in each of 12 squares in one of those things you use to start plants. Usually I get mine already started from a local garden store, but these beans from John required me to do it myself. I've never done it before, and once I got them all planted and covered, I was impatient to see if the magic would work for me. (You can check out the early garden pictures here, from May 23.) One of the great things about blogging is I can go back and find out the exact date I did something, and these were planted three weeks ago. You know what they say about a watched pot never boiling? Well, I became convinced they were never going to sprout. How wrong I was!
My sugar snap peas in full bloom
Also on that same post, you can see how much these peas have grown in three weeks. These are undoubtedly the sweetest sugar snap peas I've ever enjoyed, and it won't be long now before we're harvesting them. In June!
Soon they will be zucchinis
See those two pretty buds in this picture of the zucchini plants? In a short while they will also be harvested as springtime treats. I am so looking forward to showing you a picture of the garden once I've got the scarlet runner beans planted. I understand they grow up to ten feet tall, so I've got to get some sort of trellis for them. Everyone tells me that the hummingbirds love them, too. If anybody has ideas about how best to plant them, I'm all ears!


  1. Oh my gosh! I am so jealous! Everything looks amazing! I wish we could have a garden like yours. Sigh... The idea of your sugar snap peas is making my mouth water.

  2. You can plant the beans on a tripod or tepee of tall poles tied together at the top.

  3. DJan, everything looks wonderful. You must be doing something right.

  4. We planted ours under and around a tepee type structure:)

  5. You had me reading to the end to see if you knew how tall scarlet runner beans grow. Yes, you know. I find that I get the odd hummingbird to the red flowers of the bean.

  6. Great job! It looks like it will be very productive! Wonderful!

  7. Your garden is doing great! Those sugar snap peas sound delicious.

  8. Things are looking good! I have no gardening advice. My flower planter boxes this spring are the first outside plants I've had in 40 years--LOL! :)

  9. Ten feet tall? Yikes. Can't wait to see what you build for them. I haven't tried growing them--only bush beans here. Now you are making me wish I had planted some sugar snap peas this year. They are the best.

  10. You have such a green thumb m'dear :)
    We can't grow any vegetables since the deer like them just as much as we do :)
    I'll just enjoy looking at yours, they look delicious.


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