Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Spooky but sunny

A home near my apartment
Today, finally, the sun has returned after days of heavy fog. Although it hasn't been sunny here, I learned that the temperature inversion and lack of any breeze to move the air caused our gloomy days. All I needed to do was get in the car and drive a few miles up the Mt. Baker Highway to see the sun and experience warmth. But of course I was busy doing other things. This Thursday, however, looks good for another day playing in the High Country. I am so happy about that!

I got my flu shot this afternoon, and when I walked out the door of the pharmacy, the sunshine greeted me and immediately lifted my spirits. Speaking of spirits, this home caught my eye with its spooky ghosts fluttering in the sunshine. I dragged my feet through heavy piles of fallen leaves, too, loving the shush-shush sound. It's a very melancholy time of the year, and some people take every opportunity to enjoy it to the fullest.
The eyes have it
Little Leo walked into the coffee shop this morning with a portion of his Halloween costume on his head. He has eyeballs at the end of every point of the hat, and when I asked him what he's going to be, he said, "an eyeball!" as if I should have been able to guess. I asked him what else he's going to wear, and he told me that he would be covered in more eyeballs. (Of course!)

I'm looking forward to spending time with my blogging buddies this weekend. It's funny, it doesn't seem like it's been a year since we first met, but it has. Oh, by the way: I got an email from Alaska Airlines about the fiasco I experienced getting to southern California recently. They gave me a $300 discount on my next trip, good for a full year! That sure made me happy, and I guess it means I'll be taking another trip, perhaps in the middle of winter, to a sunny climate. But for now, the sun is shining and life is good!


  1. 1. i like your cute new header.
    2. i like that little home! the decorations are pretty neat, too.
    3. leo is SUCH a sweet little boy.
    4. glad you got a great credit voucher!
    5. today was a beautiful day here, too. i was smiling. :)

  2. Fly shot. Yup I'd almost forgotten. Time to check it out...:)

  3. I had my flu shot yesterday.
    Bummer about all the fog you've had.
    On the other hand, nice to get something out of a big mess.

  4. Whenever the sunshine greets me, my spirits are immediately lifted as well!

    Love Leo - and what an original costume!

    Gotta love the power of social media. Kudos to Alaska Airlines for rectifying a bad experience!

  5. I liked both your pics... especially Leo.

  6. May the sun always shine on you, my sweet friend.
    I love the photo of Leo. What a li'l charmer he is!
    Have a blessed time with your blogging friends. Blogging friends are the best.

  7. Nice bonus with the airline! When the sun is out, life is good!

  8. Yay for sunshine, for discounts and for blogging friends.
    I love your new header.
    You mentioned being busy. Are you ever anything else?

  9. I had my flu shot today too, now my arm is sore :(
    Sunshine and leaves falling always makes me happy, and today was a gorgeous one.
    Love Leo's hat, he is such a sweet boy !

  10. We come home tomorrow evening. Hope the foggy time is about done. Today in Iowa the high temp was 41.

  11. Your sunshine looks very nice, glad the fog is gone. I'll keep my fingers crossed for good weather on Thursday.
    Little Leo is adorable and I love the costume.
    That nice that Alaska Airlines came through with a discount for all the trouble they caused you. They never did that for me.

  12. I would like to see Leos whole costume! Very unique!!
    Flu shot is on the list here too.
    Yeah for an airline that cares about the customer!
    You have had a good week...well except for that fog.
    Have a fun weekend! :)

  13. There's nothing like the sun to boost the spirits. The days are getting darker here and now I've retired I allow myself the luxury of not getting out of bed unless daylight is on its way. How decadent is that!

  14. That Leo sure has grown. I love his hat. I am glad the airlines gave you a discount, because it was their fault.

  15. Goodness, Little Leo is growing - he is a handsome lad for sure n love the hat. I love your neighbours yard all decorated up - kinda looks a bit like mine - so fun to decorate and have the kids come trick n treating. That is great news about your trip and voucher. Flu Shot - do no get one - I got my first one and spent 9 days in hospital - turns out I'm "allergic" - Never was so sick in my life - Never have had the flu, because I do such things as building up my immune system, washing hands, exercise, sleep and lots and lots of don't hang out with sick people and most important WASH HANDS - glad you got yours though. Lovely post - full of sunshine n happiness :)

  16. Sometimes we need some fog to really enjoy the sunshine.
    Way impressed with the airlines. What a nice surprise.
    Leo is a cutie. Would like to see him totally eyeballed up.

  17. now THAT is terrific...a voucher for $300 anytime of year would make me smile big too. Yep, save it for a good time to leave your winter behind you and go to the tropics.

    Of course LOVE the eyeball...he's a cutie by the way...and enjoyed the decorated home.

  18. The sun broke through the fog about 2:30 yesterday and about an hour earlier today. Hooray!

  19. I've had my flu shot recently too D-Jan. Let's hope we get some real protection this year!
    Little Leo is gorgeous isn't he and I love his hat.
    Well done for getting the credit voucher!

  20. I just met my first in-person blog friend 2 days ago and had a great time with her. Maybe when I'm back in the states I'll see more. Enjoy your time with your blog friends. Leo's a doll and I love his hat! Enjoy the sun as well.

  21. I'm glad you got some sunshine to lift your spirits. Hoping for some here, one of these days. I knew that had to be Leo, but could hardly believe how grown-up he looks. So cute, and I love the eyeball hat.

  22. Yes, Life is Good!

    I love the sound of walking through the fallen leaves, too. Wish they'd stay crispy (the smell is wonderful as well) just a little longer here, but the rain & snow has already started breaking them down into insulation for the winter ahead & nourishment for whatever will grow under them next year!

  23. I didn't read far back enough to know what happened on your trip. Maybe I should do that now, eh?

    Leo is adorable and it looks like all eyes are on him. ;)

  24. OMG! I LOVE his hat! He is just a great kid. :)

  25. I see I have a whole lot to catch up on when I get home. You have been having a ton of fun! Congratulations on the $300 voucher! YAE! Have a terrific Halloween. It's been extraordinarily busy over here. Sadly, it's forecasted to thunderstorm on Thursday.


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