Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Having lots of camera fun

Me, Cindy, Christy, Dave on Sunday
Well, more fun with my Camera+ app. The picture above was taken with the app's self-timer (you can see the table in the foreground, where I set the phone on its edge) on a day with clouds and sun. We were all in shadow, so I used the "Clarify" filter along with the HDR, and look what happened. You can see all of our faces, but the sky looks a bit cartoonish, although I sort of like the effect. It was taken on Sunday at Skydive Snohomish, where I did more sitting around than actual skydiving. We made two jumps and then the clouds really moved in, so I went home about 3:00pm, feeling pretty good about the day. Since I had a cold last weekend and this past Saturday was almost completely clouded over, I felt fortunate to have the chance to play in the sky with my friends.
They have more than 50 years of sobriety between them
These tandem skydivers were also on the same airplane we took up for our second jump. They were bouncing off the walls, all friends who came to celebrate being together as Friends of Bill. I told them I would write about them today in my blog, so hopefully they will see this post. The lady in the middle was the instigator and was more than willing to talk about their adventure. I thought she was in her late forties, but she's actually 61! They all had the time of their lives, and I was so glad to have been there to see them in the plane and jump out before them.
What's my favorite color?
I asked Cindy to take a picture of me with my cell phone while I was all dressed up for the skydive. When I saw it, I decided to share it with you, my non-skydiving friends. You know, you might one day decide to make the leap, and if you do it at Skydive Snohomish, let me know and I'll be there! There's nothing quite like it.


  1. you are adorable! :)

    looks like a fun group you met up with, too.

  2. Big smiles. Even bigger than your sky-diving self's smile.

  3. Purple sure suits you. You look amazing. But then you ARE amazing!

  4. wow i love the first pic....it does give it a rather surreal tint but its so crisp....

  5. You look good in purple. The last photo was the best, I thought, because it is much clearer. While you have been having fun in the sky, I have been cleaning out 3 closets. Sheesh! You won't believe the bags I stuffed for Goodwill as well as for the trash bin. I feel I accomplished something, though. Not a lazy bone in my body!

  6. Thanks for the invite...just being asked is a thrill for me! I am way to afraid of heights to make a jump and stay dry and I would probably just faint dead away:)

  7. Hmm, could purple be your favorite color :-) What a fantastic picture of YOU!

    xo jj

  8. Sounds like fun greets you wherever you go. That's a gift. And yes, you look wonderful in purple.

  9. One thing for SURE, DJan. If I ever EVER decide to do a skydive, I will do it at Snohomish WITH you! Wouldn't that be something? All this energy and zest for living must be what's making you look half your age too. And that is my favorite color too.

    By the way, I'm playing with the HDR on my iPhone and find it very interesting. Thank you for telling us about it.

  10. I have a friend turning 80 next year. She wants to try skydiving. I told her I have a friend who skydives and maybe she could go along.

  11. Since you posted the info about iPhone cameras, I have been experimenting with mine also. Thanks for passing it along.
    I am getting a new camera today, and I'm so excited. It's nothing fancy but a year ago I purchased a camera that has been nothing but a frustration and disappointment. I have a trip coming up soon and I decided to spend the money and enjoy taking photos again.

  12. OK, my question is - DO YOU HAVE PURPLE SOCKS?? Love the photos and nice app on your iphone - checked it out and worth the money. Have a great day DJan.

  13. purple is my favorite color too
    you look so beautiful

    Hope sends hugs, me too

  14. I cannot believe that you jump on a regular basis. I loved my skydive but it was a one time thing just to have tried it!

    You look so great in your purple suit and ready to go.

    You inspire me!

  15. Look'in good lady and purple does suit you. Congrats to your friends of Bill. I've been down that road and just love success stories.

  16. I'll never make the leap to skydiving, but I might for that photo app. Great pictures!

  17. Your wonderful choice of purple was my initial attraction to you. I believe I yelled out, "NICE COLOR" as I was beaming with excitment. I am standing in the middle of friends of Bill pic. (the instigator)I recieved this jump as a gift from my kids when I graduated from Olympic College here in Bremerton, Wa this last June. I had just turned 61 the day before this jump and I collect my 12 yr. recovery chip on the 30th of this month with the help of my friends we choice this time to "LET GO" while Life has taken on a new meaning I am living a life I could have never ever imagined. Thank-you DJan-ity for standing there looking like my spiritual Angel when I felt like I needed one. My name is Debra AKA pearlydeb The jump was fantastic and YES I would do it again. I am still smiling!

  18. Aha, Purple Lady! You finally got to get your knees in the breeze a couple times. What a lively group you met! You are really having fun with that new phone camera.
    Happy Wednesday! :)

  19. Delightful story and great pictures. After you had your cold, and recovered a bit, you were offered a chance to go skydiving, and you jumped at it. Wonderful.

    And it would seem you have a certain preference for purple. Passionate purple? "Passionate about skydiving" purple? Yeah, that seems right.

    Here's to the life of contented sobriety.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

  20. ...and mine too. LOVE anything purple!!

    Great shots again and terrific commentary with them D J!! As for the 61 year old?---------you two need to share some aging secrets. Seriously.

  21. Pretty in purple! Could that be your favorite color DJan? LOL!

    I'm glad you are feeling better and got to get those knees in the breeze this weekend.


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