Thursday, August 1, 2013

Scott Paul trail 2013

Misty day on the Scott Paul trail
After six Trailblazers drove 65 miles to get to the Scott Paul trailhead, we hoped it would be sunny, after a foggy start. But the picture above told the tale for most of the day: occasional sun breaks, but mostly dense misty fog coming up the valleys. It made for pretty much perfect hiking conditions, though. We knew there were great views that we were not seeing as we hiked the trail, but it was so pleasant that nobody minded much.
Heather in the mist
We saw lots of pink and white heather in bloom, as well as amazing profusions of lupines. I remembered last year we saw so many lupines that I realized for the first time they do indeed have a scent. We were just a bit early this year, however; next week the lupines will be in their full glory.
Amy crossing a stream
We had several water and stream crossings today; it was very refreshing after so many hikes lately with little to no water. It's been the driest July in fifty years, I learned today. We thought there might be lots of snow, but this snow field was the only one we had to cross that was on any kind of slope. Here is Rita crossing while Amy and Mike strapped on their Yak-Trax.
The only snow crossing
As you can see, we still didn't have any sunshine, and it was getting to be time to stop for a quick lunch. We found a nice place to rest and pull out our vittles, and we thought perhaps we'd give the skies a chance to clear and give us a bit of view.
Our lunch spot
While we were sitting and chatting, I happened to look up behind me, and what did I see but the fog beginning to lift, and giving us a view of Mt. Baker!
There she is!
Ah, we thought, the day is now going to get sunny and hot, and we'll have views from now on. But this was actually the only panorama we had, as the clouds started to fill in again right after I snapped this picture. This was both good and bad, since the temperatures dropped but so did the views!
Lupines on either side of the trail
As we headed down to the suspension bridge, the lupines and other wildflowers were pretty amazing in their profusion. Although the sun was hidden in fog, I couldn't help but exclaim at the abundance of the flowers we saw as we walked to the bridge.
Suspension bridge
We each crossed this bridge one at a time, since it would start swinging and swaying in uncomfortable ways when more than one person was on it at a time. It was fun but I was glad when I was safely on the other side. After we crossed it and climbed up into the next valley, it became really pretty and serene as we made our way to the final stream crossing. I brought along some water shoes, and Mike used some flip-flops, but everyone else just walked right on through, since we were only a mile from the trailhead.
Although she's smiling, her boots are filling with water!
We stopped on the other side to wring out socks and pour water out of hiking boots, but I have to say that all in all, it was a wonderful day, filled with adventure and great company. We missed our regulars who are all out doing other things right now, but we know they will be back in the near future to share more exciting adventures with us!


  1. I remember crossing streams and some of the water was extremely cold. Of course, what do you think when it's coming out of a glacier just above you. you put a lot of effort into the hike and the view is one of the pay offs.It's disappointing when the view is not there.

  2. ha. even though she is smiling her boots are filling with water...oh my...glad it cleared to give you a little view there....and the flowers do look lovely....nice pic of the mount...

  3. Beautiful Heather in the mist! Those Lupines are lovely...another great hike. Crocs work great for water should have a pair in your pack:)

  4. I always look forward to these photos...and am drawn to the ones with the mist in them. Lovely, Jan.
    If Jackie (me) would have been with you all on that suspension bridge and you looked back to take MY photo, you would have had to aim your camera a little lower to get me in the frame, 'cause I would be on my belly crawlin' across that thing!

  5. I love the mist, the fog. It adds an aura of mystery and the unknown. And the Sadge treks ever forward, penetrating the mystery, uncovering it for the rest of us out here in blogland.

  6. You've taken us on another wonderful adventure, D-Jan. And I'm glad you got a great picture of Mt. Baker.

    I am especially fond of lupines, and thoroughly enjoyed your pictures. Sadly, our apartment balcony is very windy, and any plants get beaten up very badly. Otherwise, I'd have lupins growing here.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

  7. Mt. Baker is gorgeous but my favorite photo is the heather in the mist. It has been so warm and dry over this way that the fog looks really good to me. Of course I will change my tune when winter comes and brings the fog.

  8. That was a nice pic of Mt. Baker. No fun getting one's boots and socks wet when crossing that stream. Lol. Oh my, what a day for all of you. Lovely flowers!

  9. The worn out feeling from the previous post didn't last long in your case. I'd still be lounging on the couch heeling my tired achy body. LOL

    Great hike as always DJan. LOVE the "There She Is" image...makes it all worth while, doesn't it? But that suspension bridge...was it wobbly? Good thing it wasn't too high up, or I'd wait for y'all to return and not cross it.

    Yes, yes...I know. I'm a wuss

  10. 65 miles is a long drive to get to the trailhead. That is dedication to hiking. Despite the lack of sun it still looks nice.

  11. You know DJan, your photos never grow old. I so enjoy each and every one. I understand about the lupines, for in summer, when in bloom, they adorn our highway hills here in New Brunswick and on a trip outside town towards the city, it is all you see and smell for miles (of course with the trees, etc). We are known for our lupine summer and quite famous for lupine coverage in New Brunswick. I am wondering about the water filling her boots, but I guess you all are used to that on hikes. Right! Beautiful view and lovely flowers. I am always thrilled when you cross snow, because we do not have any except in winter :)

  12. Goodness, you are in good with someone to have the fog part so you can get a picture. Perfect, fog and cool for hiking and sparkling view when needed.

  13. I don't know if I could cross the bridge without a sedative

    the flowers are so beautiful

    I love misty mornings, so romantic and peaceful

    Hope sends hugs

  14. the heather and lupines are gorgeous! glad you had a good hiking day, even with the fog. the 2nd shot is just beautiful.

  15. Gorgeous country as always DJ. I do love those mountain wildflowers especially the lupines. We only see them wild along the shores of Lake Superior. As to the fog I think it adds a touch of exotic mystery to you hikes... as long as you can still see the trail!

  16. Wow, you have such wonderful places to go hiking! And such energy to do it!

  17. The fog was pretty determined to stick around. But it was as beautiful as always. And it is not a true adventure without a stream crossing!

  18. All those flowers alone would have been worth the trip. You all are so brave fording the stream--crossing swinging bridges and leaping over wild water from rock to rock! The views might not have been as panoramic, but it had to be a lot cooler hike and the clouds parted to show you a glimpse of the mountain, too. What a day! :)

  19. That was quite a diverse hike with the various settings all on one hike. I don't know if I would enjoy the cold water in the boots, but as long as you didn't freeze your tootsies or end up with blisters it would be fun. Did you have dry socks with you?

  20. This looks like an awesome day of hiking & scenery (and great company)!
    I'd be exclaiming over all those wildflowers, too!!
    Making note of this one - it looks like a wonderland to me, and I'd love to visit this place the next time I make it to your part of the world.
    Thanks for sharing, DJan!

  21. Oh my gosh! That is so spectacular. I love the heather and lupines. I'd even be willing to hike uphill to see it (I think).


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