Saturday, August 24, 2013

My favorite play dates

Norma Jean on my laptop
Every Wednesday when I get home from the gym, I "call" my sister Norma Jean on iChat, and we talk for a couple of hours. It's one of my favorite times of the week. We talk about books, what's new in our lives, whatever, and the time flies by quickly. So quickly, in fact, I am often amazed that it's time to hang up. She's in Florida, three hours ahead of me here on the West Coast, so I often forget that it's almost time for dinner there, while I've just eaten lunch.
Mattie caught a big fish
Yesterday I had another play date, new for me: I went to Leo's home where I played with him and his next-door neighbor Mattie. Robert (Leo's dad) was home, too, and we had a very nice time with Play-doh, and I got a chance to see all of Leo's amazing toys. Mattie was in a school play not long ago, and I was treated to hearing her sing songs she learned, as well as rather intelligent discussions about dinosaurs. I also discovered why Leo uses the word "actually" all the time these days, since Mattie must have said it a dozen times in an hour. Kids are sure fun.
Sweet peas at the Farmers' Market
Another play date that gives me a great deal of pleasure is the walk on Saturday mornings, with the Fairhaven group, and the Farmers' Market right afterwards. It's wonderful to have a chance to buy local goods and see the delightful flowers and veggies, along with lots of smiling faces.

Since the weekend does not seem like it will be conducive to skydiving (maybe, just maybe something will happen tomorrow), I'm going to head over to the library today to find some new books to read. The play date I have at Skydive Snohomish will have to wait for better weather. It looks like on Monday I will likely be joining some of the Senior Trailblazers for an "extra" hike of around twelve miles, so I'll try to keep my energy output a bit lower than usual until then.

And I do hope the weekend brings joy and smiles to the faces of all my blogging friends. How did I get by before I discovered you all?


  1. how fun that you got to spend time with leo and his friend at his home! :) love that you and your sis chat.

  2. i love going to the farmers market...and play dates with kids are def fun...and will keep you young...smiles....actually....

  3. Oooh sweet peas. How I love them - and Farmers' Markets.
    Have a wonderful extra hike on Monday, and I hope the weather turns around for you and your sky-diving exploits.
    And you are so right about the wonderful people in the blogosphere. You, and others, have nestled in my heart.

  4. I'm so glad that we, your blogging buddies, are part of your play time. Those kidlets are just adorable and I love the sweet pea flowers.

    It's lovely that you and Norma Jean chat regularly, face to face. I should be looking into Skype when I get settled. Norma Jean's green chair appears to be identical to one up at Frank's family cottage. A glider rocking chair.

    I can just imagine you telling your sister to hold still while you snap a photo for your blog. In fact I can see you doing just that in the top right hand corner. Geesh, why do I feel like a stalker? ;)

  5. I am always so grateful to have you and the rest of my blogging family. It's the most wonderful feeling that all our supportive, caring blogging buddies are a fingertip away.

    Art talks to his sister every Saturday and they speak for almost a couple of hours too. I wish she would learn to do Skype. Have a great rest of the weekend.

  6. I was here a bit ago, reading your post, then I got a phone call and had to vacate for a few moments...but I came back to leave you a comment. I know you're just 'dying' to read what I have to

    Here goes:

    The play date would be so much fun. It's always exhilarating to have the young so near by. Those purple sweet peas, I can almost get a whiff of their subtle fragrance! That's Bud's Birth-flower. We used to have fences full of them blooming in the Summer.

    And of course, being a blogger myself [what? you didn't know that? I figured secretly you wanted to know...] anyway, being a blogger myself, I can wholeheartedly agree...there are a colossal amount of the best of the best bloggers around Bloggerville, and YOU'RE one of them!

  7. Yes Yes Yes. Just rip off an extra 12 miles up a mountain this week cause.....:)

  8. I can see where Ichat would be a lot more fun than just a phone call. My brother and sister call a lot. Maybe we will try Skype.
    How neat to have play dates and with Play-doh yet.

  9. One thing we elderlies should do is cultivate some young friends. We have to maintain contact with all ages. Regular contact with family is a winner too.

  10. Don't you just love talking via the computer? What an amazing age we live in. And, yes, I agree with you. How did we get along before we had our blogging friends?

  11. Always a pleasure to be here. I've missed you, but I've been away. Good to catch up with you again.
    What a sweet photo of Leo and Mattie. I love the smiles in their eyes. Nothing like the smiling eyes of a child.
    I hope that you get your skydiving in soon. I know that you miss it, Jan.
    Don't over do on your hike, please. Continue to take care of you.
    Sending you hugs,

  12. I love it that you are getting to spend time with Leo and his friends. How lovely for you to have made that child contact.
    We had a garden club meeting this morning and made hyper tufa containers. It was fun and creative. Tomorrow we will spend many hours in the city setting up for and then attending a big soccer match against Portland. There will be almost 68,000 people in the stadium.
    So yes, we are having a fun weekend.

  13. All blessings in life.. sisters, the fresh perspective of children, fresh produce, books, & time with friends AND nature to enjoy & look forward to.
    And getting to share them all - I agree about our blogging friends.. A joy shared is a joy doubled.

  14. I love listening to the kids playing in my neighborhood. They have about the same games we did over 50 years ago.

    I spent some quality time with my twin granddaughters and their dad, my son, before the girls went to summer camp on the bus this morning and their dad went home to Oregon. I like a quiet house, but it's a little too quiet tonight, in comparison.

  15. I am sure you were lonely before blogging!! Those Sweet Peas are beautiful! Hope you have a good rest of the weekend and a great hike on Monday:)

  16. I know your first trip to a playdate at Leo's would be just wonderful. Today, we are heading to Deer Island for a picnic lunch. We will cross over by Calais, USA and drive to Eastport - then take the ferry to Deer Island, Canada and we are right at the campground, gazing across "Old Sou" between our two countries. Isn't technology wonderful. I chat with my nieces quite a bit on Timeline and it was "so fun" when my niece took me on a virtual trip though her n hubbys new home. Most enjoyable. WOW, 12 miles you say on Monday - best take today off like you said and rest up. Hope you find some books. Before the "e-readers" came out, we had actually run out of books to read at our small library here in our small town, so we joined the library across the river in Calais,Ma so we became nicknamed
    "The Border Book Girls". ha,ha That's what the guards on the USA border called us anyway. I still go over to Library even though I have my kindle. Have a wonderful day DJan.

  17. I can't imagine speaking on iChat or Skype for 2 hours straight, mainly because I can't sit still for 2 hours. Lol. I love it that those kids say "actually" a lot. It makes them seem so grown up.

  18. DH speaks to his 3 brothers (by phone, not Skype) almost every Sunday (mostly football talk). Like you talking with your sister, I think this is a good thing. Since my siblings have all passed, I get my "fix" from weekly coffee with 2 dear friends... and of course my blog friends. My daughter and I used to talk every Sunday morning, but her life is so busy and she gets up and out so-oo early, that we have let this slide. Now my grand daughter calls later in the day after all their horse chores are done.

    And I think its great that you get to visit with Leo and his friend. Kids can really make you laugh.

  19. You casually mentioned going on a 12 miles hike next week! Goodness, that’s like going to the next town and back – that is a long way. I am pleased that you go on all these hikes and take photos, so we can be with you, virtually, and watch the beautiful scenery.

  20. Hooray for play dates! And don't be shy about inviting Leo and company to your home (or maybe a short, easy trail) for a play date, too! Have a great week, DJan.

  21. Never too old for a play date!! :) :)
    Let us know if you picked up anything good at the library.
    Funny how different life was before computers and blogging. ;)

  22. Isn't it amazing how technology has made it possible to not only speak to someone across the country, or world for that matter, face to face? I love that you had a play date with Leo, kids are so full of energy that it becomes contagious.

    My week didn't start well but the weekend has brought some joy. Life is good.

  23. My husband is starting to feel like he has an empty wallet after our Farmer's Market visits lately. But it is all good.

  24. You crack me up, a mere 12 mile hike. Gads. Most of us are lucky to walk a mile. No Farmers Market in my little town, but people share the bounty of their gardens so it is like having a Farmers Market every day. I have been sneezing and dealing with allergies since moving in here. Yesterday I spent the afternoon shampooing the bedroom carpet again and cleaning. You continue to be an inspiration to me. Hugs to you.

  25. Dear DJan, I bet Mattie and Leo so enjoyed their play date with you. You respect children and their wisdom and that always helps them mature and become caring individuals. You cherish, I think, all of creation. And that is a great gift to all created beings.

    When something takes me away from reading blogs, I miss the friends I've made through blogging . I've met so many wonderful people, like you, whose ideas and lives and experiences broaden my own. What a blessing all of you are in my life. Peace.

  26. Play dates with kids keep you young! And those gorgeous sweet pea

  27. I was just gong to say the very same dates and kids DO keep you young. So does jumping from planes. I DO believe you have a lease on life!!!!


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